(Or the one where Nana is the half human daughter of Slenderman and Tsuna have some interesting friends and family that make the Mafia seems like Saints).

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The small town of Kiri-no-Yama all agreed there was something wrong with the Shrine Priest Granddaughter. It wasn't something the girl did herself, at least at first, just something off about her. Then again there was always something off about Nana Kuromori. Perhaps her wrongness to their senses began with her mother Senhime and how she came to become pregnant with Nana.

Senhime Kuromori was known as the town beauty. She was a traditional Japanese beauty and ideal wife. Being small and slender, fair skinned, big doe like caramel brown eyes, and long straight shiny caramel hair. She carried a perfect mix of gentle and submissive air around her and was well known to be an excellent cook and housemaker. Yes Senhime was many ideal spouse and had many suitors after her hand, all of which she turned away.

That was the odd thing about Senhime. Despite all the suitors she had and how it was the norm of the town for men and women alike to marry as soon as possible to have as many children as they can Senhime was not interested. Not to say she didn't want children or a husband, in fact she told everyone who listened on how she wanted such, but she always said she could not accept anyone suit for she was already married….to the Kami of the forest surrounding their town.

Most scoffed at the idea. Saying how she should stop living in dreams and be an adult and do her duty as a woman. Others though….the more older, superstitious, and traumatized ones recalled legends and faint childhood memories of something living in those woods, praying on the unwary who venture into it depths believed her and made sure to leave her alone. For if such a creature have claimed her as their they had no wish to anger it by interfering and as if to confirmed their choice on leaving her to be in peace some of the more…forceful suitors for her hand disappeared only for their mutilated bodies to be found much later.

On one particular bright Spring day Senhime was seen entering that dark foreboding forest by a young village boy working the fields. He said how she enter with nothing but the clothes on her back and the shoes on her feet deaf to all his calls toward her. The boy told his father when he could no longer see her which led to all able body men to go into it depth to search for her yet...no one could find her. It was like the girl had vanished into thin air. Most curious was how the girl parents reacted to the news of their missing daughter. Both Hirofumi and Masahime where sad but expective of the news as though they knew this would happen. Neither one bother to look for their child saying, 'When she want to she will return home and no sooner', and left it at that to the bafflement of most of the town.

Indeed true to their word Senhime returned one warm Autumn day looking almost exactly as she did when she left. Only she came back not just with longer hair but with her stomach having a barely there bump. She had come back pregnant by an unknown man….or thing child. A once words spread of the girl scandalous state. Most of her suitors lost interested in a 'sullied' girl while others thought they could pressured her into accepting their suit due to her predicament. They, like others before them, suffered a gruesome end.

As for Senhime she was ecstatic with her pregnancy. She often sang and spoke to her unborn child. She seemed to practically glow with motherhood. Oddly enough she took to sitting as near as the forest as she could while still being in town whispering it seem to the trees once a day. What unnerved many was the realization of how….quiet everything became when she did this. No bird chirped, no leaves rustled, and no insect buzzed when she whispered to those trees. Not Even the wind dare make a sound. As soon as stopped though all sounds would start again as though someone had unmute them like a TV.

Senhime went into labor at the stroke of midnight on March 31st. For reason she nor her family ever explained she opted for a home birth instead of going to the small town clinic. Even odder? Neither the town Doctor or either of the two Midwives attended the birth but a strange dark reddish brown haired man was seen that day. To be precise he was seen leaving from the direction where Senhime family Shrine and home was. Whatever the case at 2:44 PM on March 31st Nana Kuromori was born.

Nana was a beautiful child...inhumanly so. Oh there was no doubt she was Senhime daughter. They shared many of the same features but Nana was paler. Much more paler than her mother, bordering on an unnatural shade in a human. Her lips contradictory was a dark red than her mother's own...almost looking like fresh blood. Her Caramel brown hair and eyes despite being exactly the same as Senhime seemed more darker somehow on her.

As Nana grew the more things seemed off with her. Like something trying to act human but couldn't truly pull off the act. As a baby she hardly cried or made any noise. Her gaze was too intelligent for most people comfort. They watched as she grew and learned and then began acting like those around her. Yet her laughter were too hollow, her grin too wide, her eyes too calculating, and the air around her too sinister to truly pull off an innocent little girl act.

Even more unnerving where the 'mysterious' deaths that happened around her. Anyone, no matter their age or gender, who crossed Nana and her family ended up dead. The matter of how changed always. Some were impaled, others torn apart. Some died by fire while others by water. A few were stabbed and one memorable occasion they were found hanging….by their own entails. What they all had in common where how the day before they had mistreated Nana and her family. Each time Nana had an...almost pleased expression when news of their death reached her ear.

Time passes in Kiri-no-Yama and people passed on to the afterlife. Some more violently than others. One of these deaths sadly was Senhime. Nana was 12 at the time and her mother had went into the forest to take a walk after breakfast. Hours later near lunchtime Nana was playing with one of her many toys that she somehow owned despite neither her or her family ever buying any toys for her and not having anyone else in her life gifting them to her when the screams reached her ears. Curious due to the fact no one had crossed her family went to see what had caused the screams. What she saw will forever be engraved into her mind and will awaken a deep hatred and desire for revenge in her towards the one who did it. The screams had belong to her grandmother and the caused? It was Senhime barely covered and mangled body. Her body had been torn open and cut into pieces. Her face was contorted into pain and horror, her eyes gouged and her tongue cut out. The only clue on who Senhime killer was? He comes carved into Senhime back.

For weeks afterward NO ONE but Nana dared enter the forests for it had a much more angry and sinister feel to it. Nana would enter during the day with murder in her caramel eyes and a frying pan in hand and would be back by nightfall covered in blood and pan dented but a bit more calmer than before each day. Those weeks were the only time Nana true self that everyone suspected was there were confirmed. Only no one was quick to point out the truth of the matter in fear of turning the angry and bloodthirsty girl onto them. After those terrifying weeks past everyone pretended they never saw or knew the truth of the monster hidden among them.

By the time Nana was 18 both her grandparents had died. Her Grandmother barely a year after her mother, her old heart unable to take the burden of her mind from how she found her daughter dead body. Her Grandfather managed to hold out a few more years before he too passed away in his sleep. Nana by then had not only learned but surpassed in the skills her mother had before her and thus was able to care for the shrine on her own. Still despite being a much better catch than her mother in looks and skills she had no suitors for they all recalled those dark day when she shed her human skin. It would seem Nana would never married or have children...until he came.

Iemitsu Sawada was a stranger in town. Just passing through on business when he meet Nana. Despite his instinct and near dead Intuition all but warning him to get FAR FAR AWAY from Nana he ignored it and chose to pursuit the shrine beauty. Everyone watched in bated breath as the stranger pursued the town deadly beauty. It came to many surprised when the man not only didn't end up dead but had convinced the girl to marry and leave with him. Whatever the case may be Nana Kuromori became Nana Sawada and left Kiri-no-Yama behind for Iemitsu hometown of Namimori. As the two left the small town hidden in the misty mountains surrounded by tall dark trees with an old Shrine at the edge the people of Kiri-no-Yama sighed a collective sigh of relief for the first time in nearly 20 years now that their monster was leaving them and becoming Namimori own murder.