Emma had expected the Underworld to be cold and isolating upon arrival, she epected something weird, like a neverending torture chamber maze that might never get out of, but as she sat huddled between her sort of boyfriend and her dad, she didn't expect to see….a version of Storybrooke as they arrived up on the same dock that Killian had docked on over a year ago.

But it wasn't Storybrooke, not exactly. Sure, there was the clock over the library but Main street was different. Houses were where they shouldn't be, stores were misplaced. Granny's was several blocks down from what it should be, Emma couldn't even see where the sheriff's station was.

Emma leaned forward to where Rumple and Belle were, "This isn't what I had in mind when you wren talking about how terrible it was over here. Why does the Underworld look like Storybrooke?"

Her dad glanced at her, "You're seeing Storybrooke?"

It took Emma a moment to process what he was saying, "What do YOU see?"

"A city…a village I guess. It's sort of like the one I grew up in…mixed with the one closest to the castle we were going opt raise you in."

"It's New York," Neal muttered, "But different. What do you see, papa?"

Rumple silently stared ahead, "It'll be different for everyone but everything and everyone will be in the exact same place. A restaurant may look like a tavern to some but we'll all see the same people."

A thousand questions went through Emma's mind, "So this holds everyone ever born?"

"No, this is a limbo," Rumpelstiltskin was the first to stand and step off the boat. He extended his hand to help Belle, "A purgatory. Hades uses it as a sort of net for those with unfinished business, it's a last chance sort of thing for those that don't want to go to the pit. They can try to change their ways, and if Hades and Persephone are convinced, then this will pave the way for them to enter paradise."

"Does it happen a lot?" Belle asked.

"It doesn't happen," Rumple said, "Most just end up in the pit."

"You didn't," Emma told him.

"I got lucky, Mr. Dark pulled me out of here, need I remind you?"

Emma shuddered, "No, you really don't ever have to remind me about him."

This town was a lot bigger than Storybrooke, where did they even start?

"Do you smell anything, Red?" Emma asked, "Anything that might give Mina away?"

"No, she's not close," Red glanced back, "Some familiar people nearby though ….somewhere."

"Is it Granny?" Emma asked.

Red swallowed a bit and nodded.

"Go," Emma told her, "Go say goodbye. Meet us back here tonight."

"Thanks," Red started to go and then stopped, "I'll come find you if I get her scent."


Rumple went to stand with the others, he held the potion in his hand, "Ready?"

Emma nodded and pulled out the shirt that had been Mina's. It was the one she wore when they first met.

Rumple uncorked it and let a few sprinkles fall on it. It was a locator spell, if Mina was here, it would find her.

They waited with baited breath, waiting for the article of closing to rise up and take them to her, but they didn't. It lay there limp in Emma's hands.

"Odd," Rumple raised his hand and watched as fire rose from his hand, "Well magic works."

"Maybe she's not here, maybe she's in paradise," Charming said.

"No, she'd be here first, at least for a little while," Rumple said, "She hunted and killed monsters for a living. She died without saying goodbye to her daughter, and she found out her father had lied to her about his past. Yes, Emma, you can bet she had unfinished business. She's going to be here."

"Maybe it's not so complicated," Belle whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, this is supposed to work if something someone owns is used, right?" Belle brushed some hair back and looked over to her husband, "Well, maybe the fact that she's dead …I don't know? Relinquishes ownership? You can't take it with you, you know."


"Or maybe she's in heaven," Emma said, liking that idea a lot more, "Or whatever…heaven…is called here."

"So what do we do now?" Charming asked.

"The streets aren't safe, we probably shouldn't be out here much longer," Rumpelstiltskin told them as he put a hand on his wife's shoulder, "Hades won't like the fact that living people are down here. We can't afford to be seen right now. None of you will like who the sheriff is. You especially, David."

"Why not?" David asked.


He had once been called Prince James before it was all stolen from him. Heh ad been young and full of promise for his kingdom. He had been the slayer of giants and would've been a slayer of dragons as well. He would've united his and Midas's kingdoms with his marriage to Princess Abigail and created something lasting.

But it had been stolen, because his bodyguards couldn't do their jobs and a peasant brother that he didn't even know existed took everything.

And he managed to wreck everything, didn't he? He stole a kingdom that didn't belong to him, married a princess that had been ousted from her own kingdom, somehow managed to take back the kingdom with the help of…dwarves!

And where was Midas and Abigail? Overseeing her marriage to some knight, he'd heard. And what did it benefit them all? A curse of slavery to another land full of science over magic. What sort of land didn't have magic?

It had all been for nothing. The things he'd done to try and pull them out of the debt they constantly faced, his war with the giants, his training to fight the dragon…. what had it all mattered once Prince Peasant bungled it all up?

And now here he was in the Underworld as a sheriff of this district. Not a prince, as his title while he was alive had been. HE had to WORK and maintain order to please gods that he didn't even know existed until after he died.

It was far more work than what it was worth. He reported directly to Hades and Persephone themselves, he had to bend and scrape to their children who were all now joining their parents on a more permanent basis.

Prince Peasant and his family had killed two of their sons. Persephone mourned loudly, Hades was quiet and the underworld was abuzz with the news that humans could kill gods. There was much talk and speculation at the taverns about how it could be done, but not one of them was brave enough to actually go up to the palace and try it. Hades was bad enough but Persephone was far worse when it came to creative punishments to those that displeased her.

And it all came back down to him, he was NOT Prince Peasant but he looked like him enough that people now maintained their distance in case Hades and Persephone decided to take it out on HIM of all people.

If his bodyguards had done their job, none of this would've happened.

Had he had HIS way, James would have avoided Hades's palace at all costs. However, he couldn't, not after he got word from Charon about their living visitors.

He navigated the palace easily. It was far bigger than the castle James had had growing up, with many wings dedicated to the numerous children that Hades had fathered with his wife over the millennia. James never bothered to go into the children's wings. The last thing he wanted was to be caught and assumed to be doing things he wasn't supposed to be.

The King of the Underworld and his family were sitting at breakfast when he found them. Hades was tense and grim, his wife sat there with sunken eyes and a thinner frame. The children ranging from all ages ate quietly so as not to disturb their grieving parents.

"No one summoned you," Hades said as soon as he entered the room. He felt all the eyes on him. Melinoë watched with interest, the others watched with either curiosity or boredom

"Apologies my lord," and how he hated saying that, "But I have word from the River Styx. We have visitors."



Both parents stopped, they seemed to put SOMETHING together. Persephone stood and put her napkin on her plate, "Children, you may have your breakfast in your rooms, and I think it's best you remain there for the rest of the day."

The children muttered their protests, even Melinoë who was usually obedient to her mother voiced her complaints. They had been shut up in mourning for two weeks, they had been looking forward to some freedoms they were seeking to get.

"Enough," Hades snapped and gestured for them to take their plates and leave, "And don't listen at the door. I'll know."

They all waited until the room was clear and he was standing in front of Hades and his wife. It was easy to see how they were from the same family. Both had red hair and piercing blue eyes. Most of their children were of fair complexion as well, he heard. That was until they disguised themselves to go out above world and cause chaos for whatever reason, maybe boredom.

Melinoë was the only one to be born with a bit of a darker complexion, but NO one visibly talked about THAT.

"Half an hour ago, my brother, his daughter, her boyfriend, their pet Dark One his wife, and werewolf all managed to cross the river and enter into our world."

Hades scoffed and closed his eyes, "What, are they here to finish us all off?"

Something dangerous flashed in Persephone's eyes, "What do they want?"

"I don't know. They were quiet about that."

"So send them back," Persephone said.

James blinked, "You don't want revenge?"

Hades almost stared through them, "Of course we do. But our revenge will kill them most horrifically and while that would put them in this purgatory for us to continue torturing, we can only kill them once."

"And they're not all here yet, are they?" Persephone said and turned to her husband, "We have to keep the children in the palace. I'll not lose any more out of what's obviously dumb luck."

"It's too big a risk now that all our children are with us and they've somehow killed two gods," Hades agreed and turned back to James, "They're alive. They don't belong here. Send them back."

He gave a small bow and went to leave.

"Wait," Persephone started.

He turned, "Majesty?"

She straightened, there was a more regal look about her now that he hadn't seen for the past few months, "Send your deputy, find out what they want, and THEN send them back."

"Why should I send my deputy when I can do the job myself?" he asked, forgetting himself.

Hades glared at him, "Because if YOU, with your reputation go to chase them out, it'll just convince them to stay. However, your deputy came down here because he had a relationship with your niece. So if there's anyone that'll convince them to go back, it'll be him. Especially when she sees how well he's moved on."

"Are you sure you don't want them detained for your pleasure?"

Hades leaned in closer, "No. For a number of reasons that are none of your concern. Wake your deputy, send them back."

As James was leaving the room, he saw Hades go to wrap his arms around his wife.

And Mellinoe leaving from the spot she was listening in.


Red was grateful that her grandmother's scent revealed that she wasn't far away, and she had no reservations about leaving her friend alone briefly while she went to seek her out. The smells here were limited and diluted almost, she would be abler to detect her living friends more easily.

She never got to say goodbye to her grandmother, it ate her alive those two weeks. She told herself over and over that she should have been there, she should have been at the diner when Dracula attacked it. If she had been, she could have protected them. She was fully capable of doing so, right?

Since she had helped kill Dracula.

She shuddered. She had done the right thing, right? Killing was supposed to be wrong in their world no matter what. It meant that you were lowering yourself, it meant redemption could never be achieved. It's part of the reason why Snow had spared Regina and now look what happened, Regina was trying to be better.

But Dracula had no such inclinations to redeem himself. If he was good, it'd been a very very long time ago.

Was her heart still darkened? She had killed out of vengeance but she had helped save everyone.

Did it matter? Was she knowing as low as those that killed and didn't regret it?

Because she didn't regret it and that was what scared her.

She knew what everyone saw was the same layout but it still looked different. Red saw what to her was a mix between her childhood village and the town right outside Snow and Charming's castle.

Her grandmother's back was turned when she walked into what she saw a tavern. Red was glad because she was worried she'd start breaking down as soon as she saw her.

"Hold on, I'll be right with you," her grandmother turned and stopped when she saw Red, "Oh no…"

Red understood the fear immediately, "Granny."

"Oh God, you're here."

"No, no I'm not dead," Red rushed forward, "I'm alive, we're alive, we came down here."

Granny took a moment to calm down and put her hand on Red's shoulder, "Why?"

The story poured out of her quickly, hurriedly, she assured her that Dracula was dead and Mina had died. She told her that she had jumped on the opportunity to come down here and see her for one last time.

"He died two weeks ago?" Granny asked finally

Red nodded, "Yeah."

Granny paled, "You're sure?"

Red's heart started hammering in her chest, "He's not down here, is he?"

"No, he's not. And I think that's about to be a problem."

"Why?" Red asked.

"Because if you're right and he died two weeks ago, something happened down here and there was talk…rumors. I was trying to adjust to the fact that I was dead and in this purgatory but once I got my bearings I heard everyone talking about the gods and something happening."

"What/" Red asked.

"They say that two weeks ago, a god died. Killed by humans."

Red felt every part of her body go rigid, "We have to find the others."


Emma saw Storybrooke in this place and so immediately used the warped layout and Rumple's knowledge of this place to her advantage. There was always a phone booth somewhere in town, it was stuck in the 80's after all and if there was a phone booth, there was a telephone book. If she was right then maybe there was also a map and a list of addresses she could use.

She finally found one after an hour of searching. She rushed towards it and smiled when she found a phone book that listed all the addresses she needed.

"You're sure it updates automatically?" Emma asked.

"I'm sure," Rumple told her

Emma turned and turned and scanned the pages. There were a few Harkers, it was a common name but nothing under Mina's name. So she tried Murray in the hopes that maybe she could find Mina's father as well.

But nothing was listed, not Mina, or her husband or her father. Emma even looked under Stoker, her mother's maiden name. There were plenty of Stokers listed but nothing that rang a bell from when Mina told her about her life.

"She's not here," Emma felt a bit of dread. Had she brought them here for no reason? Was it really a dream they all just happened to have? Emma liked to read stories of weird things like that, maybe it was all just a shared dream. There were weirder things that happened, her entire existence testified to THAT.


"She's not here!" Emma looked pleadingly at Rumple. He had been down here, He knew how this all worked. Maybe there were other places, maybe she was in paradise and Emma somehow got it wrong.

Rumple went to move into the phone booth, "Then we have to find someone that will shelter us, we can't be put here in broad daylight.

"Maybe the fact that she's not in the phone book indicates something is wrong," Belle whispered, "And why she called us for help."

Emma saw Rumple frown and quickly turn a page, "What is it?"


"Hey," Emma saw him turn another page and moved his hand to turn back to where he was. It was the J section, and Emma immediately knew what he was annoyed about, "Is Killian here?"

"He is. As is his brother."

"Well, he can shelter us."

"There are others," Rumple told her, "Granny perhaps."

"Yeah but we need to bring Killian in on this."


Emma hesitated. Mina had told her the name of her child's father in confidence and Emma didn't feel right divulging that to a man that hated him of all people, "He and Mina…..met."

Rumple narrowed his eyes, and then recognition dawned on his face, "Ah."


"Well then," Rumple glanced at the rest of them, "That baby did have some startling blue eyes, didn't she?"

"And who better to help us than a pirate who hates authority figures, right?" Emma asked, "If Mina was safe, like you said, she'd be in the book, she'd have an assigned address like you told me she would. But she doesn't and you said she wouldn't be allowed the pit or paradise just yet. So where is she? Belle was right, this doesn't make sense. We have to find her."

"Messing with the gods is an assured way to get turned into a tree," Rumple whispered back, "Or a creature. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Emma had promised Henry that she'd be back that day. She looked to her father, he was tired, he was still weak from what Dracula put him through.

"You all have to go back," Emma told them.

"Absolutely not," Charming said.

"You have to, I promised that we'd be back by the end of the day. If there's work here that I have to do, I can't keep that promise. We can't have everyone else be here as well."

"And leave you in a world you don't know where gods are as flawed as the rest of us?" Neal shook his head, "I'm not leaving you."

"I'm your father, I'm not leaving you either."

"Dearie there's nothing waiting for me back there, you knew that when you brought me along as a guide."

"And I'm not leaving Rumple," Belle said, "You might need me."

Emma swallowed, "Well someone has to go back."

"Snow…. knows we might not make it back in a night."

Emma looked, "What?"

"It was a precaution, I told her it might take longer," Charming looked over at Rumple

Emma glanced between both of them and looked to Rumple, "You knew?"

"I knew us returning by nightfall might not be a possibility, but really we must discuss this as we get off the street."

"I promised Henry!"

"And you're more than welcome to go back and fulfill that promise, but as you said, there's work to be done here…. if there's even anything we can do. I didn't know that her name wouldn't be listed but I also have a general idea of how big this world really is. It's purgatory, dearie, it holds the undecided souls of every world spread out according to which world and which time period they belong to. Mina could be anywhere and that's even when her name is listed."

"But it's not and now our job is harder," Neal muttered. He bit the inside of his cheek, "If we haven't found her by nightfall, I'll be the one to go, but then I'm coming back."

Emma sighed and nodded, "Okay."

"Okay," Rumple looked at the address and moved out of the booth, "IT's a long walk."

"Guess we should do something about that."

Rumple waved his hands and enveloped them in purple smoke.

They found themselves standing outside a version of Rumple's Storybrooke house, repainted from its pinkish salmon color to a cheerful yellow.

From the narrowed look on Rumple's face, he could see the same thing she was.

"Let's hope he didn't shed on the carpet then," Rumple went to knock on the door.

No one answered, Rumple decided this house was his above world anyway and opened it with a wave of his hand.

"We'll wait for him in here."


James could not find his deputies ANYWHERE much to his great annoyance. They didn't believe in cell phones or any other methods of communication and they always seemed to disappear right when the gods gave him a job to do.

So he cut his losses after searching all morning and went straight to the mayor's office.

HE didn't like Cora, he didn't like most people that were put head of him. She wasn't even a real queen, he heard she was a miller's daughter and yet she was put in charge of running this second of town

"Your daughter's new family has entered the Undersold."

Mayor Cora Mills turned in her chair and regarded James with, what was for once, an interested look, "Indeed."


"Is she here?"

"No, and neither is Snow White."

"Indeed," he heard the visible disappointment in her voice at all of that news

"But Snow's husband is," he told her

Cora raised an eyebrow, "Then find him."

"Hades gave his orders, he wants them sent back to where they came from."

Cora stood, "Yes, but he didn't say immediately, did he?"

"it was certainly implied."

"Find them, I'll talk to Hades."

"Not sure you want to do that."

The mayor ignored him, like she always did (everyone seemed to), and left the office.


Being in the house had been surreal when they all sat inside waiting for someone to come home, it was Rumple's house but it was cozier than they all expected. Not that his WASN" T but it was a bachelor pad and storage area for 28 years, Belle had more than enough work on her hands trying to turn it into a home.

While everyone sat downstairs waiting on pins and needles, Emma ventured upstairs to have a look around. The layout was very much the same as the house above world, Emma went to the first bedroom which was very obviously Hook's. The room looked a lot like his quarters for the jolly roger, he had a drawing of Milah posted on the wall, there was rum bottles, an unmade bed and extra hooks scattered on the desk. Emma went inside for a moment to see he also had a gun holster sitting on the bed with a deputy badge next to it.

With more questions than answers, she ventured into the next room, this one was more organized. Emma guessed it was the brother's room, she remembered Killian saying that he'd been a captain of the navy.

She also noticed there were two dressers in the room and two closets. Further investigation showed that there was no women's belongings in the room, only men's clothes. Both with different sizes.

She closed the door behind her and went to explore two more guest rooms before finding a more feminine room, this one had walls that were painted with more scenic views.

This was Milah's room. It had to be. Neal mentioned that she was an artist and this was the only thing that made sense.

Well if Milah was here, why were she and Killian sleeping in separate rooms?

She heard the closing of a car door.

Milah lived here, so did two men that didn't know who they were. Emma put down one of the papers she'd picked up and raced for the stairs. She heard the door open and startled yelling. She heard Killian's voice as she hit the landing and stopped when she saw him.

She didn't deny that there was…something there. She cared for Killian, and she felt he cared for her as well. He put his revenge on hold for her and while he died before she could sort out her feelings and he was now the father of her best friend's baby, she knew nothing could come of it.

"Emma?" Killian asked and took her in.

"It's okay," Emma told him and slowly came down the stairs, "We're not dead."

Before she could continue, he reached out to take her hand, just to make sure she was there, "If you're not dead then why are you here? Have you come to get us out of here?"

"Killian?" Emma looked up to see the clean-cut man that was standing in the doorway holding bags of groceries, "Who are these people?"

The dark headed woman's eyes met Rumple and she narrowed her gaze. Emma saw a brief flicker of doubt cross Rumple's face before he covered it up and gave a jovial wave, "Milah."


"I didn't know you were living here."

"Yeah well I ended up assigned here after Killian died."

"Did you, indeed?" he smirked wider.

"I don't know what you're smug about," she hissed, "When you die again, they say you'll end up here too."

Rumple's smirk fell, "Truly this is the worst place imaginable."

"Who are these people, brother?" Liam asked again.

"This is…the is Emma Swan."

"The woman you love?"

"Loved," Killian corrected before anyone else could, "I made myself forget my love of her so I could get my selfishness back and use my love for myself to cast the dark curse."

"I'm still note entirely sure how all that worked."

"This is the famous Crocodile and the woman he loves; Belle."

"Miah's killer?" Liam noted.

"Yeah, it's awkward now that we're all in the same room together," Rumple said.

"Rumple," Belle warned.

"She's his wife now," Emma said awkwardly.

"Congratulations. This is Emma's father and….," Killian's eyes fell on Neal, a lot of emotion passed through his eyes before he bit his lip and cleared his throat, 'Milah, this is your son."

Milah stopped and looked at him, "Bae?"

Emma went to take Neal's hand. He was completely rigid, he wasn't moving at all, or indicating that he felt her take his hand.

Milah stepped forward and he took a step back, "I can't do this."


"I'm not doing this, I can't, not now," Neal turned around and went to leave the house through the back.

Everyone looked at each other awkwardly, the full weight of what they all knew about each other fully settled on them.

"I have to go after him," Emma started to follow.

"Why are you here?" Liam asked.

Emma turned and looked at Killian, "We're here because Mina died."

Killian looked up, "Mina's dead?"

"Yeah, Dracula came back."

Emma didn't know how much that would mean to him but considering the horrified look in his eyes, he had to know at least SOME of the history between Mina and that monster.

"But why are you here for us?" Liam asked, "We don't know where she is….whoever she is."

"Because I thought you'd want to help," Emma told Killian, her eyes still on him, "It's important that we talk later, alone."

"No, you say what you have to say now," he told her, "Of course I'll help you find her but there's something you're not telling me. I can read you, Emma. I always was able to when there was something wrong."

Emma looked down, "It's better we do it alone."

"You can say it in front of them."

Emma didn't want to really break her word to Mina that she wouldn't tell. But Rumple had figured it out, and everyone had by proxy of being in the same room with them. Plus, Mina would want him to know, he was Lizzie's father.

"I thought you'd want to help because she gave birth to your baby a few months ago."

Killian's eyes grew, he stumbled and went to sit down, "I'm a…I'm a father."

"I told you you should've asked while we were alone," Emma saw Neal went to sit on a chair in the backyard, "Excuse me."

Killian took a moment and he gave a bright smile, "She had my baby? She actually wanted it?"

"It's a girl," Belle pulled out her cell phone, "Her name is Elizabeth."

She showed him one of the photos she had taken. Killian studied it and his smile grew, "She has my eyes! Liam, look! She has my eyes!"

"I can see that, Killian," Liam said, his posture was a bit more relaxed now but he still stood between Milah and the rest of them. Milah was surprisingly quiet, but what cold one say when the son they abandoned came down to their underworld house all grown up with the dad that murdered her, his new wife, and her son's girlfriend that her lover had professed to loving and erasing his love for?

"Wait," Killian looked up, "We're dead. Me and Mina are dead. He's alone."

"She's not alone."

"then who has her?"

"We're still in the process of fighting that out."

"But it's not us," Kilian looked back down at the phone, "she's going to think we abandoned her."

Rumple thought it was wise to refrain from saying this wouldn't be the first kid they all hurt and abandoned. The grief in Killian Jones's eyes almost reminded him of what he saw in the mirror after he let Bae go

A tear threatened to spill down Killian's face but he closed his eyes tightly and forced it back, "Mina's not in the ledger?"


"that's impossible, we're all in there."

"She's not there, we looked."

"Even under the name Stoker? In case there was a mistake"

"And her father's original name," Rumple told him.

"That doesn't mean anything good."

"Obviously," Rumple looked at all of them, "We need help to find out who has her."

"It's going to be someone high up," Killian took a drink of some rum from a flask he pulled out, "Perhaps a monster she killed."

"Is that drinking really necessary NOW?" Liam asked.

"I just found out I am a father to a baby I will never get to hold and the mother of that baby pissed someone high up, so please cut me some slack," Killian sniped and took another swig, "We have rooms, we'll get them ready for you."

"I'll get dinner ready, I suppose," Liam muttered.

Milah waited till everyone was busy before she snuck over to the backdoor and looked out at her son.

"Don't worry, dearie," Rumple told her almost gently, "He's slowly coming to forgive me. He'll forgive you too."

Rumple didn't want to fight, he didn't want to snipe. When his rage cleared and he realized what he did to her, he had a very hard time moving past the fact he murdered his wife. They had both done wrong to their son, they had both hurt him in unforgivable ways.

"He's so….grown," Milah whispered and looked down at the photo Rumple put in her hand, "What's this?"

"It's his son, his name is Henry," Rumple told her.

"Why are you being pleasant?" Milah asked suspiciously

"Because you and I both have to live under this roof to try and figure out everything that's going on. As you can see, a lot of issues are putting everyone on a short fuse, I don't want it to be us that causes the explosion. Not when we have too many loved ones here to witness it."

"I still hate you."

"And I hate you too," Rumple told her without any malice, "But there's no reason why we can't be civil about it."


There were crickets as the sun went down, it threw Neal for a second because he didn't think there'd be crickets in the underworld, it just wasn't something he'd thought about.

Emma came outside and sat with him, she didn't push him one way or another, she just sat there quietly beside him

"It must be a lot of déjà vu for you," he finally said and looked at her, "A father finding out about his long-lost kid, a grown kid meeting their parent for the first time in years."

"It's a lot to process," Emma told him, "Especially with the stuff over your mom."

"The point is that she left," Neal looked at her, "She made us think she was dead. We mourned her. I had nightmares for years before the portal happened because I thought the pirates might come back to finish us off. I dreamed that she came back and then we were a family…but it wasn't true, was it? She left us and never looked back."

"This is more anger than what you showed with your dad."

"I guess you don't remember New York that well."

"Don't take this out on me."

He stopped, "Sorry."

"I know. I know it's a lot."

"I mean, of course she'd be here," he muttered, "Her business would be unfinished. Getting murdered by your husband usually guarantees that."

"We can always go somewhere else to sleep," Emma told him, "We can find Granny's and see if she has a room."

"I don't want to ruin her reuniting with Red," Neal looked back at the house, "And we probably shouldn't separate."

"Okay," Emma held his hand."

"But I'm in no hurry to go back in there."

"I know," Emma watched him, "Are you going back to Storybrooke?"

"I realized that I'm not entirely sure how to go back. We were low on Greek coins and I only had enough to pay the fare back."

Emma cursed, "Well maybe Rumple brought some more since he clearly thought we might be here longer."

"Probably," Neal thought about it and then took her hand "OR we could use the mirror."

Emma had forgotten about the mirror that Regina had enchanted just in case something went wrong. She'd been too focused on everything else that went wrong tonight. She took a look back towards the house, "It's not so late yet. They're not expecting us until tomorrow anyway, right?"

"Right," Neal said hesitantly.

Emma went to rest her head on his lap, "I'm here for you though, I know this is hard, I know your emotions are going to be all over the place, but I'm here for you."

He bent down and kissed her hair, "I love you."

Emma thought it'd be harder to say it, especially after the day they had but the words were out of her mouth before she could think about it and what it meant, "I love our too"

She could say it was pity, he had a rough half hour or so, he needed assurances that he was loved and he was important after seeing the mother and pirate that could've been parental figures abandon him

But she knew it wasn't.

A lot more changed in those two weeks than she expected.

"What do we do?" Emma asked

"I don't know."


"It's weird," Rumple told his wife as they settled down in the bedroom for the afternoon. Killian had talked about giving them the foldout couch and giving Rumple the end with the springs out but since Belle was there (and since that would mean he'd have to see his adversary every time he came downstairs, they shut them in the smallest room, "You don't have to be nice about it, I know it's weird."

"It's weird," Belle helped put the bed down, "But honestly how could we be surprised when our entire lives are weird."

"I didn't think she'd be down here."

"I don't think anyone expected it," Belle went to look out to the backyard, "DO you think he's okay?"

"I think he needs time," Rumple took off his tie and jacket, "But what about you? Are you okay?"

Belle was trying to figure out what she was thinking but her mind was so muddled with all the emotions that she needed time to sort it all out, "I'm okay. Just have to figure it out, you know?"

"I know."

"Are you okay?"

Rumple wouldn't look at her. He regretted what he did, immensely. He could never atone for murdering her in a fit of rage, and he couldn't say anything because that might be weakness. That might backfire, "I need a nap. I haven't slept since Emma work me up to bring us down here."

"A couple of hours should do the trick," Belle agreed, exhausted as well.

Rumple shed his pants and shirt and waved his hand to block the door from certain pirates and ex-wives.

Just in case.


He wouldn't want to see her, she knew that she had hurt him too much for that to happen but she still sometimes came out to the hall for the off chance that she might see him coming up.

She had bungled it all those centuries ago, she had been selfish and she hurt her own son. She struggled with it for years, even on the ship she had cried herself to sleep early on because of what she'd done.

But how could she go back when they thought she was dead? How did she look them in the eye to tell them she had left and her son wasn't good enough for staying?

She couldn't. Killian had ruined that when he toyed with Rumple like he did. Milah hadn't told him to, she didn't even fully understand why he had. It had to be a male domination thing, she'd seen enough of that in her childhood with her brothers and father to chalk it up to that.

She found Killian's door open and she came to stand in the frame and watch him continually light up the screen to stare at his baby daughter, "do you want to talk about it?"

They didn't talk about things anymore, it was easier that way, "No."

He closed his eyes and ran a finger down the screen, "Me either."

Milah walked in, "Let me see."

He surrendered the phone, but his posture let her know this was a temporary surrender. She studied the little girl's face and big blue eyes before giving it back, "She's beautiful."

"She's perfect," he memorized err face, "Maybe it's better that I'm not there. I'd break her heart, I'd hurt her. It's what I do. It's better that I'm not there, right?"

"Is that what you really think?"

He looked back at the picture, "Yeah. But I still would've been in her life if I'd known."

Milah came forward and kissed the top of his hair, "Get some rest, Killian. We have a lot to figure out."

He looked up, looking more like a lost child than the man she'd run off with, "Don't leave."

And she wanted to stay, she wanted to pick things up where they'd left it all those centuries ago. But she couldn't, even staying here to talk was too much temptation and she knew he didn't want to talk. He found out he had a daughter, he'd want to feel something.

"I can't," she told him.

She left him staring back at the phone and shut the door slightly behind her.


Liam was sitting on the porch drinking a beer when he saw the car pull up. He looked down at the beer but it was too late to toss it away, and his partner would smell it on his breath anyway

The Huntsman came up the drive, Liam took him in. He wore the same brown jacket he had above world, still wore the vest and the ties. Fashion hadn't changed much since their time period, "Sheriff was looking for you."

"What about?"

"Probably the visitors we have in the house."

The Huntsman raised an eyebrow, "This is worth drinking for."

"They're living. And you know them very well."

The Huntsman took the chair beside him and took his own beer, "Wait, because I know I'm not going to get the chance to say hi before you ruin my whole day."

He turned to give Liam, his boyfriend for the past year and a half, a kiss.

"Emma Swan has come down. She's awake now. The curse was broken."

The Huntsman took a few moments to process that and then stood up to rush inside.

"And there he goes," Liam muttered and took another swig.


"She could have found peace," Neal told Emma as they sat hand in hand, "I was thinking that…maybe she's at peace but someone else was able to invade our dreams but get us down here."


"Maybe they want revenge for being killed? Maybe they wanted all of us gone for Storybrooke to be emptied? I don't know but maybe she's just not here."

"It's a sick joke," Emma told him.

"It is," he agreed, "But we can't spend weeks looking for someone that is in a better place."

Emma thought about it and nodded, "Let's give it a few days, let's check in with Henry and update him when we go back inside."

"If she's not at rest, I'm sure some of us will end up back here eventually. We can look for her then."

"That doesn't make me feel better."

"I think it just inspired you to stay longer," he teased, trying to lighten the mood. He kissed the top of her hair.

They heard the back door fly open and looked behind them with a start.

Emma felt herself stand as she saw the man that died in her arms, the man that she saw raped over and over again when she was in the maze of mirrors before Regina killed him, the man that she broke ties with Regina over.

"Graham," Emma whispered.

"EMMA!" there was a commotion in the back. Emma looked behind him and saw Red run out, "Emma! I've been looking all over for you."

"What's all the racket?" Hook asked coming down, "Oh hi, Red. You're here too?"

Red turned to Emma, "Emma, I think we killed a god."

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