"The Broken One, destined to Love

Shall Fall to the Major Domain of the Dove

When the Daughter of Zeus Prays to the Sky

Is When the Arrow Shall Fly

The Broken One's Oath to Break

Due to the Moon, the Prince shall Awake

When the Lord of Godhood Rises in Power

The First One Shall Fall Off the Tower

And Gain the Rightful Place Shall he

Though Fall Shall the one he calls Arty."

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Chapter 19


*Previously, on When the Arrow Flies*

"The last thing I saw was a bright red light as I was blasted and lost consciousness."


*Percy's POV*

The world around me was black. I sat down in my mind, thinking about what had happened. Recently, I discovered a way to be able to manifest my thoughts while I was unconscious, and basically be in my head. I could change the black around me to events happening outside in the world, but I figured that I shouldn't really do that right now, while I needed time to rest and think.

This guy that called himself Omega really bugged me. He was extremely powerful, and beat the crap out of me. I was way better at fighting when I fought Omega than any other time, even when I fought the guys that killed Nico, but no. Omega just walked in, beat the fricken crap out of me, and walked out.

I groaned and laid back. A nice carpeted floor suddenly came into existence, and I laid back on it. A sky formed. It was a beautiful blue. I sighed, staring up at it. I hated this. I could force myself to become conscious, but I knew that would probably hurt me more than it would help me. I needed to figure out what to do.

Something was weird about Omega. I understood godly power, and how that all worked. But what he was using was completely different. It wasn't your standard godly power. It seemed to be a different type of energy and power, not just your standard one. That wasn't even mentioning the fact that he just destroyed the entire camp with a little energy ball.

Then there was something else weird about him: he was familiar, in a weird way. For some reason, it felt like I knew him, or that he had some type of connection to me. I shivered, even in my own mind. Something about this wasn't right. That type of fighting was familiar too. So, the conclusion is: the guy is weird and I need to figure him out before he comes back and kills us all.

I'm sure the only reason he didn't just kill us all then and there is because of the fact he accidentally destroyed his own army. Surely, if he hadn't had a large brain fart, he probably would've just had his army destroy us. They could've. Too bad for them his aim sucked, and he completely forgot about their existence.

I knew that it would only hurt me, but I needed to get up and start training, no matter how badly I was injured. I concentrated my energy and forced my consciousness into an awake state. Waking up, I let out a small groan. My body was really sore. I had cuts and bruises all over me, and I knew that I was lucky to be alive.

It was bright and gold all around me, and I immediately knew that I was in Apollo's temple. I looked to my side, and long behold, Artemis was there, sleeping, her head against the table. Great. Now I really can't get out of here. 'I'll have to teleport, quietly.' I thought to myself as I focused my energy and teleported away from the temple.

I landed in a forest, somewhere in the world. I groaned, laying on the ground. I was bandaged in lots of places, but I used my elements domain to light them on fire, and they fell to the ground in flames. I used my energy to get rid of my godly signal to stop other gods from finding me, and I began walking.

I found out really quickly that walking was just as hard as being awake. I leaned against a tree for support, but that resulted in just falling down. I put my back to it, allowing me to sit up. I breathed heavily, my energy being drained just from the short walk I took. Something was weird about the atmosphere. It felt.. Different.

All of a sudden, I heard a ripple somewhere behind me. I groaned, and knew I had to get up. If whatever was behind me was hostile, I knew that I would be in big trouble if I didn't get up now. I slowly stood, using the tree for support as I got up, and summoned my sword. I stepped out from the tree, to find a man standing there. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing dark jeans with a white t-shirt underneath a black leather jacket.

"Hello." He said. His voice was deeper than mine. I frowned. He was strangely familiar. "Looks like you could use some help." He spoke again, walking forward. I raised my sword defensively, but from my weak state, it just fell right out of my hand. Great. "I'm not going to hurt you." He said as he got to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. All of a sudden, I felt amazing, as if I just received a huge power up.

"What the-?" I asked, confused as I moved my arms around. I snapped my fingers and new clothing appeared on me, because I didn't want to look like a slub in front of the guy who just helped me out. "Listen, I know you probably have some questions for me, but we need to talk somewhere else, because this is a dangerous spot for us to talk." He said to me and I nodded. He put his hand on my shoulder, and suddenly, we were elsewhere in the world, at a picnic table.

He sat down on one side, and I sat across from him. He put his hands on the table, and sighed. "I'd summon you some food to eat, seeing as you're probably hungry, but this is really important, and I need you to focus." I nodded in response to him as he spoke, understanding. Clearing his throat, he began to speak. "I am assuming that you have met Omega." He began, and I nodded. "So, I was late as I predicted then. Well, I also assume you got your butt kicked by him?" I nodded again, slightly ashamed, and I guess he saw that.

"Well, I'm going to just give this to you flat, Percy Jackson. Omega is not from this universe." He said flatly, and I sat there, staring at him, confused. Finally I found my voice and asked "What? What do you mean he's not from this universe?" The guy just sighed and said "We call it realms, but you've probably heard of stories having multi-verses. That's what it's like. I call it either realms or realities. Realities is the more popular option, but I use realms for.. Certain reasons." He trailed off but cleared his throat and continued.

"I understand that you're probably confused. Let me explain this all to you, simply. Your reality and universe is not the only one out there. There are thousands, maybe even millions of different realities out there. They're separated by the veil, a powerful force that keeps them apart from each other, and stops them from interacting or things from within them interacting." My eyes were wide as I listened to what he was saying.

"Then, about ten years ago in my time, something happened. Something interfered and messed with the veil, and it began to have troubles keeping the realms from smashing into each other, and destroying one another. Now, this has only happened to a couple of realms, so that isn't really much we have to worry about. Our real worry lies within the problem itself." He was incredible, being able to say all this with a straight face. He summoned a water bottle and took a couple of sips.

Setting his water bottle down, he continued. "Whoever or whatever has caused the balance of the veil to shift, it's made travel between the realms possible. That is how I am here. I figured out a way to step through the veil and go to a realm of my choosing. A month or so ago, time is hard to tell in the veil so I may be wrong, I managed to reach contact with this realm. You were in the middle of a battle with giants, and while I couldn't break through to this realm yet because the veil was stronger around your realm, and because I was weakened from traveling so far. The best I could do was see where you were, what was happening, and speak in your mind."

That's when it clicked. I remembered the voice when I fought the giants and dragons in my head. It had warned me of some incoming attacks, even though it did more harm than good, seeing as it distracted me while I was trying to concentrate and fight. "So you were the voice in my head.." I said quietly and slowly, thinking about what he just revealed to me. He gave me a smile and said. "Yes, that was me."

However, his smile disappeared from his face as he gained a serious face and began speaking again. "Omega, the one you fought at Camp Olympus, is not from this realm. He is from another realm, and escaped here a couple of years ago. He came to my realm many years ago and laid waste to it, destroying it and pretty much broke reality within it. I remember he spoke of a certain realm he was trying to reach, and while I did not understand him at first, it later became clear to me what he was trying to accomplish." He took a swig of his water, his serious face still present.

"He thought my realm was the one he was after, but he was mistaken. It was this realm he was truly after. When I told him that this wasn't the realm he was looking for, I thought that he would just pack up and leave us alone. He was alone, but he was more powerful than all of us, and I hoped he would just decide it wasn't worth staying to finish us. However, I was wrong. At the time, I didn't realize he didn't have enough energy to leave our realm and travel a long distance in the veil to reach this realm. His realm is very, very far from mine, and the trip he took drained him of enough energy to travel between the realms."

He cleared his throat and continued "Despite his lack of energy to continue travel throughout the veil, he had no issue destroying my world. He destroyed the universe, too, laying it to waste, even bringing down the Chaos of my realm. He came back to Earth, and completely destroyed our armies, our gods, everything. He killed off everyone, everyone except me." His voice shook, but he cleared it again and went on. "In his time destroying the universe and my Earth, he got the energy he needed to continue his journey through the veil to your realm. He left me to die on a planet with no food, and nothing I needed to live. The only thing I had was air and clothes."

"Despite this, I used what I had left of my power to survive. Because of the damage he did to the planet, the gravity increased a lot, and because of that, I was able to train in the extreme conditions and grow in strength and power for a long time, until I finally had the power to escape my destroyed realm. I broke through the veil, and got in between the realms. I swore to find him and destroy him, and my journey led me here, as I followed his energy signature. He arrived years before I did, but I knew this was the right realm." His voice and face calmed as he looked to me, and snapped his fingers.

His form began shifting and changing until suddenly, he was me. Well, an older version of me, much more weary and worried than I was. "I am the Percy Jackson of my realm. Not all realms are like ours, but thankfully, we are able to meet here and now."He gave me a small smile, as I just sat there in shock that this was possible. "I understand what you must be feeling, but listen to me. Omega is the least of our problems. Something evil is stirring within the veil, and while I haven't figured out what it is, I know that it is just bad news. You need to resolve the conflict here soon, so that you can join a bigger cause." He looked up to the left in the sky, and sighed.

"I must leave now. Omega will soon sense my presence and know that I have figured out where he is. I cannot remain within your realm, or else he and Chaos will destroy your entire planet. Whatever you do, do NOT tell anybody else about this. This is between us, for now. I have already protected this area from other eyes and ears, and sealed the information in your mind where no one else of this realm except maybe Omega can find and reach it." He stood. "Until we meet again, Percy Jackson of this realm." He ran away, and suddenly, the air shifted and he disappeared.

I stood and began walking away from the picnic table. However, I had trouble coming at me, quick. Artemis appeared in front of me, looking like she could destroy a continent.

"Where do you think you're going?" She snarled at me.

'Oh gods.'

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