Title: Corkscrews Author: Devonny Rose Summery: AU-fic....What if Harry's past had been different? What if hadn't been raised by the Dursleys? What if he hadn't had to bear the notability of being the Boy Who Lived? Would it affect his future? Of course! My book one. Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize from the Harry Potter Series. Parts of the plot and some characters are mine. A/N: I've been seeing a lot of "Harry in a different house" fic or "Harry not being raised by the Dursleys", so I've decided to write my own. I'm planning on it spanning all seven years, but not all will be the same plotlines as the books. And there will be off Canon characters, it's AU and I can do whatever I want with them. Sometimes the smallest difference can cause a catalyst. So...on with the story!!!


On November 1st, 1981, Petunia Dursley wasn't expecting there to be a baby on her front steps when she when to put out the milk bottles. And she definitely wasn't expecting it to belong to her sister. So she did what any respectable person in her position (at least, what she though was respectable) would do...she panicked.

"Vernon!!!", Petunia wailed down the entrance hall to her husband. "Vernon, make it go away!!!" Curiously, Vernon Dursley went to investigate his wife's shrieks. But upon reaching her and reading the letter left with the...bundle...on their doorstep, he turned a pale shade of green.

"Oh-oh m-m-y", he stuttered.

"Get rid of it. It'll contaminate my Dudlers." As if on cue, Dudley Dursley started crying from upstairs. "Oh mummy's coming", she called. "Just get rid of the thing." And she went to her blubbering son.

Vernon scooped up his nephew and carried him over to the car before getting in himself. "What am I going to do with you.", he sighed. They drove in silence for awhile, only broken by the occasional sniffling from the child in the passenger seat. The stressed adult drove through Surrey, searching for a likely place to leave him. 'The hospital? A church? Would either even take one of his...kind?' Suddenly, the answer came to him. Mr. Dursley parked his car outside Oakwood's Children Home and picked up the baby. He walked inside and, without preamble, dumped the child on the receptionists's desk and walked out.

The slightly ruffled Janet Weston looked from the child to the door and sighed. She bent over to pick Harry up. "Oh, why would anyone want to get rid of you?" She smiled at the green-eyed boy in her arms. "What's this?" A small flash of gold caught her attention. Digging through the blankets, Janet found a small locket around the child's neck. It was beautiful with a lily carved upon it. Opening it, there was a picture of the new orphan along with what was obviously his parents. On the other side were the words

James and Lily and Harry Potter

"Well, I guess that makes you, Harry Potter." Harry gurgled in response. "Lets get you settled then." And they made there way to the nursery.