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Chapter 1

They say that magic doesn't exist in this world!

That's it's all a product of one's imagination or the mind playing tricks on you

A power capable of altering the world itself yet never fully understand its capabilities.

Whether you believe it or not is up to the individual in question.

They say that seeing is believing

For some… believing is only just the beginning.

"Damn… that really got me going there'' said a young man as he closed the book that he finished reading a few moments ago.

The young man appeared to be 16 years old standing at 5 foot 6 inches, wearing a black hoodie with navy blue jeans and red sneakers with two black stripes down on each side. He had short black hair and eyes, he also had a small scar above his right eyebrow from a fight he had a few years ago.

He slowly put the book back onto the shelf and quickly headed down the aisle to look for another book to read.

The young man's name was Shawn Chambers, a fantasy bookworm for lack of a better word, the reason why is because he has always been fascinated with those worlds from a young age. Even now that he's grown up and in high school he still becomes fascinated with spells, weapons and the use of magic tools.

He keeps this passion of his a secret though due to wanting to keep his affairs private and would rather avoid others talking about him being into this stuff, the last thing he needs then is more gossip and taking more time from him when he could be reading.

"Right now I think I've read almost all the fantasy books in the library, today also comes out the new edition on Fairy Tail that I've been waiting to get my hands on for the past few months'' said Shawn as a smile appeared on his face and the thought of reading his favorite story of all time, Fairy Tail.

When he first saw the manga of it he thought it was going to be like all the other ones he had seen so far.

Though as he read the story he became more and more captivated by the magic used, guilds, jobs and the characters themselves caught his attention. Another aspect that he liked was the fighting, for all the stories he read on magic, most had mages or wizards casting spells from far away and almost never up close. Fairy Tail changed that by having them fight up close and personal rather than the usual long distance casting. Not to say that there aren't any that don't have that aspect but the close combat is more focused on than any other he's seen before.

As he wished 'life would be far more interesting if it were like this' as he looked at the bookshelf behind him.

"Maybe one more then it's off to the bookstore'' thought Shawn as he was looking through the few books he hadn't already read through… yet one in particular caught his eye.

"This wasn't here yesterday, did someone return it while I was reading?'' questioned Shawn as he picked the book of the shelf. The cover itself appeared to be black but it seems worn out as there are a few tears on the outside and the pages inside look like they have been around for a while… give or take a few decades. How it got in here with the rest when it should be stored in an archive at a museum somewhere is beyond him.

As he turned the side to see the cover he was left speechless.

Lost Magic: Body Reinforcement Magic

"This has to be a joke of some kind'' was what Shawn thought of first, maybe someone followed him here and discovered his secret and was using this as a way to let him know.

He looked around to see if anyone was spying him but there wasn't anyone around him on this floor which isn't unusual when libraries nowadays didn't get a lot of visitors.

Seeing that there wasn't anyone in sight he wondered just how this got here without anyone noticing. There wasn't even a book tag on it which means this is not a book from the library.

"Maybe I should read just a bit and if it's a prank so be it'' he decided to see what's inside regardless of the consequences due to his curiosity.

As he opened it the first page had a warning saying that you can only read the last page once you finish and understand it completely till the end.

"So stupid, there's no way that you can't…'' Shawn was saying as he turned to the last page only to find out that it wouldn't budge.

"What?'' Shawn was bewildered as he tried to turn it with the full force of his hand and yet it still wouldn't move an inch.

"The hell is going on?'' asked Shawn as he was thinking if what the book says is true then there is only one way to find out.

"Better get started'' he said as he opened it to the first page and started reading in the peace and quiet of the library.

Three Months Later

Shawn's Room

"Finally… I reached the last problem" said Shawn in both joy and exhaustion, having reached the second to last page of the book.

There were three sections to the book that had to be learned in order and at the end of each section there was a test that had to be passed if you wanted to move on to the next. Cheating didn't help as it somehow knew you did and start over from the beginning, if this was some sort of elaborate prank then he had to admit that it was pretty damn impressive to say the least.

Whoever put in this much effort to screw with him had definitely moved to the top of his hit on sight list. The book's contents were a challenge in and of itself as there were various formulas and magic circles drawn that for the first month Shawn didn't even have a clue of what the hell he was looking at.

In the book there were some things that Shawn recognized such as exercises and training regimen for this magic, there were some simple ones including basic breathing techniques, specific stretch exercises, and hand drawn combat styles. Though that was only the first section, the second and third ones contained more outrageous ones including lifting boulders, 200 pound leg weights, and even more outrageous or even lethal exercises that were more like torture than exercises possible by a human being.

"Whoever wrote this book is completely out of his mind'' thought Shawn as this must have had one twisted author to write this book.

The book only gave out the most basic information and Shawn himself had to put together the rest of it, though it only got harder and harder as he went from one section to the next. Every moment was spent trying to understand what was written in this book, it became an obsession at some point. He also suspected that this book was designed to test something... or perhaps someone, for what reason he didn't know and didn't seem to care much.

As he was more focused on finding out who was behind this elaborate prank, after the first few days of no one showed up to ask about the book, he guessed that they must be waiting until he finishes to reveal themselves, how they knew Shawn's progress, which was another part he couldn't figure that out.

Though slowly as he look at them piece by piece he slowly saw the bigger picture and his pace increased at a substantial rate, it's almost like a puzzle and once you find the right pieces it all comes together.

During the second month Shawn actually tried using some of the supposed magic he had figured out. Obviously the result of that was a complete failure, nothing happened even after trying every method he could find, from writing it down, chanting, talismans, and everything else in between. Still there were zero results and he quickly gave up on trying anymore, devoting the rest of his time to reading the book, though without knowing it every time he learned something new, he seemed to be unable to forget it.

It was almost like it was being imprinted on him subconsciously, it felt so natural that Shawn himself didn't seem to realize or was just more focused on finding out the mastermind behind this book designed to torture the reader trying to figure it out.

Now he was on the third section and solving the last problem written on it, the problems themselves were on a whole other level compared to the first two. In his room were various papers either on the ground or crumpled up in the overfilled trash can, if you look you can see that various magic formulas and notes scribbled on them.

The problem was as followed:

10) Complete the following magic circle.

Below that was a complicated magic circle that was so complex that it was unlike anything Shawn had seen so far, there were a couple of similar questions like this in the previous section but not something this intricate and detailed.

Though Shawn kept his cool and decided to look it over piece by piece and figure out what the problem was. After the first few tries he still managed to retain his composure, then he tried again and soon started growling in irritation.

As Shawn continued writing "so if I connect this circle here, then… no that won't work, maybe if I drew it like this, no that won't work either, GOD FREAKING DAMMIT'' yelled Shawn, finally snapping as he slammed his fist against the desk.

Shawn looked like he hadn't slept for the past couple of days, it seemed as if this magic circle was unfinished and the reader had to be the one to figure it out what was missing. Shawn had tried looking in the book over and over again for something he missed. Nearly every question had the answer in the book if he just looked closely enough, it had been his strategy so far and how he got through most of the problems till now.

"It's almost as if this problem needs an entirely new… method… THAT'S IT!'' screamed Shawn in realization, as he began writing frantically as soon a few new formulas appeared on the book, each question had a blank space to write the answer on.

As he continues writing he realized that the author put this faulty formula on purpose, instead the reader has to come up with their own magic circle that incorporates some of the aspects in the displayed circle.

"If this circle was never meant to work, then I'll just write a new one that will'' deduced Shawn as he started writing the magic circle, it was almost as if he was possessed as he kept writing faster and faster than he ever had before.

Pouring in all his knowledge and feelings into each stroke of the pencil.


Though Shawn couldn't see or hear it, there was a clicking noise, almost as if something had finally fallen into place, though at the moment what it was no one knows…

After over an hour of non-stop writing, Shawn had just finished completing the magic circle.

There was big magic circle in the center surrounded by five smaller ones in the shape of a pentagon, with a final outer circle enclosing every single one of them inside. The smaller circles each had a word carved into them and they are as followed






These were more commonly known as the five senses. Also that the more well-known senses such as pain, balance, temperature, and vibration all stem from either one or more of these five main categories. Though the reason this is possible is because of the one in the center.


This was the core of the magic circle, it's the body that allows all of this to be possible, the body takes in all of these senses as information and processes it accordingly, and it's due to the body that any of our actions are capable of being carried out at all.

To regulate our system, keep us healthy, and to repair any damage that occurs whether physically or mentally. To augment, enhance, fortify, or strengthen these senses through magic... whether only one at a time or all at once is the foundation of Body Reinforcement Magic

Everything begins and ends with the body.

That was the answer Shawn Chambers arrived at.

"I think I might have gone overboard'' said Shawn as he looked at his handiwork, there was so much detail put into the magic circle itself, though the explanation was a little shorter than he imagined.

Though he probably wouldn't have been satisfied otherwise, like he would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't do it the way he wanted.

"Now then, time for the moment of truth, you better show yourself whoever you are'' as he looked around the room before looking at the book pages corner.

This is what he had been waiting for, to finally see what the last page holds and for the person behind this to show themselves.

He takes a moment to prepare himself, he puts his fingers on the corner of the page and tried lifting it.

"... It turned… YES IT FINALLY TURNED HAHAHAHAHA!" screamed Shawn in joy after suffering through hell.

As he turned the page what he saw was a magic circle with weird patterns and symbols he didn't recognize from the book along with what appeared to be an incantation at the bottom. Wondering what this is he decided to read it out loud.


Said to exist in all living creatures no matter how big or small

Young or Old yet does not distinguish between Friend or Foe

Thou has arrived on the gates of a new Reality & Possibility

Merely a guide required to show you the way

The Time has come to seek new Life

Rejoice for the gates have opened





"Nothing" was the only thing he said as Shawn as he half expected it but really hope that something did happen.

Sighing as he knew he fell for another such an elaborate prank that someone is going to spread around tomorrow.

As he closed the book he noticed something on the front cover written in gold.

Alder Fez Green

"Alder Green? Is that the author's name? The one who wrote this book?'' said Shawn as he thought in consolation "At least now I know whose butt I have to kick, still...'' as he looked at the front and back cover he couldn't help but have questions popping into his head.

How did his name suddenly appear?

How come I didn't see this before?

What is this book?

Though he wouldn't have time to think about it.

Suddenly the book started to shine brightly, as it was so sudden Shawn dropped the book and covered his eyes.

As the book fell to the floor it quickly turned to the last page with the magic circle on it.

The magic circle starts to get bigger and rotate faster, with another one appearing under Shawn's feet.

"What is going on….WHOAAA!''' wondered Shawn as he looked underneath before panicking as he felt his feet leaving the floor and lifting him up in the air.

"HOLD ON WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ONNNNN!…'' yelled Shawn again before a bright white light filled the room, covering his eyes before he vanished from the room and from this Earth.

The book still laid on the ground for a moment before closing itself and disappearing into particles as if having fulfilled its purpose.

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