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Chapter 1

The Pain of Death

*Third Person POV*

Perseus Jackson sat on the ground weeping, as he held the love of his life in his arms. Annabeth Chase, the girlfriend of Perseus, or otherwise known as Percy, was in his arms dying, and he could do absolutely nothing about it. He had tried everything, from ambrosia and nectar to his water healing abilities. Nothing worked. She just sat there, dying in his arms, and he couldn't imagine life without her. She had somehow gone with Leo and stopped him from dying with the cure, but she had sacrificed herself in the process.

Annabeth leaned up and wiped the tears from her lovers eyes, and whispered "I love you" before the life left her beautiful grey eyes, and her soul left the world of the living. Percy wept before managing to get in control of himself. He was dimly aware, of the Olympians standing behind him in utter shock. He bent down and kissed her one final time, before saying in a broken voice "I swear on the River Styx to never love again. I will never take on another lover and I will never have children or get married. I will forever remember Annabeth Chase until the end of my life" he finished before thunder boomed. He rose from his spot and looked at all of the Olympians, all of the Greeks, all of the Romans, with pain clearly etched in his eyes, deep, deep pain in his eyes.

Then the most unexpected thing happened. Zeus stepped forward and pulled his nephew into a tight embrace, while Percy wept into his shirt. All the Olympians stared at them in shock. Poseidon recovered from his moment of surprise and stepped forward and put his arm around both his son and brother. Zeus and Poseidon both stepped back before the brothers put one of their hands on a different shoulder, Zeus taking Percy's right shoulder and the Lord of the Seas took his left.

The face of Percy Jackson was anything but pleasant. Not even a little, single piece of the two-time Savior of Olympus' face showed anything but sadness and depression. Zeus flashed all the Olympians and demigods, including Chiron, to Olympus in the throne room.

When everyone could see again, everyone was moving around in the throne room to different spots while the Olympians strode over to thrones and grew to their godly height and took their seats. Percy stood in the middle of the throne room, depression radiating off of him. Thalia walked up to him and hugged him tight, muttering some encouraging words into his ear. And then he lost it.

He burst into tears and stuffed his face into Thalia's shoulder, sobbing, heartbroken. Thalia pulled him close and rubbed his back with her hand, trying to make Percy feel better, but nothing worked, even her funniest jokes had zero effect. When Thalia's shirt was almost completely soaked, Poseidon got off his throne and turned into human size before waving his hand and making Thalia's shirt dry, before walking over to Percy and pulling him close.

Percy continued to sob into his father's shirt. He had lost the person most closest and important to him. He lost her, and there was nothing he could do. The love of his life was gone. He lost the most important part of his life, it was as if somebody had ripped his heart out of his chest, the pain multiplied by a million. His mind couldn't comprehend losing Annabeth; she was his life, his mortal anchor. Even though he had long since lost the curse of Achilles, she was still his mortal anchor. He lost the most important piece of his life. Forever gone.

Eventually he regained control of himself, but he looked a mess. The Lord of the Seas returned to his throne while the other remaining members of the quest kneeled at the King of the Gods feet. In a few minutes they were all immortal. Then Zeus called Percy up to him.

Percy walked up, bowed to his father, and then knelt at his uncle's throne. Then the Lord of the Skies spoke. "Perseus Jackson. Twice you have saved Olympus. Both times you have lost someone or something important to you. We again offer you godhood, however, this time we offer you to become an Olympian." Perseus looked up stunned that they would offer him to be in a position so important, but then he shook his head and said, "No disrespect my Lord, but I do not wish to become immortal or a god." Zeus bowed his head sad. He hoped his nephew would accept, but of course he didn't.

Zeus raised his head and said in a sad tone "Well Percy, then we will allow you to have ten wishes that are within the council's power." At this Percy looked up even more shocked. He could ask a lot with ten wishes. He then said "Well, I guess I do have a few wishes." Then he spoke his wishes in this order.

"My first wish is for Lord Hades and Lady Hestia to get their thrones and positions on the council back." Zeus nodded and snapped his fingers, and Hestia and Hades grew to be the size of the other gods, and two thrones appeared out of air for them. One was black and souls could be seen trying to escape it, while the other was decorated in flames and fireplaces and things along those lines. To everyone's surprise, Hades walked up to Percy in a human sized form and hugged him tight thanking him, and Hestia did the same. They both went to their respective thrones, both looking extremely happy.

"My second wish is for Annabeth Chase to go straight to the Isles of the Blessed." Percy said looking at Hades. Hades nodded and said he would make sure it happened. Percy wanted to cry again but he pushed on.

"My third wish is for Calypso and Leto to be set free like they were supposed to be after the last war." Percy said, glaring pointedly at Zeus. Zeus bowed his head in shame.

"My fourth wish is for the demigod camps to be turned into one camp instead of separate camps" he said, earning himself nods of approval.

"My fifth wish is for Dionysus to be removed from his position as Camp Director and replaced by the five other heroes of the prophecy." Dionysus looked at Percy shocked for a moment before bounding off his throne, turning into human size, and hugging Percy so hard he thought his bones were going to break. Dionysus said "Thank you" about fifty times before he finally let go of Percy.

"My sixth wish is for better elevator music tunes in the elevator to get up here." Percy said, and everyone got wide eyed and nodded at that.

"My seventh wish is for several memories to be built for Annabeth here on Olympus." Percy said, choking up, but pushing forward.

"My eighth wish is for Frank Zhang's life stick to be kept very safely and protected here on Olympus." Frank nodded his thanks to Percy.

"My ninth wish is for Hazel's curse to be lifted." Hazel had tears creep into her eyes from happiness from that wish.

"And my final wish is for Nico Di Angelo and Reyna to become immortals as well." Zeus nodded. Nico and Reyna both had tears in their eyes. And with his wishes said, Percy rose and turned to leave but Zeus said "Wait." Percy turned around and Zeus gave him his blessing, making him able to turn into any animal. Poseidon blessed him, giving him extreme powers over the sea. Hades blessed him, giving him powers like Nico's over the dead. When Aphrodite went to bless him, his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and he screamed in horror "DON'T! NO!" She shot him with a pink light and a puff of pink smoke erupted around him, covering him. When it faded away he was standing there coughing. A muscle shirt atoned his muscles and an eight pack showed more while his other clothes were changed into a leather jacket and dark pair of jeans with knife holders at his belt, matching his dark hair perfectly, also causing all the goddesses to drool, and even make Artemis blush furiously, which nobody seemed to notice. Artemis blessed him next, making his skin glow in the moonlight and making him a better archer. Apollo blessed him next, making him a way better archer, a great singer, and an excellent driver. Athena blessed him, making him a whole ton smarter and faster at making battle plans. Ares blessed him making him have great knowledge over weapons and a better fighter. Hermes blessed him making him run be able to run at high speeds. Dionysus blessed Percy making him immune to becoming drunk. Hephaestus blessed him, making him an excellent blacksmith. Hestia blessed him next, giving him lots of power over fire and the ability to teleport along with summoning home cooked meals. Hera blessed him, much to everyone's surprise, giving him the ability to read people's emotions and minds, while being able to block his own. Finally, Demeter blessed him and gave him the power to talk to any animal.

Percy said "Thank you for all your blessings. However, I believe it is now time for me to lea-" "Not without me doing this first." Aphrodite flashed over in front of where he was standing, now in human form, and kissed him full on the lips.

Zeus' master bolt appeared faster than you can say "I'm screwed" as everyone pulled their weapons out, but nobody moved faster than Percy, who in a millisecond had Aphrodite pinned to the ground with Riptide in sword form at her neck.

Anger and power was radiating very strongly off of Percy, making him scarier than Tartarus. The room got darker, and Percy whispered, but everybody could hear it "If you ever, EVER dare do that again, I will make you fade for eternity, I swear it on the River Styx." Thunder boomed in the background and everyone looked at Percy in shock and fear. Percy threw Aphrodite into her throne before the lights went back to normal and he stopped radiating so much power.

Slowly, everyone put their weapons away, except Artemis, who was angry at Aphrodite for trying to corrupt the only decent man in the world. No, angry wasn't the word, she was furious. She was mad enough to the point where she could have decapitated Aphrodite without hesitation or regret.

Zeus looked at his nephew and said "Perseus, are you sure you don't want to become an Olympian?" Percy replied "I'm sure." Zeus looked down in defeat before Poseidon said "Percy, as of recently Triton and Amphitrite were executed for treason against me. I gave you the title of Prince of the Seas seeing as you are more than worthy." Percy nodded his head in thanks. Depression was still clearly visible in his face, especially his eyes. Nobody knew how somebody could fix his broken heart. He was about to leave when an Iris Message appeared for everyone to see. It showed Sally Jackson, Percy's moms apartment. Her and Paul Blofis were laying on the floor dead, their corpses showing that they had obviously been tortured before they died. A voice they all knew perfectly spoke out to them, saying "Perseus Jackson, this is the result of your victory against me. While I've barely been able to hold on to show you this, I hope you enjoy my parting gift." With that, the earth shook violently before stopping.

Everybody turned their eyes to Percy, to see tears running down his face, staring at where the Iris Message had just disappeared. Poseidon got up off of his throne from where he sat, with his own tears in his eyes, and walked up to the Hero of Olympus and gave him a hug. Everyone stared at the son of Poseidon, stunned. He has lost everything, literally everything, and he still somehow sane. How he did it, they had no idea. Poseidon whispered something in Percy's ear, and Percy nodded. The Lord of the Seas concentrated for a moment, before Percy glowed before he returned back to normal. The King of Olympus stared at his brother questionably.

"I made him partially immortal so that he can only die in combat." Poseidon explained. Zeus mouthed "Oh." They broke apart from the hug and Percy disappeared into a sea breeze. Everyone stared sympathetically at the spot where the Prince of the Sea disappeared, feeling immensely bad for him. Little did they know, that it would be a long time before they'd see Perseus Jackson again.

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