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There are constants in the world, The Light and the Void are the biggest. They dictate who ever is born is placed under they are treated like gods.

Light embodies positive virtues, goals, and is linked with heros, priests, knights, and the likes. Those born under the Light are destined to do great things. They always stay in the right and never budge from it. They are always kind hearted and willing to put others first above their own life. Buildings devoted to Light are held in Churches as they bathe in the Light's radiance

Void embodies negative virtues and goals, its linked to those who must take the steps those under the Light will not. Like kill a child who is doomed to end the world. They are usually Warriors, Assassins, and other positions that get their hands dirty or those to take risks. These individuals are more likely to put themselves first but willing to die for those they value. Buildings devoted to Void are held in places where Light does not reach, and it's usually crypts.

Everyone born is either categorized as being born under the Light or the Void. And I do mean everyone is born under two…

Except a certain individual…

He was born to a well known family of Knights, scholars, paladins, scientists, warriors, the whole nine yards. This family is well known to birth those who are not restricted to Light or Void and their children are a mixture of both ways of life. To clear up confusion: Each person is born under a specific deity never once was one a mix of both.

The males are more likely to be born Light then Void, and the females are more likely to be born Void then light.

This family heralds the last name: Arc.

But the one who won't be born under either of these two deities, is the 9th child to the Current Arc household. One Jaune Arc, he was still in the womb when the parents visited the nearby Church and planned to visit the Crypt.

Aryon Arc and his wife Jessula Arc entered the church to get a reading by the priest the leads the church. As they walked the isle the man they were looking for walked out of a wooden door wearing his usual white robe with a yellow sash, white pants, and yellow shoes.

"Ah, Aryon and Jessula here for your reading?" the two nodded to which the priest waved them to follow to a seperate room.

Once in the room Jessula laid down on a table as Aryon stood off to the side. The priest stood at a console as it booted up with a green holographic image and was tapping away at various squares on the keyboard.

Then a yellow colored energy ring at the head of the table and moved over Jessula's body. It repeated this movement a few times till the ring disappeared. "Well Mis Arc, you have twins, Congratulations! And the daughter will be that of the light… though your son I am afraid will not. I am sure the Crypt can see if the son will be born of the Void" Aryon nodded and was happy his 2 week along wife was having twins and one was of the light.

After a minute or two of casual talk with the priest, and a hour drive to the Crypt. The couple walked down into the depths of the Crypt.

While one would assume Light born and Void born would hate each other it was not the case. In fact the two gods told each of those born under them they are to treat each other like kin, seeing as Light and Void were sibling Deities.

When they reached the main hall, they saw the Witch that maintained the crypt approached them. She wore black robes and pants, with purple shoes and a pointy hat while she also had purple sash.

"You are here for your screening?" Aryon nodded and spoke "We just finished with the Light screening and we want to see if our son will be born under the Void" they looked happy regardless.

The Witch nodded "This way" she lead them to a similar built room as to the one in the Church's room and a similar ring appeared but it was a maroon color. As it moved over her three times the Witch was puzzled and ran the scan again.

When she got the results, Ayron was curious as to why the test was ran again. Walking to the witch "What's wrong?" the witch merely turned the holographic screen to show the son was not Void born.

"You said your daughter will be born under the Light yet not your son and I got the standard that your daughter won't but your Son… won't be born under the Void… this is a first that this has ever happened" Jessula looked fearful and stood up.

"What are we going to do" she asked Ayron worried he simple tapped his chin "We head to Mausoleum and commune with both gods about why he won't be born under them" the witch agreed.

"That is the best case scenario to do so, I will call up my Sister who works as a caretaker there to let her know you are arriving" the two nodded and left to their house to inform their kids.

When they got back, they saw Valerica who was 17 first great them "So! Will we finally have a brother?" she was the more enthusiastic about having a brother like the twins under her. Said Twins ran up to them.

Serenity and Valerie both age 15, they both started and finished each other's sentences. "So will it be a Boy or a girl?" they asked which only caused them to smile "Twins, one girl and one boy but we need to head away for a little longer to get some things" the three nodded and went to give the news as the two parents apprehensively gathered the offerings and drove away.


After a hour drive, the time was 4 o'clock, they arrived at the large mausoleum and a caretaker of the Void was waiting for them. "You must be Jessula and Ayron Arc? Here to commune with the deities i take it" they nodded and were ushered in.

"So, about your son? My sister never tells me anything" Ayron nods and steps in front of a alter with two candles, one burning yellow and the other burning purple. Placing both offerings the two Arcs started to focus their Aura into the offerings.

And the physical world vanished. And they were before two beings.

On the left stood a tall slim feminine figure covered in a brilliant white colored dress with a veil hiding her features. While on the right stood a tall and imposing masculine figure who had no legs, was floating, and was largely skeletal with no eyes yet the two Arcs knew they were looking at the two.

"Why call upon us mortals?" Void asked voice having no malice in and Ayron stayed looking at the floor. "Please great gods of Light and Void head our query about our son" Light flinched and Void nerely grind its teeth.

"What about your child? You may look up at us" Light said with a voice of silk and warmth. Jessula spoke "When we spoke to your chosen speakers, they told us our son won't be born under you, we humbly ask why".

Light and Void looked to each other and silently agree on something. The Arcs feel something is off but ignore it. "We do not know" Light started which Void nodded "But we are taking precautions to prevent him from being left alone in the world".

Jessula looked devastated and Ayron did not know what to do. "But why… why not choose him to be born under either of you?" Void spoke which Light was grateful for.

"You son, was not destined to live past birth, so we did not chose to mark him… as it would have been a waste to do so" the Light's warmth graced them, while also twisting their minds "Take heed in knowing that you did the right thing" The effect took root and would be immovable. Then sent them back.

The two deities looked to each other and went to work on changing the minds of three children they told.


This place was dark, the void did not exist here yet it was dark that the Light could not breathe its radiance into.

This place was just dark. It was used to being alone, it strangely liked it. And Never knew why, then there was no longer just it for someone else has entered it. it looked over the soul turned it around, it was a mortal's soul.

Why was a mortal soul here, the Two should have claimed it. Strange, such a perplexing soul this is, it bares no light yet no void. Yet it was not dark like itself.

It turned it around in many different ways to find a better way to understand when it moved. It recoiled in shock and it ceased spinning. The mortal 'woke' up and looked around. It never heard words till it spoke. "Um… hello where am I?" such a strange creature… words, it knew mortals spoke with words but this was still new.

"Hello?" it ignored the speaking to resumed its search for something and spun him again. "HEY! Stop that" it stopped curious "I know someone is there talk back" looking closer it knew he would have been born a male and fated to be a great hero, but destiny offed him before he could complete his fate.

It decided to speak "Who are you mortal?" Jaune moved his hands to his ears and looked in pain. "Tone down your voice please… My name is Jaune… I don't think I have a last name" It was confused by tone and decided to try something else.

"If your Jaune then who am I?" he did not cover his ears yet he tapped his chin "Well all I see is… a hazy darkness… so I will call your Grim?" he looked unsure but a name was a name.

"I will accept being called Grimm" Jaune looked happy yet confused "Why is your voice changing between a girl and a boy constantly?" 'Grimm' was perplex by the question. "I don't understand" Jaune seemed to "Well everyone is either a boy or a girl, and I am a boy and you are a?" Grim waited for him to finished.

Yet Jaune did not and looked all over itself. "Wait, you have no name, no concept of gender, and have no idea about tone… are you alone?" Grimm was happy it could guess "Yes, I have been all alone yet I liked my solitude yet now looking back I loathe it" Jaune looked sad "That must suck… I could never stand being alone for as long as you have"

Grimm asked "Were you alone?" Jaune answer relatively quickly "I don't know" Grimm was curious "how do you not?" Jaune looked like he was thinking hard about something "I just don't all I remember is four different people talking about me and suddenly there was nothing" Grimm thought about something "I want to try something, if you will let me" Jaune nodded and from the haze a black tendril sprouted from the haze.

Jaune looked at it quizzically and it touched his forehead yet nothing happened but the tendril suddenly went back into the hazey abyss. "I saw your memories, what you thought you saw… I only know of three people, Light, Void, and you Jaune"

Jaune looked confused "Who is Light and Void?" Grimm was once again surprised "I thought all you mortals were marked by Light or Void… you would be born under them to do some great feat under their name. Yet you are not aware they exist" Jaune nodded and Grimm was surprised again.

"Grimm, why did you sound angry?" Grimm was shocked again, it knew this would become a thing, it now knew a emotion mortals portray. "I do not know…" Jaune seemed to look at his feet.

"Maybe it's cause people know of Light and Void and not you?" that is a possibility. "I do not know but being alone for all this time, I loathe it now that i have someone here with me… yet I know of Light and Void, the gods you mortals worship and blindly follow, I know your words and emotions, yet I never got angry till now…" Jaune's mouth was wide open.

"Now I see why, you knew of all these things yet you never had someone here… I would be silently angry as well" he crossed his arms and huffed. "Jaune, while i looked through you I saw a fate that destined you to lead the mortal world into a new era yet your destiny had to killed before birth…"

Jaune looked wide eyed. "I now know two of the voices who spoke were Light and Void… this explains why you are here" Jaune was waiting for the reveal.

"They did not want you…" Jaune was confused "What do you mean?" Grimm was honestly surprised at the mortal but he died before he was born yet his soul was that of a child. Guess he had child naivety while a bunch of cells.

"Light and Void mark your soul before you even exist, and you were marked by neither. They knew of your existence and what you fated to do, yet let you die… those not marked die before birth yet do not enter... here" Grimm did not want to say he entered itself.

"So you're saying I am a special case?" Grimm merely hummed in response. "Well… I am stuck here huh" Grimm would at first think that if not remembered the seeing trick. "I may be able to send you back but… we would not be able to converse unless…" Grimm had one of those 'miracle moments' mortals rant about. Grimm was aware mortals were all around it and knew the world they call 'Remnant' inside and out, and could feel every single mortal mind.

And it knew exactly where to send him and a way to keep in contact. "Jaune I require permission once again to do something, and I think it may hurt your soul" Jaune nodded and was happy. He saw several tendrils exit the haze and four wrapped around his arms and legs.

While the fifth one sayed in front of him coiled to strike. "Sorry if i am making you… as the mortals call 'Anxious' I am setting up some things" Jaune waited then the tendril struck and he felt pain before seeing nothing.


On a desolate plain, where the ground was lifeless and brown, crystals jutting out of every which way where no life was found a black substance bubbled from the ground and from it spouted a child, around 5 years, deathly pale, long cascading hair, black sclera but green colored irises, and wore a basic shirt and shorts. Once that child was being formed and the finishing touches were being made. Another pool of the same substance was forming a few inches away and from it another child figure of around 5 years, same complexion but had short moppy white hair, black sclera with blue colored irises, and wore similar garbs.

When the blue eyed one woke it gasped for life and looked around. "Grimm? You there?" he felt no voice comfort him but the substance he was laying moved to away from him. Looking he saw it enter another pool as it applied finishing touches to the figure. Once done the other child laid lifeless before gasping for breath and looked around.

The pool under the child moved away from them and congregated while bubbling violently.

Out from it were hands yet they were large, over cumbersome, bone like gauntleted hands with sharp knife like fingers grabbed each edge of the pool and pulled up as a fully white bone plated head with two red lines curve along a curved skull with horns curving backwards with two small red sclera colored eyes and a yellow core.

As it pushed itself out more it's neck was seen, or lack there of, was covered by bone plates that created spikes that stared from the chest and moving to cover the neck, each had red lines conforming to each spike, as it pushed farther out of the substance it's revealed that it has broad shoulders and a bulky frame. White bone plates cover every inch on the creature except for joints as the joints themselves are lightly armored by segmented bone plates.

It reached the full extension the arms would allow and looked around in a fluid manner as if the chest spikes was not a sight hindrance at all. And grabbed the dirt in front of the two children and pulled the rest of it self out. And the parts still in the substance followed the large the upper body.

The legs were not like the large arms yet still they could support the top weight. Once it was out of the substance it flowed into the creature and it started to stand. To the kids it towered over them, while Jaune would stand a 4 ft 7 inches and the other 4 ft 5 inches, the creature stood at 7 ft 8 inches.

It then started to speak in a deep gravel filled voice "Jaune, It is alright I am still here with you" Jaune seemed to nod and looked to the other child who was mesmerized by the tall creature. "Who is that?" Grimm seemed to tap his chin by mimicking jaune.

"That is a companion I made for you, as far as I know this child is female and I left her structure vague… and I am curious to see how she develops" Grimm said ad Jaune got up and tested his legs. They worked but he fell back down not grasping balance.

After a few hours of Grimm was able to instill a sense of balance into the children's mind. Once they were able to stand he began to teach them to walk as Jaune had a strange vague understanding over movement already.

After a few hours of trial and error Grimm looked at the two. "Great… though I do not know a name to call you" he said staring at the girl then Jaune came up with a name "What about Pyrrha?" He looked to the girl who was looking at him with eyes he could swear were sparkling and was jaw dropped happy.

"Well Pyrrha it is but… Mortals also have a supplemental name after…" Jaune seemed to think as Pyrrha started looking around and walking around to stare at the crystals. "How about… Nexximus?" Grimm shrugged and looked to see Pyrrha a few yards away. "Pyrrha come here" Grimm bellowed which got the child to jump slightly and moved her legs in a new jogging pace unknowingly.

Once she was in front of Grimm, he asked her "Does adding 'Nexximus' after Pyrrha sound good?" he kneeled to get closer to their level and it shook the ground a little once the knee hit the ground.

Pyrrha nodded happily and hugged Jaune for coming up with it. Jaune looked away with his cheeks going red. Grimm rose and was chuckling before stopping himself. He waved them to follow as he walked forward.

They followed and stopped on either side of him as they overlooked a large landscape with even larger purple-red tipped crystals jutted out of the ground and causing massive upheaval in the land. "This will be your new home, and I will do my best to give you the life you both deserve" Jaune hugged Grimm's leg and Pyrrha did as well.

Grimm felt fulfillment and happiness and patted the two children on the back of his form, the same black substance rose from the floor and zipped off behind them. The children looked in awe soon Grimm turned around and was internally smiling at the near lake worthy amount of the black substance was forming.

As it was stood there something started rising out of it was a stone structure, almost like a cathedral on the outside it was large having three stories, not to mention large windows. Once it was finished forming the lake of the substance slithered away from the building toward Grimm and disappeared under his feet.

He guided the two kids to the 'door' and opened it showing a large entry way connected to a large center room that had a staircase to the second floor and another from there to the third floor.

As the two ran around the first floor Grimm looked around wondering where he saw the design from but filed it away for later. And with a loud clap and several seconds later, the two kids were in his presence.

"Now your… bedrooms as I remember are on the second floor, this way" as he took a tentative step on the first step it did not break under his weight and stepped on each step with the same tentative feel. As he got to the second floor he was sure it would not collapse under the weight. Looking at both hallways he tried to remember where the rooms were.

After some deliberation, he remembered he marked the roms with a P and a J so got a 50/50 chance. Going to the right the kids followed along staring at the extravagant work Grimm put into decor. He approached the a fork in the proverbial road and at the large section of the building stood two doors each marked with a P or a J. "Pyrrha your door is to the left and Jaune to the right" the two jogged to said door and opened them.

Each room was of course the same but left bare for them to decorate it themselves. In due time, when they returned to Grimm they hugged him and he patted their backs like last time. "Now Jaune I have to ask you a question, do you want revenge on the gods for forsaking you or your parents for willingly abandoning you?" Pyrrha looked confused and looked to Jaune in hopes of clarification.

Jaune looked at his feet and brought his hands to view at the pale hands. He felt hurt at his parents for willingly throwing him away and at the 'gods' but something did scream out for justice. "Well I don't want revenge on either just… I just want…" Grimm patted his shoulder.

"It is alright if you do not want to right now, you have time to grow and be taught all I can teach you before then. How about this: When you and Pyrrha reach a physical maturation that mortals have set you both can make the decision. Until then we will stay here" Jaune and Pyrrha nodded to it and the three went about learning the lay of the land.


Jessula rocked back and forth on a rocking chair feeding a infant Joan. When suddenly she had a strange pang in her chest as if she forgot something important and called for her husband. "Ayron, Come here for a second" after a minute the man of the house returned from him being their daughter's personal doll.

"Does it feel like we should have a son?" Ayron looked at her funny "I don't think so, why?" Jessula looked at her feet as she stopped feeding Joan and proceed to burp her "Just feels like we should of had a son as well" Ayron shrugged and chalked it up to her usually memory problems she had as a kid.

"I am sure its nothing, if you want we can see Father Denovan at the church and see what is causing this" Jessula nodded and was just rocking Joan to sleep still feeling like something or one was missing. The word 'Jaune' never leaving her thoughts.

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