Blue Sky

Reminders of Love

Category: Chicken Run

Genre: General/Romance

Rating: G

Characters: Rocky, Ginger, Bunty, Fowler, Babs, Mac…and Azul (more about him below)

Summary: What will the chickens think when a new British rooster lands on the sanctuary? And what will Rocky do when he discovers how much the stranger takes to Ginger, and how Fowler seems to accept him? Where will this newcomer finally stand?

Disclaimer: Chicken Run belongs to Aardman™, Peter Lord and Nick Park (geniuses!) I hold claim to the character Azul, as he is from my own creations. Please ask if you wish to use him for yourself.

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Ginger sighed dreamily as she gazed out over the lush, green hills of the new 'Chicken Sanctuary', based upon the spontaneous surrounding of land of a discovered abundant island which anyone would have craved a photographic picture or would have at least, for the adventurous type, would have loved to explore it's deep, delving trees or walk among it's sweet scenting flowers and natural green grass.

To many of the chickens that now lived here, it was a refreshing change from the deep, dark and mysterious confounds of Tweedy's Farm, where many still suffered from their imprisonment and of course, the lingering fear that everyone almost shared there...together.

Nearly everyone had begun to settle in on the island, making the most of building new huts around the clusters of overgrowth and tall trees that forested the darkness of some areas. These had been properly checked over and made sure that the settlements were perfect. The chickens, having slept in huts for most of their days, had grown quite attached to their embankments and could not bear to sleep in anything besides that alone.

Mac had fully calculated the figures of each individual hut, and everything had been normal once again. It was like a new rebuilt structure that belonged to the chickens and nobody else, except for Nick and Fetcher. The two rats feebly made excuses to why they really followed the others here, all about loss of eggs and how they needed them to start their own business. The chickens, though many despised the two, knew that they were nothing without them, even though how much the rats denied it.

Plucking a pearl-white daisy from the grassy mound that she sat upon, Ginger gave another deep sigh. She thought back to the days when her and all of her friends faced terror, anxiety and even the cold shadow of death when they still remained back on the farm. Ginger could never get used to it, no matter how many of the others had blended in so quickly. To her, it had seemed like a dark, damp dudgeon, only it was outside.

The young hen remembered her first day she had thought of escape...when she proceeded to climb onto her hut to sit with her thoughts. That's when she looked out, and saw the hills. Those green hills. Ginger could never remember the last time she had seen such a brilliant green before...that just seemed like an answer to her far away but she had faith she would reach it...someday. And now she had.

Beginning to pick the tiny petals from her flower, she thought back to when she finally had found the answer to her prayers. Her friends, including herself had tried every plan in the book to get to freedom, but none prevailed. She would often battle to sleep on many dreary nights, trying her hardest to think of new ideas, when the others began to lose hope. Sometimes it led her frustrated to tears, praying and praying for the whole coop to be pitied and taken away to a far, far land where they could be happy and contented, without secrets and missions and hard labour they went through every day.

But all that had changed when Rocky entered the farm and into her life. He seemed like the perfect solution to her problems, even though he lied plenty a times and conjured cheeky remarks like no tomorrow.

But none of that mattered anymore. She had helped the others to freedom, she had stepped upon the heavenly soft grass she had often thought about in her dreams, and she had found Rocky. Rocky… she rolled the name over in her head. She was lucky to have met him, never mind him managing to steal away her heart. And Ginger thought her heart had only belonged to these hills of hers. Boy, was she wrong.

Love had tampered strangely with Rocky and was pushing them together so quickly she didn't even have time to realise what was happening to her. He was charming and handsome, sympathetic yet amusing. His sweetness hardly entered until he discovered love also, complimenting Ginger on how pretty she was and how much he loved her. I love you...every time those three words came from him it made her tingle all over. She knew he was telling the truth this time…his words spoke with feeling and intensity. I love him too, she told herself mentally. I've always loved him. And I always will.

Ginger smiled down at the field below as she picked off more petals. Many of her closest friends, Mac, Babs, Bunty...most were now proud mothers of little growing chicks. One, two, five...maybe more. Ginger wasn't counting. She was too much concerned about her own future. After all, she was the only hen on the island with a steady boyfriend. The others had all laid their own children singularly, without a rooster to help. Ginger didn't know what to think of it all without Rocky there with her.

The young hen had gone through a difficult childhood, hardly remembering her parents, forgetting their names, what they looked felt like she had been abandoned...she had no memory of them at all. Sometimes she had wished for them to arrive at the farm and take her away from it all, of course keeping this a secret from the others. But they had never arrived, and somewhere in her brave heart Ginger had known they wouldn't.

Sadly, she plucked the final petal from her daisy. I don't want my children to end up like me, she thought to herself miserably. I want them to remember their parents, not forget them the way I did. Children were another reason why Ginger wanted to flee so badly. Starting from a very young age she had stuck onto the idea, although at the farm it was impossible to try. Frightened from the beginning, she avoided conversation of chicks as much as she could, but as time expanded she craved it, how it would feel to be a mother, watch them play...grow...have children of their own.

Now she was finally free to do all that, but she wasn't so sure on how Rocky would take it. During their relationship, children had never sprung up once, so Ginger wasn't sure on how he would react if she asked him about it. The thought always scared her, so she tried to erase it from her mind, though many times it was hard.

Dropping the plant stalk onto the grass, she sighed another time. She should try and be happy for everyone else, not always worrying about her needs. She may not have children right now, but then again...the thought was always nice, wasn't it?

She was just ready to rise to her feet when a friendly, yet deep voice addressed her. "Hey Ginge!" it sounded out. Ginger immediately stayed where she was. Rocky, was her only thought. Ginge, hmm? Sweet nickname. Better add another one to the list. I have a funny feeling that this one's growing on me, though...

She straightened up through her thoughts and spun around to see him striding over towards her, his ever-cheeky grin plastered onto his face. That smile could make the icecaps melt, she pondered dreamily, presenting a beaming reply to his approach. I could spend all day with him.

Rocky let out a satisfied exhale as he crouched down to a sitting position next to her on the mound. He brushed back his red comb before smiling at her once more. Rocky, though trying to forget about the most of his past, especially at the circus, could never stand the moment when he could get a little attention. He always liked to be the party rooster, socializing with everyone and telling jokes when anyone felt down. Due to his crowded audiences every performance he took, he had developed a habit of being rather vain...but nowadays most roosters were anyway. They liked their pride and took great matters in their appearance.

But Rocky wasn't all good looks and charm. He still kept his sweet-sided nature in the pit of his personality, which made Ginger feel special and wanted. She adored the way he didn't always ask questions about himself or always think about himself, but liked to know what other people were thinking too. Hardly any male chickens actually lived up to that fact, but Rocky was a fool in love. Since he'd known Ginger, his whole world had turned upside down.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked half-politely, sitting back a little and making himself comfortable on the grass. He too looked down upon the strewn island of chickens and flowers, now that the sun was high in the sky; many mothers and their youngsters were either sitting together and talking, or kids were busy playing with one another.

It was a serious change to what Rocky remembered the scene before appeared to them. He didn't like to admit this, especially to the others, but he had pitied them almost while at that farm. Particularly when he told himself he were to leave and never return. Geeze, it was creepy back there, he thought to himself privately, No wonder those guys wanted to leave so fast.

Rocky was almost similar to the others, with one exception. He was an American who had landed into a British world. He had been used to all the names the old rooster Fowler had presented at the farm; 'Yank', 'Whippersnapper' and some others. But he didn't really mind...not anymore.

Ginger giggled a little at his question. "Not much," she replied softly. "Just thinking." Of course I've been thinking, she told herself bitterly. I've been thinking about everything. Probably every thought that's passed through my mind since I've been at the farm. But how can I explain all of that to Rocky? Sighing gladly, she shut her bright green eyes and was soon deep in thought.

Rocky chuckled. "Looks like it's something interesting, eh?"

"You could say that."

There was a silent pause between the two of them. Ginger knew it was something interesting…possibly the most interesting part was her mixed feelings. Something deep within was telling her that she was finally ready to settle down and have a proper family...but another side of her was asking if she really were ready. She was one of the youngest hens on the farm, and probably the only one without children. She felt very slow and behind the others, and wondered when her turn would arrive. Maybe Rocky doesn't want children, she thought unhappily. He's never mentioned it before, so he can't be too keen on the idea. Maybe he's not ready either.

Rocky curiously watched her as she thought quietly to herself. His deep brown eyes fixed on her face, watching her think. Shoot, she's pretty, he silently pondered. Yeah, I know she keeps denying it, but man. Is she ever wrong. She's the cutest girl I've seen in my life. What were the chances I'd land in that place and get to know her? I wonder what she's thinking about?

Ginger sensed Rocky's eyes on her and snapped out of her thoughts. "What?" she asked him sweetly. "What is it?"

Rocky raised his eyes upwards and cleared his throat adorably. "Nah...I was just wondering what it actually was that ya found so interesting," he said truthfully, rubbing the back of his neck as he spoke. Then his cheekiness broke in. With a mischievous grin, he scooted over to Ginger and put his wing gently around her. "Were ya thinking about me?" he asked, his rich voice as sweet as honey.

Blushing a little, Ginger tried to push him away playfully. "M- maybe..." she stuttered out in embarrassment, trying to avoid Rocky's dark eyes as they asked her his bold question over and over again. The young hen's cheeks grew warmer as Rocky tightened his grip.

"Will you let go?"

"Not unless ya tell me."

"And what if I don't?"

Rocky smirked. "Then you're stuck with me 'till ya do."

"Rocky! That's not fair!" Ginger squealed, trying to escape from his grip.

"No-one said life was gonna be fair, Doll-face."

Ginger gave him a friendly scowl. I thought I told him not to call me that anymore, she reminded herself. But maybe it's another nickname that seems to have grown on him instead of me. I guess I'll have to get used to it. Holding in her laughs, Ginger once more tried to pull away. "Rocky, please…" she giggled softly.

"Are ya ready to tell yet? C'mon, I wanna know!"

"I-I don't know...stop being nosey!"

"C'mon, Ginge. Can't ya tell me anything?" This reply didn't sound like a joke. There was a strange tone of understanding and wonder in it, the kind of voice he used when he was being serious, when he wanted to know the truth. Halting her struggles, Ginger turned to stare into his face. It was meaningful and handsome, now his eyes asking a different question.

Oh, Rocky, she thought guiltily, You know I can tell you everything. You don't need to ask me that...I-I just couldn't tell you then. It needs some time, that's all. Some time.

Ginger swallowed hard as she stared honestly into his eyes. "Of course," she answered truthfully, resting her head onto his shoulder. She couldn't help feeling sorry for him. "Of course I can. You know that." But can I tell him how I've been thinking of children? What if he doesn't take to the idea?

There was a small silence before Rocky asked; "Sure?"




"O.K," Rocky cleared his throat again before he began his next question. "Then what do ya look like without your hat?" C'mon, Ginge. I wanna see. I never see ya without it.

Darting up, Ginger gazed at him in astonishment before letting out a choked cough. "What?"

Rocky's tone grew playful and pleading as his eyes scrunched up with desperation. "Pleeeaasse?" he begged cheekily, hugging Ginger closer, expecting an answer. "Please let me - Ginge! I never see ya without that hat on! C'mon, can't ya take it off?"

Ginger gave another giggle before once again trying to push him away. "No! Rocky, that's a silly question! Of course I can't!"

"Why not?"

"'s for reasons...oh, I don't even know why you're asking me this!" she blurted out.

"'Cause I wanna see!"

"Well, you're not going to!" she responded huffily, folding her wings in annoyance and turning her head away from him. Did he set this up somehow? Ooh...sometimes he knows all the right things to say to butter me up! It's ridiculous!

She suddenly heard her boyfriend's sly tone. "Oh, yeah?" I've gotta see her without that stinkin 'hat! he told himself mentally. It's the only dang thing she's keeping from me. Little did Rocky know that that wasn't all that Ginger was hiding. She kept secrets within her...secrets that she did not wish to share at the moment. Following his thoughts, the young rooster took his wing away from Ginger and snatched her green woven hat off her head with remarkable speed. "Got it!" he declared triumphantly.

At this, Ginger immediately placed her wings to the top of her head, as if trying to protect something. "Hey!" she protested shrilly, her voice squeaking. "Rocky!"


She tried to hold in a stifled laugh as she snatched for her hat. "Give it back!"

"You forgot 'please'!"

"All right, then! Give it back...please!"

"Why?" he teased playfully, spinning it around on his feather to annoy her, his expression smug and mischievous. "I think ya look cute without it." It was true. To Rocky, Ginger didn't look any different. He still thought she was the most beautiful hen on the island...he didn't care how much she tried to correct him about it, saying some others were more attractive than she'll ever be. She's just too modest, he thought. She's the prettiest thing I've seen in my life.

"Rocky! You promised!" she argued back, trying to cover up her shyness at his compliment.

"Nah, I didn't," he replied calmly.

" sounded like it!" Ginger struggled for a comeback. I mean it...if he doesn't hand it over soon...oh, nobody's seen me without that hat! I've got to make him give it back!

Rocky just smirked. Ginger, still covering the top of her head with one wing, tried to stretch out with her other to reach it, just as Rocky began to lean away from her teasingly, so it was within touch and out of bounds.

She couldn't help it. Ginger started to laugh her pleasant giggle. "Rocky..." she strained playfully. "Rocky…"


"Please can I have it?"

"No!" Rocky shut his dark eyes and laughed hard in Ginger's face. Ginger's heart melted at the sound of it, but now wasn't the time. Trying not to smile, she pretended to pout slightly. Rocky still continued to chuckle. "Not a chance, Doll-fa-Whoa!" For that moment, Ginger had seen her last option of grabbing back her hat and went for it while Rocky still had his eyes closed. Now they opened wide as Ginger dived for her belonging, only to cause a dysfunction in balance.

"Ohhh!" Ginger wailed aloud as she fell straight on top of Rocky, causing the two to tumble down the grassy mound towards the field below. Both were laughing hard; it wasn't a long drop down the hill. They clutched at each other as they rolled over and over toward the bottom, still fighting between them to snatch away the hat. Now they had lost all ability to talk from their laughter, but yet still trying to keep up each one's side of the challenge.

Bump. Both chickens landed softly into the thick, smooth grass, Ginger finally resting on top of Rocky, pinning him to the ground, both shutting their eyes in hilarity and laughing as hard as they could, Ginger no longer with her wings protecting her head but lying on Rocky's chest. She presented Rocky in a whole new different light, him at last seeing his girlfriend without her precious hat. Shoot, she still can look hot without that hat. I dunno why she was trying to hide this from me. She'll always be pretty.

The laughter dying to weak giggles to save breath, Rocky gazed at Ginger seriously in the pit of her eyes. "Y'know..." he began sweetly, "Ya really know how to lift a guy off his feet."

Ginger smiled shyly, the blush coming back to her cheeks. "You're not so bad at it yourself, flyboy," she whispered gently. "Well...except for the 'guy' part," she added hastily and with a little laugh of embarrassment.

A slow silence followed, as the two continued to stare into each other's eyes. Then finally Rocky spoke up. "Erm...ya forgot your hat," he joked adorably, lifting the fallen object up off the grass and handing it over to Ginger with a cheeky grin.

Ginger sighed to herself as she kindly took it out of his wing with a soft giggle. "Thank you," she replied sweetly, fingering it slowly and carefully as she smiled down at him. I don't need to ask him about those things right now, she told herself. Not now. Not when everything is as perfect as this.

Rocky shrugged cheekily. "You're welcome," he answered deeply, his brown eyes lighting with mischief.

Both of the couple shutting their eyes in unison, they both slowly leaned together to join the other in a loving kiss. As it grew deeper, Rocky unhurriedly reached out a wing and took careful hold of Ginger's neck scarf, slowly and gently pulling her in closer to strengthen the kiss. Ginger returned it with no objection.

Both hearts yearning together, each one said the same similar sentence. Right is perfect. This is where we need to be...together...forever.

{To be continued}


(A/N: I know! This was a bit of a romantic scene, but I love writing them! I promise it won't always be this way, I will add some different genres into the story. Please review! I want to know what you think!)