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by Rinjou

Do you ever wonder where all the trains you were late to ended? Who could you have met if you took them, or if you simply looked to the other side of the road?
Your soulmate might have just passed by. Sometimes all it takes is a little push, a small stumble, a few words. The butterfly effect kicks in.
You took or missed that chance; either way, you will never have it again. Some attribute it to a deity, others call it destiny.
But if your wish is strong enough…



Si vis pacem, para bellum

"If you wish for peace, prepare for war." (Vegetius)


Chapter 1

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware that she was mindlessly stalling, but her gaze was somehow pulled towards the bay and the Enoshima island in the distance. She knew she had been staring at it for a while already, but she was unable to tear her eyes away. It was foolish, really, because how many times had she looked at it on her school commute?

Wave after wave breaking viciously against the sharp stones, and yet it filled her mind with a strange calm and familiarity. Perhaps that was it. It felt good to be back home and it was the happiest she'd feltin a long time. Things were about to change… probably forever.

Her boyfriend and their third companion were currently leading an animated dialogue above the pile of backpacks and suitcases, but it was all just background noise to her. She caught herself stretching her back, inhaling the scent of summer, filling her lungs, her veins, her nerve endings with the carelessness and the almost palpable promise of adventure.

The small Kamakura Koukou Mae tram station was bustling with energy. Salarymen, students, Japanese and foreign tourists, and families with children. Everyone following their own purpose, yet meeting at this place this wonderful morning.

Her good impression lasted but for another few minutes. Yes, everything was perfect, except…

"Yukari. The tram will be here soon. We should get to the platform," Susumu said, interrupting, yet at the same time almost reading her thoughts.

"Just a minute. We agreed to meet here. I'm sure she'll show up any moment now."

This is so usual. How many times did she wait for her at this very same place on their way to school? She honestly expected that girl to show up any second now, or she'd make her regret it personally, in a very slow and agonizing way. She still ignored the chatter of the two young men, as well as the pre-recorded voice announcing the forthcoming arrival, and focused on the direction her friend should have been coming from. C'mon Kanzaki, we have a train to catch. Hope you didn't, you should hope you didn't. Or that you haven't changed your mind at the last minute.

The morning sun was already beating mercilessly at them. Yukari's mood got more and more sour. Why did they even have to take the tram? There was no real need, they could have taken a taxi to the station or rented a car to get to Tokyo and boarded the bullet train comfortably. Yeah, right, but then Susumu had insisted showing Ryuuji the Enoden, the famous Kamakura electric railway. So for half an hour of the 'fun tram ride', they had had to walk here, dragging their entire luggage behind them like fools.

And she apparently did not. Not on time, at least. Despite living, what, ten minutes away? God, how does the girl even survive?

"Just call her," Susumu said.

"I already wrote her a message," she grumbled in reply as she reached for her latest stylish cell with the numerous cute and blingy charm straps.

"She is not picking up. I can't believe this. We agreed to meet here."

"That's all fine but this is Kanzaki. She will probably just jump on the leaving tram, wouldn't be the first time. Let's go."

Yukari nodded finally, still deep in thought even as her eyes leaving the horizon. It was not simply chronic lateness or something to laugh off. What was wrong with her friend? Hitomi used to be so cheerful, so motivated. She had wanted to become a track star like Susumu. But she just stopped talking about it at some point. She was doing okay in the college as far as she knew, something that would cause stress for any student. She just seemed… tired. Were the classes too difficult to handle? Was she battling something internally? They should talk more seriously. But she somehow felt a hard glass pane in their recent conversations. A border which Hitomi would not cross when talking about herself.

It felt wrong. It felt like their friendship wasn't as close anymore. Deep down, Yukari worried that with time, it would become just a habit, just a polite pretense. Not because they weren't good friends like this. But they used to be more than that. She used to feel she could talk about anything with Hitomi. They had their own almost-adult lives now, but she refused to admit their friendship would eventually not be as deep as it once was.

There was also one other thing. She knew Hitomi had liked her fiancée once. Was it more serious than Yukari had anticipated? Ever since then… ever since that time, Hitomi hadn't been the same. True, she seemed more mature, wiser for her age all of a sudden. "I know," she had told Yukari simply before Susumu even officially asked her out. "You are free to have him. Am I off my dessert duty now?"

No hard feelings.

Yukari had believed her then, but why? The Hitomi she knew since middle school used to be different. Childish and naïve, concerned about others, but often oblivious to their own struggles. Selfish at times. What made her change so much? And why was she not getting her own happiness?

Yukari knew her friend deserved it more than anyone. And it was not like she hadn't had some admirers over the years.

"It didn't work out," she always told Yukari over coffee or cake. "But I'm fine."

Then why did she seem worse? Was it difficult for her seeing Yukari and Susumu happy together? Would the trip be too hard on her? Did it hurt or offend her that she had invited Ryu? She only meant well. Maybe it was the feeling that it could be their last time together like this for a long time. She would marry Susumu and graduate soon. They had still not decided where they would live then. If they moved overseas, it would be extremely hard to meet, she knew. Her own heart ached about it, too. Hitomi was her best friend. But surely they would stay in touch even that way?

Except… Hitomi was alone.

Yukari would feel better if she left her in the company of some other close friends, in the arms of a boyfriend. Even better, the boyfriend could be from the country where she was probably going to move to later. Staying close would certainly become a lot more plausible...

That made her pause. Was this what she was trying to do with Susumu's friend? Was she really that manipulative? Her thoughts were going down an unpleasant road; it was quite unlike her to worry so much. She just wanted Hitomi on this trip, so they could have the time to talk about things like that. But if Hitomi was not going to come, then she would just have to sit her down later. It just seemed like a waste. And Ryu was not just handsome; he was a nice and interesting guy. It was not like she would ever let someone less than worthy near her Mi-chan.

Luckily, her boyfriend was once again proven right. A text notification beeped not too long after they boarded the tram and sat down.

'I'm very sorry Yukari, I couldn't make it…'

Yukari felt her displeasure spike until she scrolled down to reveal the latter part of the message:

'Meet you at the Central.'

Well, at least she's coming. Yukari was going to give her a piece of her mind about this later, though. Unbelievable. Where is her focus? How could she oversleep on a day like this?! She fussed internally, even as she felt the warm relief spill in her gut.

They were already on the platform for the Tokyo train when she spotted a girl that fit the description of her friend on the other side of the tracks, a bit further up from them. The girl was leaning over with her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. She must have run all the way here and used the illegal shortcut up the slope behind the station and past the fence. Geez, Yukari thought. Way to make a first impression on a guy…

"Hitomi—!" she called out. The girl's face split into a smile. She waved back enthusiastically, looked left and right, and started running to cross the railroad tracks.

She had to, as their train was already approaching on the horizon. Surely, it broke a regulation or two, but nobody stopped to think about it twice. She saw the local kids doing it quite a few times.

Yukari whistled inwardly as she scrutinized her friend. She actually listened to me. The girl sported a pair of jean shorts; not obscenely short, but enough to show off her long runners' legs. A simple white tank-top was paired with a pastel-colored shirt, which she wore with rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned. The reddish pendant still swung in front of her chest, unchanged from their high-school days. Her look, combined with her short honey-colored hair and glowing face (Yukari realized she hadn't seen the girl this animated in years), gave her a very fresh, youthful image. Yeah boy, you better watch, she thought impishly as Ryuuji straightened himself, slowly turning to look at their new companion.

It was then the dreamy scene fell apart. Nobody had doubted that the athletic girl would cross the stretch of blocks, rails, and pebbles and climb up the platform in a second. Not Yukari and her companions,, not the bleary-eyed railway employee who approached to dispatch the arriving train, nor any other random onlooker on the platform and obviously, not even the girl herself. Yet, without any warning, she folded down on the tracks, as if struck by a lightning. Did she just trip? No, she was not moving. She was staring into emptiness as if in trance.

Yukari was the first to scream. "Hitomi… move! Move, dammit!" But the girl just sat back on her knees, her eyes blank. Other people started to panic, too. The employee and even Susumu posed as if they wanted to run and pick her up, even though she was a bit further away from them. The horns of the locomotive, which was sure to arrive within seconds, halted them right in their tracks.

It was Ryu who broke off into a run without hesitation, an unexpected would-be hero. Yukari invested all her hope into him. He sprinted up the platform and threw himself to his knees just above Hitomi, reaching out his hand to her. Yukari saw the girl just look at it numbly first, then lift her hand, waver, and place it over her chest instead.

Yukari unconsciously began to move, but Susumu grabbed her back against his chest firmly. The dispatcher started to whistle and signal wildly with the red flag. The approaching machine blared its now horribly close and loud horns.

She didn't know what was worse. That, or the screeching of the train's emergency brakes... Yukari's worst nightmare was playing out right before her watering eyes. Her friend, her best friend, someone she loved dearly was going to be hit, and she could not think of what it would do to her fragile human body. There was nothing she could do about it, there was nothing that could prevent it anymore...

She barely registered Ryuuji retracting his hand and letting himself fall back numbly. Some of the bystanders started to back up, gasping and covering their eyes in terror. Yukari could not, not until the hundreds of tons of steel halted to a stop and a disturbing silence fell upon on the scene.

She never knew that she was dreaming. The scene was so filled with light, it felt like looking into the sun. It couldn't have been real. But she was completely unaware of that. She wasn't sure if the warmth came from the light or from the figure that was currently holding her. She didn't know them, even though they often appeared in her dreams. Or she knew, but just couldn't assign a face or a name to them. They were still solid and real to her, if only until she awoke. She was dreaming now though, so the logic lay abandoned... she would adopt it again once she'd open her eyes, but right now she had no doubt about the reality of what was happening.

Not that the girl was thinking about such things at all, reclining in the arms of the stranger. They were a featureless shadow, but somehow she didn't feel the need to try and get a better look at them. She had only a vague idea of their surroundings. It must have been outside judging by the air, by the sun hitting her skin, the grass tickling her limbs.

"I have been so lonely..." she heard her own voice say. Don't leave for so long...

The dark figure never said anything, but she knew they understood. They changed position gently and held her tight as an apology, filling her with their light and warmth. How could a shadow feel so warm? They were so close, she thought they were going to melt together. She felt loved and complete, her mind and heart at ease and... The cheery ringtone of her cell phone was the most nerve-grating piece of… sound she ever... Why, why now, when it was... She forced herself to open her eyes at last.

Oh, it's morning. She stretched her arm out from under the covers to check the offending object, flipping it open in annoyance. Ri-chan calling. Wait, why was she being woken up by this? What had happened to the alarm?! Her eyes skipped to the corner of the screen. Oh. Her sleepy mind received a numbing electrical shock.

But there was no time to ponder that or anything else. With a dropping stomach, she just accepted the fact that she was running late. Again. Yukari would have her head for this. She would miss the tram - which connected to the Yokosuka line at the station, which connected to the Shinkansen in Tokyo - and ruin all of her friend's meticulous planning. Her best bet now was to try and catch the Tokyo train on their town's main station.

The call ended. She honestly did not have the guts to face her friend right now, even on the phone. The disappearing box with caller ID revealed an older message.

'Oi, Mi-chan! What are you doing?! {emoji}
I hope you are not thinking of backing
out now!
Anyway, just get your behind moving to the tram station,
we're already waiting for you there! Ri {emoji}'

The normally cheerful smiley faces in Yukari's message seemed a bit mad and aggressive, but she was sure it was just her imagination. Perhaps because she knew Yukari well enough to realize she had to be livid right then.

She briefly wondered if she should sacrifice taking a shower and run to the tram station instead. Sorry Yukari, but I need that shower, she thought as she punched in a quick message to let her friend know she would be meeting them later.

Flipping the cell shut, Hitomi all but ran out from under her covers, straight for the bathroom. She put the water on scalding first, but it actually reminded her of something embarrassing… what was it again she dreamed of? Nevermind. She shook her head violently to get rid of the weird, unspecific, and feeling-only memory.

She finished the shower and proceeded to complete her morning process in record time. Thank heavens she had been packed and ready since yesterday. Her old duffel bag would no doubt look comical compared to the baggage of her friends, who were probably prepared for every situation that might arise on the trip. Including the absolute need to play golf or cook a three-course meal, she smirked. Well, whatever, she was used to traveling lightly.

Thinking about Yukari's advice (or more of a threat) not to dress like a middle-schooler on a field trip, she had prepared a little more of a thought-out outfit than usual the night before. It showed a bit of skin, but it looked like it was going to be a sunny day, so she didn't mind. It was still pretty simple. If Yukari or he expected she would go in a tight dress or high-heels, well, tough luck, it just wasn't her. That made her pause.

Well, he was a significant part of the whole ordeal. Amano's friend and roommate at his university campus, a young man named Emorey. Or Ryu, as Yukari called him. She could only imagine the face that went with the name, as Yukari forgot (or did not want to) show her a photo of him and Hitomi did not want to appear too interested to ask her to.

There was little she knew about the guy, in fact. Yukari was singing praises about him, but Hitomi was sure a bit of match-making was involved. Despite his Japanese given name, he was only a half and hadn't been to Japan since he was a child—that was one of the reasons they thought making this trip was a great idea. Yukari said he was very excited to finally discover the land of his grandparents.

According to her best friend, he filled out the idea of tall, dark and handsome. He is an athlete, like Amano… and you, she had to remind herself. Yukari gushed on and on about how smart, easy-going and just plain gorgeous he was. Yeah right, and she just knew him for a few weeks during her regular Amano visits to Europe. He also spoke Japanese, so there was no language barrier to be worried about. Despite that and his Japanese mother, she knew there would be differences.

Yukari had somehow conjured up the idea that he and Hitomi would be a perfect match, but this didn't need to work out at all. Even if they did like each other, which was in no way guaranteed. Plus, he had been raised in an entirely different culture. His family name was English and she had actually had to search out its pronunciation and practice it a bit in secret. Perhaps she should just call him by his given name right from the start; it was a custom in the West, after all.

Ryuuji. Written like dragon and two.

To be honest, Hitomi was a bit nervous to meet him, even if all the while, she was telling herself she was being stupid. There was no obligation for her to start anything with him. So what if this looked like a double date?

A two-week long double date, her mind cheekily supplied.

Nevermind. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

She knew she was not the greatest at this, as her love life (or lack of thereof) proved. She went out with some boys from her high school and later, college, few times, but true love seemed to be eluding her. Yet she somehow refused to settle for less. She never developed enough feelings for anyone to stay with them more than a few dates or weeks. Maybe she was being too romantic and lacked a realistic view. Maybe she just feared commitment. Or it was simply bad luck.

She had a feeling this person could be something else though. Something in her gut told her and her instincts were almost always right.

True, once she had felt like she could even predict the future using her tarot cards. It was put to use mostly for her high school classmates' love lives, but her predictions were sometimes scarily accurate. But you didn't stop doing it just because it was scary, did you? Right, she stopped because… she… she was no longer as silly. She grew out of it. In fact, there was a high chance her infamous intuition could be wrong about this whole thing. This Ryuuji Emorey thing.

Anyway, this trip was not just about him. There was way more to look forward to than just some guy. Let him search for his roots while she enjoyed some traveling and quality time with her friends. She hadn't seen Amano in a year or so and she hated to admit she wasn't in touch with Yukari as much as she would have hoped, either. She was busy with her studies and Yukari objectively had even more to chew. She was studying to be a nurse, a choice which surprised Hitomi quite a bit. But their former track team manager balanced her study results, her clinic traineeship, and her long-distance relationship with ease.

Hitomi respected her a lot for that, even though they had fewer chances and time to hang out. Yukari always tried to make space for Hitomi in her schedule, but she understood that wasn't easy at all. These two weeks would be a perfect chance to refresh their bonds.

After all, Yukari would be Mrs. Amano soon. She still couldn't believe it. Two of her high-school best friends were getting married in a few weeks. And she was really happy for them. She was, but it also made her question her own life a bit. Once, she had naively believed Amano to be the love of her life. Yes, but that was before… Before she realized her best friend Yukari held deeper feelings for their school's track star than she ever had.

Yukari had never told her freshman self, who was gushing on and on about Captain Amano. That's how selfless she was, beneath her confident and cheeky antics. Hitomi was glad she hadn't got between them in some way. I spoiled enough things already.

Double checking the front door of her grandma's old house, she finally was ready to go. She only had about twenty minutes. Ready, steady…! She sprinted out into the summer morning, jogging along the familiar streets, using shortcuts, hopping up and down a few stairs, jumping across the small obstacles in the way. She had almost forgotten how much she loved running.

But it wasn't just that.

She felt something brewing in the air. Something exciting. She didn't need to lay out her old tarot cards to know. There was a change coming. A hope she had been expecting for so long. Something that would pull her out of her boring and often lonely life. That was it, the last corner, across the parking lot, up the small hill and through the gap between the fence and the building…

All that was left was crossing to the other side of the tracks, because her shortcuts landed her on the opposite side, just up the slope that divided the railway from the back alley. She had to catch her breath shortly.

It was then she spotted her companions.

Yukari was fidgeting, visibly nervous. Amano was talking to her. And the second man was bent crouching near the luggage on the ground. Her friend noticed her and called her name. Hitomi waved back at her… and heard a sound in the distance that made her heart skip. Oh, no! Their train was already coming!

She had to hurry up and cross to the platform. The locomotive was already approaching, but she had to do it here and now. Otherwise, the long set of train cars would block her path and she would be stuck on the wrong side, unable to board. She jumped down on the tracks and sprinted without looking left or right. It was a bit risky but doable for someone as agile as her. It would be just a second. There were just a few railways in the way and a platform not too tall to climb on.

Alright. Her eyes never left her companions, her heart beating way harder than it should, even given the previous run and the mild adrenaline of doing something hazardous that broke regulations. She imagined the railway employee glaring at her, but paid no heed.

Yukari's voice alerted the men to her presence as well. The stranger was still bowed above their luggage. He started to rise, revealing a tall figure topped with dark, fashionably cut hair. Time seemed to have slowed down…


As he was starting to turn, it happened. She would always have trouble remembering it or explaining it even to herself.

First, it felt like she was just going to trip. She instinctively looked down at the tracks she was currently overcoming. There was a flash of light, a ghost object under her running shoes, but it quickly disappeared behind and out of her sight in her momentum. She wasn't going to have a chance to look back at it, though. In an instant, it felt as if her head had exploded from the inside and cold claws ripped effortlessly through her body to grip at her heart. She could not move an inch and felt gravity starting to pull her paralyzed body down to the ground.

The drop felt heavy and even though she seemed to be numb to the physical pain, she did feel something crack under her from the blow. She forced herself to open her tightly squeezed eyes. What she saw made her widen them in shock. The mortar panels and pebbles between the tracks were gone, replaced by glass… No, this cannot be. This isn't real!

But she saw it; saw a landscape beneath the translucent surface. She was peering at it from above, as if from the heart of the sky. She saw the vast plains of fragrant meadows, emerald forests, waters reflecting the bluest skies she had ever seen. It was breathtaking. It was… Another world. And it was living, breathing, spinning right under her. Beautiful and untamed. Foreign, yet eerily familiar. She saw it physically rotating, the sceneries changing at a rapid pace. Incredible mountains, valleys, oceans, and rocky plains… until it started slowing down like a table globe spun by the force of a human hand.

And it finally halted to show her… a battlefield. Even from her celestial vantage point, she knew what she would see down there. Suffering, destruction, and death. Man fighting against man, using the deathly armored giants, the most intriguing and horrifying of which carried the name of a dragon-god. No, no… This can't be happening again.

NO, it NEVER happened. Get yourself together, Hitomi, this is a way straight to a mental institution, this… Then, through the gaps between her fingers that came to rest on her face, she noticed a deep crack right under her. Oh god, there was a whole spider web of cracks that must have appeared when her knees hit the see-through surface.

Panic started to rise into her head. She squirmed a bit, involuntarily, which resulted only in the sound of thin ice cracking on top of a frozen lake. She didn't know whether to try to stay still as possible or scurry away. More cracking and plinking. The height suddenly started to make her feel nauseous. It could have been her imagination, but she was even starting to smell the place of battle under her, the scorched remains of guymelefs, of… bile rose into her throat. A loud horn pulled her out of her illusion, a picture of reality replacing the fantastic image. Her head snapped to face it, cold sweat washing over her upon the sight.

"Don't look there!" an unfamiliar voice advised. "Look at me!" She looked up in the direction it was coming from. The man that must have been Ryuuji Emorey had his hand extended towards her from up on the platform, a look of determination on his handsome face. She was reminded of another time, another reality, another person in a similar pose. But same as before, when Amano had tried to hold her down as she was being whisked away by the blue light, it was fruitless.

She suddenly felt calm in spite of the locomotive approaching from her side, shrieking in a cacophony with other concerned and terrified cries and braking to the fullest, but still going fast enough to hit her.

"Give me your hand!" that voice directed intently.

She lifted her arm as if to do his bidding, but stopped mid-air. I can't, she thought. If she would, she may drag him with her. To his death. Or…

She reached for her trusty pendant instead, a single thought filling her head… save me. In her mind's eye, she saw it swing and point behind her. There is something you don't see. She looked back and finally noticed a single white feather perched on the railway track.

No, it was on a still undamaged piece of the see-through surface. She reached for it, feeling the glass finally giving way and her bent legs straightening and kicking out in the thin air underneath, huge chunks of the transparent material floating momentarily with her. She stretched her whole body to reach the slowly descending feather among the shards.

Just as she was about to touch it, her pendant reacted, emitting a bright light. The feather evaporated in a small trail of bright bubbles, which were quickly whisked away and absorbed into a much bigger upward stream. She recognized this. Even if her stomach was up in her throat, she knew she was not free falling. She was slowly descending in an otherworldly stream of bluish light, pulled down by the gravity of an alien planet.


Oh, my! You managed to get here! Thank you and welcome. First of all, I'm sorry for any mistakes, this story has no beta-reader, so I would be grateful to anyone who can notify me if there is something glaring that I can fix.

EDIT: Vis Arcana has a beta-reader now, thanks to the wonderful person that is Lera (Blue Funk). I am so excited to see a better version of the story than I could ever produce on my own! And I hope the readers will appreciate that, too.

You may have figured out already, but this story is a take on what would happen if Hitomi did not return to Gaea right away in episode 24, but instead, a few years later. So, not quite continuation, yet not quite an AU. In fact, I have always (and you don't want to know for how long already) wanted to write a continuation of Escaflowne (the series). Then this idea happened several years ago and it just would not let go. But hey, it's not such a wild and crazy thing when it comes to this series; the "fateful day" in Hitomi's life already had two versions, why not a third? Except this time, it went differently, or better yet, it went as you would normally expect. No visions, no dragons in any form, pillars of light, and so on. Which eventually convinced (almost) adult Hitomi that her adventure was indeed "just a dream". The causes and consequences of this will be revealed later, of course.

So basically, this is a rewrite of the ending. Events which happened in the last two episodes may not have happened (yet) in this universe, but be prepared for some parallels. Including to those events that stayed in place, or maybe even to the movie (which I enjoyed, too). Because I like me some subtle references, foreshadowing and stuff like that.

In case all of this rambling was not enough, this story has a tumblog where I have some relevant notes, including a memory refresh on what did and did not happen when it comes to this fic (for my own as well as potential readers' needs). The blog name is simply "visarcana" (link is available through my profile).

Chapter notes:

I rewrote this chapter three times because of the system of Kamakura public transport. Yeah, I wish I was joking. The reason is that the famed Kamakura station featured in the anime is for the tram (or electric train). Meaning, you can use it only to get around the town. At first, I wanted to ignore that and have the whole scene happen there with the train to Tokyo, but in the end, I could not. I have no great confidence in my writing skills, but dang, this better be well-researched.

Yukari calls Amano by his first name, which is Susumu. Hitomi sticks to the surname out of habit ("Amano-senpai"), and also because he left Japan before they could have become closer friends. It may seem a bit cold for us to see her still calling him by his surname, but it's normal. I imagine she would call him "Amano-san" or "Amano-kun" by now. Same with Ryu, she would say "Emorey-san" which would not sound as stiff as "Mr. Emorey" or something. I was really struggling to portray some of the relationships without giving in to the inner weeaboo and adding the honorifics all over (which can read pretty ridiculous, I admit).

Hitomi and Yukari sometimes use pet names for each other based on the last syllable of their names (Ri-chan and Mi-chan). If you are a bit familiar with Japanese, I imagine them pronouncing them as 'Micchan' and 'Ricchan' but did not want to create more confusion.

Yes, Hitomi lives alone in her grandmother's old house. More on that later.

'Half' is an actual term in Japanese for someone with only one Japanese parent.

This story takes place around the year 2000 – 2002 so please bear that in mind when imagining the technology, mobile phones etc. Hitomi cannot simply stalk Ryu on social networks to see his photo.


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