Summary: Sometimes, past sins catch up to us. Sometimes, we even get a chance to atone for those sins. But are all sins forgivable?

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Warning: This story is rated M for a reason. Language, Violence, Sex. You've been warned.

AN: So this Jasper is...well, he's a Major asshole. And Bella is...well, she's very angry. Rightfully so? Maybe...

Jasper ran back to the house as quickly as he could. Carlisle never interrupted his hunting trip - he knew better than that - so it had to be something serious. The text message didn't give any details, it simply said 'Come home, now', which made Jasper think something was wrong – very wrong.

As Jasper came to the beginning of the wolves treaty line, he could smell an unfamiliar vampire's scent skirting the edge. The vampire had run through his current path and the scent was strong here. He stopped and inhaled deeply; lone female with no mate with her, he surmised, before continuing to run. If this was what the text message from Carlisle was about, he didn't understand why. A single vampire would be no match for their coven, even without his presence.

He reached the house, to find the others lined up outside, and he shook his head. They were sitting targets lined up in a row the way they were. He should have expected as much. Perhaps that is why Carlisle called – he was their 'leader' but when it came to combat, he'd no clue how to lead.

Jasper quickly inserted himself in front of Alice, pushing her behind him with a firm hand and receiving a small squeak of annoyance from her. He paid her no attention; instead, his eyes were glued to the female vampire staring down Carlisle a mere twenty feet away.

Her head cocked slightly to the side at his arrival and he could see her studying his positioning. Her ruby red eyes snapped behind him to Alice and then rolled back to Carlisle...ignoring Jasper completely.

Jasper growled low and indignant.

Carlisle smiled weakly. "And this is my other son, Jasper," he introduced.

The strange vampire's face morphed quickly to a sneer as her eyes snapped back to Jasper's. "YOU!" she snarled, her body lowering into an aggressive crouch. "It's YOU!"

Jasper regarded her for a moment and then took a step forward, putting himself front and center. Carlisle's hand on his shoulder caused him to raise an eyebrow before Carlisle snatched it away quickly.

"Major Jasper Whitlock," Jasper introduced himself with a small bow and a raised brow. "And what can I do for you?" he asked, his tone unimpressed. She was no match for him and not a threat in any way.

"I'm going to kill you," she roared, drops of venom spraying from her mouth.

She was a pretty little thing, Jasper thought as he studied her further. All angry lion in a kitten body. Gorgeous, but weren't they all? Sexy...most definitely. He could just imagine her mews of pleasure while her kitten claws sought purchase in his skin... If he didn't already have an arrangement with Alice, that is.

"You can try, darlin'," Jasper addressed quietly, receiving a scoff from Alice for his endearment, which he ignored. "Many others have," he goaded, while reaching back and yanking his t-shirt over his head, revealing his scars to her.

He heard her small gasp as she took him fully in.

"Jasper," Carlisle admonished but said no more. Jasper ignored him also.

"But you should know," he continued, pacing a few steps and closing the distance on her. "That I don't leave any scars," he growled lowly.

He saw and felt her waver and then her resolution. So she was prepared to die? So be it.

She lunged at him and he quickly stepped to the side to avoid her attack. Toying with her.

"Tell me...what is your name, darlin'?"

"Bella," she spat at him, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Bella," he nodded. "How do you know me... Bella?" He watched her circle, looking for an opening. She was being more careful, more calculating, a move he could appreciate. She at least showed more tactical ability than the rest of his coven, he'd give her that, but she was no match for him and she knew it. And yet, she continued.

"You killed my family! You drained them, you monster!" she all but screeched, causing birds to fly from trees miles away.

That pulled Jasper up short. He killed a lot of people, so it was very possible. But if he had killed her family, how would she even know he did it?

"And how do you know it was me and not some other vampire that fed on your family, Bella?"

"Because you made me...this," she growled before lunging at him again. Jasper reached his arm out and grabbed her by the neck, spinning her around, he slammed her up against the nearest tree. Pine needless rained down around them. He'd had enough of toying with her.

"I've never sired anyone other than Peter and Char," he spat directly in her snarling face as he tightened his grip.

He dropped his hold and stepped back, looking down at her. "You lie." And yet he knew she wasn't, he could feel her emotions loud and clear. There was no deception coming from her and the large, thick scar he had felt beneath his finger tips on her neck a moment ago was enough to tell him that he was the one that was a liar. But how?

"You meant to kill me. Left me for dead," Bella explained his unspoken question, sagging against the tree at her back in defeat. She couldn't kill him – not yet – he was too strong. She'd need to train more, to learn how to fight better. Garrett's lessons hadn't been enough. "You left me to burn for days...alone," she said. "I had to lay among my family's rotting corpses, you fucking monster!" she sobbed, pure hatred staring up at him.

"That doesn't explain how you know it was me," he countered weakly.

"She called you that," Bella argued.

"She?" Jasper asked, an uneasy feeling settling in his chest.

"The brunette vampire. She called you that...she called you 'Jasper'," Bella sneered, watching the recognition cross his face.

Jasper took a staggering step backwards.

Well, fuck.

AN: Well, fuck, indeed.

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