067. Desire



In the glow-red, Margot focuses on her wife, leaning herself onto the counter of the privately own bar. It exists in the depths of the estate's basement, along with an old interrogation room.

They left in a hurry during the wee hours, by helicopter, to a tiny, off-map island. Hannibal would have some difficulty locating them.

With any luck.

As soon as the sun sets in their tropical, quiet paradise, with their little darling son fast asleep in his nursery and with every available and hidden camera facing him — Margot finds herself needing to unwind.

Alana, naked as her blessed arrival into this world, gently embraces Margot's neck, murmuring something intelligible to her ruby-red mouth.

Margot's hands lower to her wife's backside, rubbing in circular motions. The continuous, velvet ribbing of Alana's scarlet fishnets, covering her from navel to toe, reminds Margot of snake scales. She's a crimson asp, deadly and brilliant.


A finger or two presses through the body-netting, nudging past Alana's outer vaginal lips and tracing the bulbous, silicon end of Margot's vibrator seated deep inside her, whirring softly.

Everything's wet and warm, as Margot captures Alana's lips, kissing her deeply and easing the sex toy out of her wife, relishing the slick-slide feeling of the object cradled on her grasp.

The taste of Alana, when she meets their eyes, giving a noticeable, sly lick onto the vibrator.

Everything's red, red.



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