The Queen of Games

Waking the Dragons

Chapter 40: Dartz's Endgame- Part VI

Previously on The Queen of Games, things were looking really grim for Yami and Daisuke as they tried to survive Orichalcos Shunaros. It was also at this point that Dartz tried to persuade Yami and Daisuke into surrendering, but Daisuke refused to give up. And it was thanks to her Cup of Ace magic card, she was able to draw Legend of Heart, the card Pegasus made for her. The card was able to unlock the true secret of the legendary dragons, bringing forth the Knights of Atlantis. Thanks to their combined efforts, Yami and Daisuke were able to destroy Shunaros along with Dexia and Aristeros. But it wasn't over as Dartz brought forth his Divine Serpent, a creature with infinite attack power. It wasn't long before Dartz managed to get Yami to 0, but not before his Relay Soul trap card saved him, allowing him to summon his faithful monster, Dark Magician. Now with Daisuke still having her life points and Yami and Dartz each having one monster on the field, this last chapter of the duel will determine who wins and who loses...big time.

"It's over" Dartz said as the blast got closer to Yami.

"I don't think so. Thanks to Timaeus, I can bring back one monster from the graveyard, and I choose Daisuke's Obnoxious Celtic Guardian" Yami said.

"But she never played that card" Dartz objected.

"True, but remember when I played Graceful Charity, one of the cards I discarded was my Obnoxious Celtic Guardian. So now, Timaeus can absorb its power to block all attacks from monsters with 1900 or more attack points" Daisuke said as Timaeus got in front of Dark Magician and blocked the attack.

"You dodged one blast and you're king of the world? You're nothing" Dartz said.

"You of all people should know, attack points don't mean everything. And my next move is going to prove it" Daisuke said as she looked at her deck. "Come on, deck. Give me something good" Daisuke thought as she drew a card and she smiled at what she drew. "It's time. Critias, attack his Divine Serpent!" Daisuke commanded as Critias charged at the snake and struck it at the top of its head.

"Your monster is too weak" Dartz said.

"Don't be so sure. Hermos, it's your turn to attack!" Yami commanded as Hermos charged at the snake and struck it at the top of its head as well.

"It's not working. You failed" Dartz said.

"I wouldn't count on it. Thanks to Critias, I can bring one trap card back from the graveyard and I choose Attack Guidance Barrier. Now, I can send the attack to any monster I choose, and I pick Legendary Knight Hermos" Daisuke said as Critias' sword glowed, and the attack went towards Hermos.

"Now I activate Hermos' special ability, allowing me to sacrifice all three of my magnet warriors to triple his attack and send it anywhere I choose, and I pick Legendary Knight Critias" Yami said as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma appeared and vanished, and Hermos' sword glowed and went towards Critias' sword and the weapon took the attack and sent it to Hermos and the attack continued.

"The attack is stuck in a loop" Dartz realized.

"You got that right, but I'm not finished. I play Card of Demise. In case you're wondering, Card of Demise was one of the cards I brought back thanks to Jar of Avarice. Now I can draw 5 cards, as long as I discard my hand after 5 turns. But I have a feeling it won't come down to it" Daisuke said as she drew 5 cards. "Now I play Call of the Ancient Dragon. All I have to is discard my Blue Eyes White Dragon and I bring back Imperialdramon Dragon Mode" Daisuke as a dragon shaped horn appeared followed by the legendary dragon who turned into an orb of light that went into the horn and the horn launched the orb and a flash of light appeared and died down and Imperialdramon appeared with a roar. (Attk: 3500)

"Next, I play Armor Gravitation. This magic card allows me to create a suit of armor from the closet monster I have, and I choose Imperialdramon" Daisuke said as Imperialdramon glowed and soon a suit of armor appeared and attached itself to Daisuke. "And that's not all, I sacrifice Kaiser Sea Horse and Guardian Eatos to summon my Egyptian God Card" Daisuke said as her 2 monsters vanished, and a golden orb appeared.

"Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. Envelope the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe, unlock the secrets from within, so that together we may win. Appear in this shadow game as I call your name, Winged Dragon of Ra!" Daisuke said as the orb unlocked itself and the Egyptian God monster appeared with a roar. "As you know Ra's attack points are determined by the number of monsters I sacrifice" Daisuke added.

(Winged Dragon of Ra: 0-7900)

"It can't be, but your monster is still weaker than my serpent." Dartz said in shock.

"True, but I still have one more move left to play. And now I fuse Asta with Ra and my suit to create a new weapon" Daisuke as Asta and Ra vanished, and Daisuke was bathed in an incredible glow, and once it died down, Daisuke was wearing a suit of armor similar to the Winged Dragon of Ra and was carrying a long broadsword. "I am now known as the Egyptian Knight of Miraculous Destiny" Daisuke said. (Attk: 4500/Def: 3850)

"And I'll take a page from Daisuke's book and combine Timaeus along with Critias and Hermos" Yami said as Critias and Hermos fused with Timaeus and soon a figure appeared and grew. "Your Divine Serpent's power maybe infinite, but that's still not enough. For now, there's a force beyond infinity. My Knight of Destiny" Yami announced as a huge, golden knight appeared. (?/?)

"And my suit comes with a new ability, it can attack any monster on the field I choose, regardless of its attack power. And since there's only one monster on the field" Daisuke said as she raised her sword, and it began to glow with power. "It's time to skin that snake" Daisuke said as she charged at the snake.

"Go, Knight of Destiny, attack his Divine Serpent with Sword of Justice!" Yami commanded as his knight charged after Daisuke and together, the two slashed at the snake, effectively opening a rift. Soon, Dartz's monster burst into flames.

"Your 10,000-year quest is over" Daisuke said.

"I will not give in so easily" Dartz said as a portal opened, and the Great Leviathan appeared and snatched up Dartz before vanishing.

Just then two orbs came from the rift. "Chosen duelists, we have set you free. Return to the land of living" The four knights chanted as one orb went to Yami, while the other went to Kaiba. The two orbs enter their respective bodies and soon, Kaiba woke up.

"What happened?" Kaiba asked as he looked to see his little brother still out. "Mokuba, wake up" Kaiba said as Mokuba woke up.

"Seto, you're back" Mokuba said as he hugged his older brother.

"Did anyone get the attack points of that duel monster?" Joey asked as he woke up.

"Nope. Hey look, isn't that?" Tristan asked as he looked at a familiar sight.

"Is it? It's Yugi" Tea said as she saw that Yugi was back.

"I don't believe it" Jun said.

"Glad to have you back, Yugi" Daisuke said.

"It's good to be back" Yugi said as the 2 hugged each other.

"It's nice to see the gang back together" Matt said.

"Not everyone was lucky. They're still trapped on the other side" Yugi said as he looked to towards the portal Dartz disappeared to.

Just then, Roland came in. "Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Kaiba, you need to come outside and see this" Roland said as everyone went outside.


"What is that?" Tristan asked as the gang watched something rising from the water.

"Is that?" Tai asked.

"It's Atlantis" Yugi said as more of the ancient city rose from the ocean.

"No doubt, Dartz is there" Joey said.

"Mr. Kaiba, a tsunami has been detected heading for the entire eastern seaboard, it's set to hit in one hour. New York is said to be among those impacted" Roland said.

"Oh no, Mimi's parents are there" Kari said.

"Alright, I'm not standing around any longer. It's time to find Dartz and put an end to this" Kaiba said.

"I'm going with you, Kaiba" Daisuke said as she followed him.

"So are we" Yugi said as he and Joey followed.

"Us too" Tai said as he, Matt, TK, Kari, Yolei, Ken, and Cody went with them.

In the room where the duel took place

"Hey guys, you'll need these" Daisuke said as she handed Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba their legendary dragons.

"Hey look" Veemon said as he saw three snake pillars contained five familiar cards.

"It's Obelisk, Slifer and the Guardians" Cody said.

"It looks like they're faded" TK said.

"Dartz must have drained their power. Hopefully, once we beat him, they'll go back to normal" Daisuke said as she picked up the cards.

"Guys, wasn't this room filled with people not too long ago?" Joey asked as everyone looked around to see the images of people Dartz collected were gone.

"Where did they go?" Kari asked.

"Dartz must have taken their souls for the Great Leviathan" Yugi said.

"So, where's Dartz?" Kaiba asked.

"I'm right here, Mr. Kaiba. With the Great Beast. Come on in. The party's just about to begin" Dartz said as his image appeared, and a portal opened.

"You know we could be walking into a trap" Matt said.

"I know, but if we're going to rescue everyone from Dartz's grip, we have to go in" Daisuke said as she went into the portal.

"Here goes nothing" Joey said as he, Yugi, Kaiba and the others followed into the portal.

The End

The duel with Dartz is over, but now the gang has to take care of one more problem. Part 1 of the two-part conclusion of Waking the Dragons is coming up.

A/N: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or Digimon. Just Asta and her knight form. Enjoy.