How did this even happen? Where was Tikki? Whose bag was this? Why did it stink of Camembert? And finally- Why in the world was there a tiny black cat staring at her?!

Plagg stared up at Marinette, and silently cursed at his chosen for making the mistake of grabbing the wrong bag. When he got back to Adrien, he was going to shove a wheel of Camembert down his throat!... Nah, he'd just use soap. No need to go wasting his precious Camembert on a half wit like Adrien, am I right?

Marinette picked Plagg up into her hands, and looked him all over. He had the same size and body shape as Tikki, was black with green eyes, and was a cat… Chat Noir. Marinette sighed.

"Let me guess, you must be Chat Noir's Kwami, am I right?"

He should have just said yes. He should have told her how to get back to Chat Noir. He should have told her that Adrien probably had Tikki. But that's the thing… those are what he should have done. Instead- he did this…


Marinette blinked a few times in surprise before looking the utmost confused.

"What? 'Meow'? Are you- not, his kwami?"


Plagg closed his eyes and purred into Marinettes hand, hoping his plan would work, and that Marinette was just as dense as his own chosen. Lucky for him; she was. Marinette pet him gently on the head affectionately.

"Aww~ You're just a baby kitty! I could have sworn though… Oh well! I'm sure I just probably forgot Tikki at home. I woke up late this morning, so she probably was still asleep when I left."

Marinette picked up her(Adrien's) gym bag, and set Plagg down into her purse. She handed him a Cheese Danish.

"I think you can eat this. The bag did smell an awful lot like Camembert, so I suppose you've tried cheese, yes? This was for Tikki, but since she's back at home, you can have it."

Plagg took the Cheese Danish, and nibbled the edge, before cooing like he had fallen into eternal bliss. It wasn't Camembert, but it was also nothing short of delicious. Marinette closed her purse, and walked home, but Plagg barely noticed the situation. All he knew was that he was safe with this girl, Tikki was safe with adrien, and he needed to finish the Danish quickly, so that marinette understood to give him more. Adrien had Tikki, which meant that there was nothing to worry about. Chances were, that Tikki would tell Adrien who ladybug was, and they would swap kwamis before diner tomorrow.

Well, Plagg was right. Tikki did tell adrien who Ladybug was, and his reaction was nothing short of hilarious. Adrien sat on his bed cross legged, staring down at Tikki like she had grown another head.



"Like - sits behind me in class Marinette?"


"You mean - the girl I set up on a date with my best friend, Marinette?"


"Ladybug's - the one whose hated my guts ever since we met, Marinette?"

"Ye- Wait, what?"

Adrien groaned and fell back,"No wonder she doesn't like me as Chat Noir; because she already hates me as a civilian!"

Tikki just stared at Adrien for a minute, in complete and utter shock. Was he THAT dense?! Answer: Yes.

Tikki floated up above Adrien's face, and gave him a look of pity. "Oh you poor little cinnamon roll…"

Adrien stared at her confused,"What?"

Tikki smiled,"Do you seriously think, for one second, that Marinette actually hates you?"

"Umm… yeah? I mean- she's always so nervous around me, and she's constantly trying to get away whenever I'm around."

Tikki tried to be nice, but she couldn't help but burst into laughter at this.

"Are you kidding? She's constantly trying to be near you! Heck - all the girls in your class had almost akumatized your Gorilla guard that one time because they were trying so hard to get you guys to spend time together!"

Adrien jolted up, looking at Tikki with wide eyes. "B-b-but, she's always stuttering and getting nervous whenever I'm around. She doesn't act like that around me as Chat Noir!"

"Yeah, because she's to busy crushing on you as Adrien Agreste~"

Adrien looked down thoughtfully,"Oh…"

A few seconds of silence passed, before Adriens mind finally registered what Marinette had just said. He looked to her in utter shock, with his face as red as her.


The next day came fairly quickly, as Adrien entered the school, preparing for whatever reaction his lady may have. What he didn't expect, was what was going to go down when he saw her. Him and Tikki both knew at least something wouldn't go according to plan, but they were not prepared for this…

As they entered the classroom, Adrien noticed all the girls in class, even Chloe and Sabrina, were all surrounding Marinettes desk. He sighed and took his seat. Looked like his princess was going to be busy for now, so he would just have to wait until the girls left. He looked to Nino, and was surprised to see him sitting there with a deep frown, listening to his music on a high volume. Adrien tapped his shoulder, causing the DJ to pause his music and turn to him.

"What's wrong? You look like a Cat the lost a fat Canary."

Nino shuddered,"Please, don't mention cats to me for the rest of the day, the girls are already making it hard for me…"

"What do you mean?"

Nino pointed back to Marinette,"Listen for yourself. The girls won't freakin shut up about him."

Adrien and Tikki looked past all the girls towards Marinette, and they could not believe what they saw. Plagg was rolling around on his back, on top of Marinettes desk. He opened his eyes, so that they met with Adriens and Tikki's. He smiled almost evilly and winked at them.


'...Oh you have GOT to be kidding me…' Tikki and Adrien both thought.

Plagg sat up and walked over to Marinette, on four paws, and nuzzled against her, giving off a light purr. She squealed and picked him up, pulling him up to her face.

"Oh Plagg! You are just the most adorable kitten in the entire world!"

'Ouch,' thought Adrien.

Marinette gave him a light peck on his cheek, and Tikki could practically see the anger and jealousy rolling off of Adrien as he glared at his true kwami, who in response looked his chosen straight in the eye, and rubbed his kissed cheek teasingly. Plagg purred louder, making sure his chosen and other half could hear him. He nuzzled against Marinettes cheek, before crawling onto her shoulder, and curling himself into her hair. That's when Adrien and Tikki both noticed that Marinettes hair was down instead of in their signature pigtails. Adrien also noticed that Marinette was acting as if she didn't know Plagg was a kwami, and yet she knew his name. As if to answer his thoughts, rose asked Marinette why she called Plagg by that name. Marinette pet Plagg's head affectionately.

"Well, when I got home, I was looking around for, err… 'something'(Tikki). I looked back at him to make sure he was alright, to see that he was playing with my computer's keyboard. I was about to pick him up to pull him away from it, but he had accidently typed in a few letters. P, L, A, G, and G. Plagg! I mainly went with it because he responds to it really well."

Everyone knew that Ladybug was a terrible liar because she hated lies, so Adrien knew Marinette was telling the truth, which could only mean one thing… She honest to God believed Plagg was an actual Kitten…


Come lunch time, and Adrien couldn't seem to catch a break. When the girls had stopped surrounding Marinettes table, the teacher had come in and told everyone to pay attention to her. When Tikki had tried to sneak into Marinettes bag to kick Plagg out, she complained that Plagg had for some reason put a barrier around the purse, so that Tikki couldn't get in. Whenever it was a passing period between classes - well, there was several things wrong with that. Either Marinette was to busy talking to Mme. Bustier with her student Council work, or she was busy with the other girls whom fawned over Plagg. When Adrien finally got Marinette alone, he was about to quickly tell her before he got interrupted, but Plagg put a stop to that. Plagg mewled angrily, causing Marinette to pick him up, out of her purse. She cuddled him in her hands and smiled cheerfully ar Adrien.

"Oh! Umm, s-sorry! I just uh, well… He snuck into my bag this morning and when I was about to take him home he gave me the cutest little kitten eyes and I couldn't stand the idea of leaving him home alone so I let him stay. Isn't he cute though? I mean, the guys don't seem to like him s-so you might not agree, b-but I just, I mean, ugh I'm rambling again hahaha!"

Adrien looked down to Plagg, and glared at the little devil. Plagg gave him a look of pure innocence, but Adrien wasn't gonna buy it for a second. That glutton knew what he was doing, therefore he was as guilty as a newborn baby was innocent. Adrien put on a fake smile and reached out to pet(smack) the kwami.

"Yeah, 'cute'."

Once his hand was less than an inch away, Plagg smirked, and bit Adriens finger. His eyes widened in shock. It hurt a bit, but he had felt worse. Marinette gasped and removed Plagg from Adrien, and scolded him in a baby like voice.

"No no Plagg, no biting Adrien." She looked to said boy,"I-i'm sorry about him, h-he hasn't acted like this before?"

Adrien gave a stained smile at the black ball of mischief,"It's fine, cat's don't really like me is all. So, what did you say you called him?"

"Oh! Well, I-i've been t-told it's a b-bit weird, but I really liked it so umm… Name Plagg is his, I mean-! Is his Plagg name - No! I mean, his name is Plague! I-i mean Plagg! His name is Plagg!"

Adrien smiled at Marinettes stuttering and rambling, knowing that only he could make her act like that. He felt Tikki nudge his side, and he remembered his goal. He looked Marinette carefully in the eye and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Marinette, I need to tell you something really important, and you have to promise me you won't freak out."

Marinette turned as red as her superhero suit,"O-okay."

"Plagg is-"


The 2 froze and looked a few feet over onto the ground, to see Plagg laying there, with a rock on his tail. Adrien and Tikki glared down at the tiny god.


They both knew all too well that Plagg was fine, could lift the rock with ease, and had put it on his own tail to get attention. Marinette however, had not caught onto this fact. She didn't want her moment with Adrien to end, butwith what was going on, she could care less if the guy and up and proposed to her. Her poor little kitten was stuck and hurt, and she was not going to let anything distract her. She pulled away from Adrien, and rushed to Plaggs aid. When she picked him up both Tikki and Adrien facepalmed at the sight of Plagg going limp in her hands, eyes closed, mouth wide open with his tongue hanging out for good measure. Marinette hugged him close and turned to Adrien with a tear in each eye.

"I'm so so sorry Adrien, but I need to get Plagg home right away, or else he may die!"


Adrien sighed,"Marinette, I don't think a rock on the end of his tail is going to kill him."

Marinette shoved Plagg into his face, as tears started pooling out like she was an anime character."Look at him! He obviously couldn't take the pain! What am I going to do, I-! I know, Cheese!"

...Oh you have got to be kidding me. Adrien looked down at Plagg, who was physically restraining himself from jumping with glee as Marinette had said one of his favorite words.

"Cheese! Specifically Camembert! I'll get him a whole plate of it, that otta make him feel better!"

Adrien was curious as to how she had come across that conclusion if she found him to be a normal kitten. But before he could say anything else, she turned and dashed home, not even stopping to say goodbye. Tikki flew out and leveled a glare Plaggs way.

"When I get my paws on that glutton he's gonna rue the last thousand years of his life!"

Adrien nodded in agreement before sighing,"Alright, let's follow her and see what other tricks Plaggs' got up his cheese(I couldn't help it)."

Adrien entered the bakery to be greeted by Sabine and Tom's warm hugs. He hugged them back and laughed lightly when Sabine scolded him for not coming by more often, and he promised he would whenever he had the opportunity(which was a lot, considering the school is right across the street). He made his way up to Marinette room, after grabbing him and Tikki a Choquette and a snickerdoodle, knocked on Marinettes trapdoor.

"If it's maman, I'm busy designing, if it's papa, then I'm changing."

Adrien snickered at how Marinette used 2 different excuses which he doubted either were true.

"It's Adrien. Can I come in?"

Silence came for a few seconds.

"Alya? Nino? Oh god, you better not be Chloe-"

"Like I said, Adrien."

A few more seconds of silence before Adrien heard Marinette running all around her room, which he guessed was just her cleaning it up(well, close enough). When she opened the door, she was flushed a strawberry pink.

"Adrien! H-hi1 What here are doing you?"

He chuckled, "What am I doing her? I have something of yours, and I wanted to return her - er, 'it'."

"Oh umm sure! C-c'mon in!"

Adrien stepped inside the room, and when his eyes landed on Plagg, he couldn't hide his scowl. Plagg was sitting on top of Marinettes pink chaise, on top of a red hand sewn cushion with Tikki's name stitched in cursive with black laced thread. Tikki tried not to zip out and strangle the cat for laying on her bed, but what they both found the most annoying was what he was doing on it. All around him were small piles of cheesey treats and camembert slices, while he played with a silver bell attached to the end of his tail by a green ribbon. He kept swatting at it like a real cat would and it annoyed the 2 of them to no end(what they didn't know yet was that he wasn't pretending. It was shiny, made noise, and was attached to his tail; of course he loved it). Plagg looked towards them before jumping up. His back arched, his ears fell flat, his pupils dilated(more so than they already were), and he hissed menacingly. Adrien's jaw dropped in shock.


Tikki was about to snap, but was stopped when Marinette did the impossible. She picked Plagg up, and scratched under his chin with her left hand, and behind his ears and on his back with her right, causing Plagg to freeze up, before his eyes rolled back and he fell onto his backside on the pillow, completely silent and peaceful. Adrien and Tikki didn't know how Marinette learned to do it, but she had somehow tamed Plagg, and made him behave. Adrien shook out of his stupor and sat down on the ground in front of Marinette.

"Mari? Please don't freak out about how I know, and please let me explain, but… Tikki?"

Tikki flew out and Marinette gasped"Tikki!"


~~~After the whole reveal thing, and talking things through and blah, blah, blah~~~

Marinette looked Adrienn up and down,"Wait, but where's your kwami?"

Adrien and Tikki sighed exasperatedly before leveling a glare on Plagg, who was sitting up on Marinettes lap. Marinette froze upon seeing where their glares landed, and she looked down to Plagg in shock.


Plagg looked up at her with big innocent Kitten eyes, making the girl sigh happily.

"Aww, alright I'll forgive you~"

Adrien and Tikki jumped up in shock,"WHAT?!"

"Oh come on, can you blame me?" she held Plagg up to their faces,"Look at this face! Could you really stay mad at him?"

They looked to Plagg, who only stuck out his tongue in response. They gave Mari a blank stare.