Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time since I updated this, almost a year in fact. But because of the positive reviews I've decided to keep writing and see where this goes. So here's chapter 3!

Chapter 3

The plumber ship landed on Galvan Prime, home to the most intelligent life possibly in the entire universe. The door of the ship opened and Azmuth was already waiting for Ben and Max.

"Hey Azmuth, long time no see." Said Ben as he greeted Azmuth casually.

"This is no laughing matter Ben." Growled Azmuth. "The entire Universe could hang in the balance."

Ben stayed quiet. He had to face universe threatening situations on a disturbingly regular basis come to think of it. However, when Azmuth said that the universe hung in the balance, it was usually very bad news indeed. Ben followed Azmuth into the largest tower on Galvan Prime, where the Galactic symbol of peace watched over the city below. Azmuth lead Ben into a room which overlooked the city below. Standing in the middle of the room was someone who Ben new all too well.

"Hello Ben, I'm so glad you could find the time to pay us a visit."

"Professor Paradox?" Gasped Ben. Boy this really was serious stuff now. Ben and Azmuth entered the room and the door slid shut behind them leaving only the three of them in the room.

"I really am glad I could be here now to lend my services to you. Or was it then? Time really is a funny thing isn't it." Paradox babbled.

Ben stared at the timewalker. Could he feel a headache coming on?

"Ok so what seems to be the issue?" Asked Ben .

"Pass me your left hand, Ben." Instructed Azmuth. Ben held out his left wrist but as he did the Omnitrix let out a beep and slid off of his wrist and onto the floor.


"I'm sorry Ben, but as Professor Paradox will explain you will not be able to use the Omnitrix for this mission." Explained Azmuth.

"Allow me to enlighten you." Said Paradox. "Due to your recent exploits in the time wars, the spacetime continuum has been damaged to an extraordinary degree. I'm sure your Grandfather has told you all about the ancient Jedi and how they were nearly entirely wiped out by the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Well, Darth Vader sustained many injuries for reasons I'm not allowed to explain. Several years after the Clone Wars, Vader and the Galactic empire came up with a working theory that would involve healing Darth Vader. Coincidently, like every evil tyrant you have faced before, Ben, their solution so happened to involve the Omnitrix."

"But wait," Piped Ben. "I got the Omnitrix, doesn't that mean that their plan failed?"

"Oh, it did." Replied Paradox. "But as I said, the spacetime continuum has been severely damaged. See, the basis for Vader and his master's theory was a wormhole they found in the the outer rim of that Galaxy called the Revan Gateway. When it was discovered, they were able to sense Omnitrix on the other side of the gateway. Before the events of the time war, the empire was intercepted when they tried to go through the gateway. But now, when I travel to that particular moment in time, I am unable to travel forward in time. This in turn means…"

"An uncertain future…." whispered Ben,completing his sentence.

"Exactly! And that's where you come in!"