Harry Potter, I will never make her cry again.

Chapter 1. The Harry sees the light.

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Summary: Looking at the GoF Yule Ball as portrayed in canon and movie, one sees a dark bitter jealous side of Ronald Bilius that Hermione sums up in one sentence.

"Ron, you spoil everything!"

Harry remembers who believed him and chooses Hermione.

And that changes Everything!

Ronald has another bad experience due to his greed, fears, jealousies and Snape!

HHr NLLL MOF Dumbledore Character deaths.

Full Summary: It is at the end of the Yule Ball when Harry gets caught up in a particular nasty fight between Ronald Bilius and Hermione. Ronald has got Hermione so angry that she snaps at Harry before collapsing in tears on the steps. Harry sees her tears and it cuts him to the core that the redhead idiot deliberately hurt her so much.

Harry can not stand it as he saw Ronald do the same to him when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire.

Harry chooses Hermione and that changes everything.

Ronald has another bad experience due to his greed plus the effect Voldemort has on his fears and jealousies, and of course, Snape.

HHr NLLL MOF Dumbledore.

- Harry Potter, I will never make her cry again. -

Our story starts in our hero's fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, towards the end of the Yule Ball for the Tri-Wizard Tournament and our hero, Harry Potter, stood on the first landing of the Grand Staircase outside the Great Hall, as Ronald Bilius Weasley made another stupid nasty comment.

"They get scary when they get older."

And Bilius continued to run up the next set of stairs to escape the crying witch's response.

Harry had the misfortune to walk into another particularly nasty blazing argument between Ronald Bilius and Hermione. Which actually has been the same argument that has been going on for the last week since Hermione had refused Ronald's lame last minute invite to the Yule Ball. And worse, she refused to tell He-Who-Must-Know-Everything who it was that had asked her to the ball.

The argument had continued to fester all night and now Ronald Bilius had got Hermione so angry that she had snapped at Harry, himself, for the first time.


Harry couldn't think of another time when Hermione had actually snapped at him.

And it hurt a little.

No, actually it hurt a lot.

Then Hermione in her pain and anguish cried out.

"Ronald, you spoil everything!"

And she collapsed down on to the bottom step and Harry could see that she was crying bitterly. Her tears cut him to the bone. Just like what he felt when Ronald had confronted him on Halloween about cheating to put his name in the Goblet of Fire and not telling him. The stupid git didn't believe him and worse, he started to treat him like dirt along with the rest of the school.

Ronald wouldn't believe him until he barely survived the dragon in the first task.

Higher up the staircase Harry could hear Ronald calling out his name and ordering him to go with him like some disobedient puppy. But Harry couldn't move. It was Hermione who had believed him without question. She knew him and knew he would never have entered his name in the Goblet of Fire. She had stuck by him and helped him find a way to survive this death trap of a Tournament.

And yet when Ronald came back with a half hearted apology, he had just accepted him back and pushed Hermione into the background again.

And he didn't know why, and he couldn't understand how, he could treat Hermione so callously.

When the Yule Ball was announced, Harry wanted to ask Hermione but he remembered that Ronald had already claimed her back in third year. So he looked for someone as beautiful as Hermione and Cho Chang had caught his eye but Cedric had beaten him to ask her. Then he finds out from Ronald that the git hasn't even bothered to ask Hermione until the last moment only to discover she had a date and the silly git didn't believe her too. Thankfully they were able to hook up with the Patil twins.

Then the stupid git complained bitterly about the terrible dress robes his mother had sent him. Harry had wondered why Ronald was sent that horrible old thing when Fred and George got nice second hand robes and Ginny managed to get a beautiful new gown. Even the dress robes Mrs Weasley had purchased him were new but Ronald somehow ended up with that terrible old moth eaten thing that was so bad that he didn't feel sorry for Ronald but rather he was a little disgusted that a mother would make her son to wear something that atrocious.

Then the stupid git complained bitterly while getting ready and really started to kill the mood. Harry really didn't want to go but had to as he was the extra Tri-Wizard Tournament Champion. It didn't take long for Harry to get ready. Then they met up with the Patil twins and Harry thought that they looked beautiful but Ronald just sulked as he ignored his date.

Then Hermione arrived on the staircase. Harry had never seen such a beautiful sight, she was absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that it hurt to see her on Viktor's arm and all the attention she was getting as everyone wondered who the beautiful witch on the Durmstrang Champion's arm was. Harry was happy to see Hermione have her moment in the spotlight. Just as he was happy to see Parvati enjoy her moment in the spotlight as they tried to dance while she worked it to gain a lot of attention from the wizards from Beauxbatons. Parvati even rescued her sister from Ronald and together they charmed the Beauxbatons wizards all night.

But Ronald took one look at a happy smiling Hermione on Viktor's arm and his mood went from dark to utter black and all of his ugly jealousies surfaced. He sulked all during the ball and refused to dance with Padma and when Hermione came near he picked a bitter argument and sent Hermione away furious. And Harry saw the jealous selfish bitter hateful side of Ronald Bilius who had watched her go with a mixture of anger and satisfaction on his face. The same mixture of anger and satisfaction Harry had seen on the face of his bully of a cousin when he had again terrorised some poor child who had only said hello to Harry. Dudley had bullied the other children to keep Harry alone and friendless, and after Halloween, when Ronald had angrily dumped him, his only friend was Hermione. After three years in Hogwarts Harry had only two friends while Ronald quickly found friendship with Dean and Seamus when he dumped Harry. Why couldn't Harry make more friends? Was Ronald keeping him isolated?

Not for the first time Harry wondered why he was friends with Ronald or why had he so willingly accepted Ronald back or followed him around, doing what Ronald wanted so he wouldn't get upset with him. Even after he had found out that Ronald knew about the dragons from his brother Charlie a week before the first task and the git was too spiteful and vindictive to bother to tell him until Hagrid sent a message for him to meet him.

After everything that the school had done to him, Harry still felt a need to inform Cedric of the dragons and his former best friend didn't tell him when he knew. He could see that Ronald was greedy, jealous and had insecurity issues but how sick was the git if he could find satisfaction in hurting someone as beautiful as Hermione.

Ronald's loud calls brought Harry back to the moment, and he could hear that the annoyed git was coming back down the stairs to find him. Ronald Bilius Weasley was not a quiet wizard and did everything loudly from snoring all night, complaining as his tried to find his clothes as he got dressed in the morning, particularly loudly while eating all the time, walking and everything else. So before Ronald saw him on the landing, Harry cast a charm on himself that Hermione had taught him to help in the first task. The Notice-Me-Not charm. And he stepped back into the shadows.

Ronald reached the landing and looked around for Harry. "Bloody hell, where is that bloody stupid tosser."

Then Ronald spotted the crying Hermione collapsed on the bottom step and he smirked in satisfaction that he had ruin her night. "Insufferable-Know-It-All. Bloody nightmare still hasn't got any friends."

In the shadows standing near Ronald, Harry heard every word and any thought of friendship with the bloody git evaporated and he whispered another hex Hermione had taught him, The Misfortune Hex. The git was so wrapped up in his satisfaction of causing Hermione so much pain that he didn't notice the brown hex hit him in the behind, but he immediately felt the need to find a bathroom. As he moved forwards he stepped on the hem of his horrible dress robes and it tore in half at the waist and the bottom half fell down around his ankles. He quickly bent down to gather the torn robes as he mother would kill him if he ruined it, and there was a loud rip as he split his pants wide open. Sadly revealing the git hadn't followed the instruction about always wearing clean underwear, in fact the git had gone commando.

Ronald was such a drama queen as he let out a loud high-pitched shriek that focused everyone's attention on him, as he tried to run back up the stairs to the safety of the Gryffindor tower, only to trip over the rest of the robe around his ankles. He quickly got up and ran again disappearing up the stairs as everyone laughed at his misfortune. While Mrs Norris pounced on the remaining bit of fur lined robe and playfully ripped it to shreds.

Harry smirked. Ronald was now the center of all the attention he ever wanted, and he wonders how he would handle the fame.

Harry quietly moved out of the shadows and down the steps to sit next to Hermione. He looked into her teary eyes and wrapped his arms around her as he said. "I am so sorry, Hermione. Please forgive me. I will never make you cry again."

Hermione had heard the commotion at the top of the stairs and recognised Ronald's high-pitched scream, but couldn't see what had happened. Then she felt someone sit next to her and wrap their arms around her as she heard the voice of her best friend saying he was sorry. That opened the floodgates and she cried into his shoulder. Ronald Bilius Weasley had caused her so much bitter pain.

Thankfully Harry still had the Notice-Me-Not charm on him and it was powerful enough to cover Hermione, so no one noticed the wizard with the crying witch in his arms.

But everyone heard the silly redhead git as he was caught by professor Snape while on his desperate streak to the safety of the Gryffindor tower when it happened.

And it happened big time!

- Harry Potter, I will never make her cry again. -

Holding Hermione tight, Harry was able to calm her down and she stopped crying. "I don't know why you put up with that bloody stupid git. He is so jealous of everything you are and seems to enjoy picking fights and upsetting you."

"But he is your friend." Hermione said sadly.

"Not anymore." Harry said in a tone of disgust "He is still the same bloody jealous git who bullied you and sent you running for the bathroom where that troll found you in first year."


"I heard him say it as he took satisfaction to see you crying alone." Harry said and then mimicked Ronald's irritating voice. "Insufferable-Know-It-All. Bloody nightmare still hasn't got any friends."

"He didn't?"

"He did!"

Hermione's eyes harden. "I am not surprised; the jealous git would never grow up. That's the last time I let him copy off my homework."

Harry smiled, a little thankful that Hermione didn't start to cry again at the betrayal of the redhead git. "He called me a bloody stupid tosser because I didn't do what he wanted and follow him."

"Oh, Harry I am so sorry."

"Don't be, he is not worth it. I have a dark tosser after me and a useless headmaster who is not helping and is actively making my life impossible. The last thing I need is a jealous git who gets upset if he doesn't get what he wants and will stew about it bringing everyone down, and then picks a fight and runs away."

Hermione agreed. "The last thing we need is to be on the run from Voldemort and the Ministry of Magic with the jealous greedy git. He had eaten all the food his mother had sent for her family for the Quidditch World Cup."

Harry nodded when they heard a loud crash above their heads that sounded like a number of suits of armour had fallen on a particular someone.

Hermione saw the look of satisfaction in Harry's eyes. "What did you do?"

"Er, well I was practising some charms and hexes you showed me and one accidentally hit the git."

"Oh? Which one?"

"Em, the Misfortune Hex." Harry said sheepishly. "Sorry."

Hermione's smile widen as she laughed for the first time that night. "Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh at someone's misfortune."

"But he royally deserves it and now he doesn't have any friends except for Snape and Malfoy."

"With his jealousy and control issues, I don't think he could ever have or be a friend."

"You're right, but this night is not about him."


"Yes, I hear that there is a ball on and I need a date."


"And I want to ask the most beautiful girl to accompany me."

"Oh?" Hermione said a little sad. "I haven't seen Cho."

"Oh?" Harry said scratching the back of his head. "Well actually I thought the git was going to ask you and that I would have to find someone else. I thought Cho was almost as cute as you but Cedric asked her first."

Hermione caught that. "You think Cho is almost as cute as me?"

Harry shyly nodded and then added with a cheeky smile. "Tonight, you are absolutely gorgeous."

"You really think so?"

Harry rolled his eyes as he vigorously nodded his head like Dobby.

"So, is the most beautiful girl free to accompany me?"

"Oh? Well lucky for you, Viktor got so angry over what the git had said to me that he had to excuse himself and went outside before he killed the little cretin. The last I saw of him, he was being distracted by the charms of two witches from Beauxbatons."

"Oh? I am so sorry."

"It's okay. I wasn't ready for that with Viktor, but the ball was amazing until You-Know-Who spoilt it."

Harry chuckled at Hermione's joke and smiled.

"So I am free, but you better ask me before someone else does."

Harry stood up to face Hermione. "Oh, er, will you do me the honour of accompanying me to the ball?"

"Yes, thank you, kind sir, I will. But first I need to freshen up." Hermione smiled as she conjured a small mirror for Harry to hold and with a wave of her wand, she reset her hair twist and removed the ruined makeup and tear stains.


Was all Harry could say as he helped her to stand up and then giving her his arm along with his heart and everything else as they walked together into the Great Hall.

While in the Great Hall, the wizard rock band was just taking a break and everyone left the dance floor. The DJ played a fill in record; a waltz called Lara's Theme, for the only couple on the floor as they let the music moved them as they danced the most beautiful waltz together in perfect step and time. All the twist and turns and slides and jumps and flying leaps brought out the mood and feeling the passion of the music as two became one movement as they floated around the Great Hall and left everyone who watched spellbound.

Harry's innate flying skills translated into the most beautiful flowing waltz and Hermione was the only witch who could keep up with him, toe to toe, and do everything backwards as her beautiful ballgown moved and floated with so much grace. Such was the silent bond they shared.

Viktor returned to the Great Hall to obtain some refreshments for himself and his two attentive witches, and saw Hermione dancing with Harry. He was not really surprised that the Wizard-Who-Flies-With-Dragons could dance like that with the right partner. Their passionate waltz had moved him and he was so happy that she had found her soul mate, and that smile on her face was all he needed to know that she would be happy with Harry. And he was particularly please that his two witches had stayed outside as he knew he would have lost them to the Wizard-Who-Waltzes as all the other witches in the Great Hall seem to desire a piece of the young wizard. Viktor would not underestimate the young champion again.

Tomorrow he would cheerfully deal with the redhead moron who had made Hermione cry and make him feel all the pain he had caused her.

- Harry Potter, I will never make her cry again. -

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