Chapter 1

Full summary: Haruhi Suzumiya had been wearing Kyon out lately, but Koizumi wore that same, plastic smile as usual. Itsuki Koizumi noticed that even though Kyon was tired and looked very messy, he was still beautiful. Kyon was started to noticed how close Koizumi was trying to get to him, but Koizumi barely had any character to himself. Kyon didn't have time for a love life now that he was bestowed with the responsibility of keeping Haruhi (he refused to call her God or 'Miss Suzumiya') in check.


I woke up to the sound of my little sister screaming outside my bedroom door. "Kyoooon! Kyoooon! Wake up!You're gonna be late for school!"

I turned to look at my phone and realized I only had twenty minutes to get to school. Damn, that means I'll have to really book it.

After taking a quick shower I skipped breakfast and hopped on my bike, hoping that I wouldn't be too late.

If I were any other kid, any other person in this world, I wouldn't have been to worry about being late, but I'm not any other kid.

Haruhi Suzumiya has chosen me to be her play-thing, her toy to use and abuse and I had almost no say in it. If I was late to class, Haruhi would no doubt be upset and create some closed space that could destroy the school, or even the world.

I sighed, locking my bike up in front of the school with other bikes, and ran to my class.

The bell rang as I sat down and Haruhi let out a scoff. "You barely made it. I was being to think you weren't going to come."

And you'd like that, wouldn't you?

"I still have to get an education like everyone else."

Haruhi opened her mouth to say something but the teacher interrupted and began the class.

"Stand, bow!"

It was pretty normal after that, I ate lunch with Tanaguchi and Kunikida and after school, I began walking to the club room.

To my surprise, the only person there was Koizumi.

He smiled at me with that same fake smile. "Why, hello there Kyon."

Why couldn't anyone call me by my actual name for once?

"Hey." I responded casually.

We started playing Othello to pass the time.

"Any idea where Haruhi is?" I asked.

"I was hoping you would know," was his reply.

"She probably dragged Nagato and Miss Asahina with her, too." I grumbled.

"Seems like it."

I looked up at Koizumi, his closed eyes meeting my open ones. He still had that dumb smile on his face. It was so aggrivating. What was there to smile about?

"Is something wrong, Kyon?" He asked me.

Yeah, you.

"Actually, there's something I wanted to ask you."

"Alright, ask away."

So damn cheery, I hated it.

"Why the hell do you always smile like that? You can't possibly be happy all the time, right? I get it, you're Haruhi's yes-man, but that doesn't mean you have to be all smiley all the time."

To my surprise, Koizumi's smile fell, but he quickly put it back on.

"My, my, Kyon, I didn't know you cared so much." -I don't- "And you're right, being so close to Miss Suzumiya doesn't mean I have to be 'smiley', but this is how I am. My personality doesn't mean much, though. My main purpose is to please Miss Suzumiya and carry out my duties as an ESPer. How I carry myself doesn't matter."

What the hell was he saying? That he didn't matter?

"It should, though. You should at least have some character to you."

"Are you saying I'm boring, Kyon?"

", I'm not. Just forget about it, then."

It was then that Haruhi decided to call me.



My ears, dammit.


"I can't come to the club room today! Important business to take care of! Close up for me, will ya!"

Stop screaming in my ear.

"Ya, ya, whatever."

"Thanks, bye!"

I looked over at Koizumi and assumed that he heard it all since he started to clean up our game.

"See you tomorrow, Kyon."

"See ya."