Plagg was having a field day pranking Adrien with Marinette. The best pranks to pull on his chosen, were the ones about Adrien having the perverted mind of a teenage boy(sorry guys, but it's true. Y'all nasty ;)). He was laying inside of Adriens bag, as said boy was waiting impatiently for his lady to finish changing. They were currently in their fifth store, and Marinette still wouldn't choose anything to Tikki's standard level of appropriate. In Adriens opinion, Tikki wasn't even being harsh about it. All the bathing suits and bikinis she said no to, all would have made Marinette look like a teenage stripper. Adrien really didn't want any other guys to be gawking at her, especially if he was already doing it himself. When Marinette came out, she was wearing(finally) a normal sized bikini that was pink with white polka dots, purr~fect for her. He and Tikki gave their consent, she got changed, Adrien payed for the bathing suit(much to Marinettes annoyance), and they headed out of the mall. Once back at the bakery, Marinettes mother gave them both a tight squeeze.

"There they are! Adrien, would you like to stay for dinner? We're having bœuf bourguignon, with some Bombe glacée for dessert."

Adrien's mouth started to water at the sound of it, and he agreed, saying he would just call his father to let him know. When he stepped outside to call his dad, Plagg had already started to dial it for him, handing his chosen the phone. Inside the bakery, Marinette was up in her room, looking down at the list of pranks her and Plagg planned to pull on Adrien. Tikki floated over and looked at the list confused.

"Marinette, what's that?"

Marinette giggled and showed her Kwami a list. "Oh, just a few things I'm planning to do for Adrien~"

Tikki read over the list and scowled at her chosen,"Marinette Dupain-Cheng! You should know better. You can't just go around pranking Adrien all day."

Marinette nodded solemnly,"I know, I know…"


She looked up and smiled cheekily at the ladybug,"Thats why Plagg is sharing the workload!"

Tikki face palmed,"Of course he is… I should have known that Plagg would try and corrupt you…"

But Marinette wasn't listening. She started to change into another outfit, and once Tikki caught glance at it, she groaned.

"Where did you even get that?"

Marinette hummed as she started to change,"It's not part of a prank, just to tease. I bought it when you guys weren't watching. Pretty cute, huh?"

"Marinette… You're going to kill that boy…"

"Thanks! All part of the plan~"

A few minutes later, Adrien's father had allowed for him to stay for dinner, and he was now sitting on the couch in the living room. Marinettes parents were just finishing up, down in the bakery. Plagg sat unusually quiet, munching on a cheese danish on Adriens knee. Suddenly, Tikki zipped down, and grabbed Plagg by the tail, throwing him into the wall as hard as possible. Adrien jumped up in shock as Plagg moaned lightly from the pain that had been inflicted upon his head. Tikki fumed in anger, a deeper shade of red.

"Plagg! I told you not to corrupt my chosens!"

Adrien watched in confusion, as Plagg floated over to Tikki, rubbing the bump on his head. He pat her shoulder comically, sporting a cheshire cat grin.

"And I never do! All of your previous chosens were a bunch of sticks in a swamp of mud. That's one of the reasons I like Marinette so much, she not only treats me well, but she has a mind for mischief. I didn't corrupt her, I just… Merely, showed her her inner mischief."

Tikki scowled, and Adrien glared Plagg down. He didn't know what Plagg was doing, but he knew that he most certainly wouldn't like it. He grabbed Plagg by his tail, and brought him to eye level.

"Plagg, I don't know what kind of trouble you're creating, but leave my Princess out of it."

Plagg stuck his tongue out and snickered,

"Sorry kid, but it seems you're no longer your Princess's favorite cat. She'd choose me over you any day, so only I can call her my Princess~"

Adrien turned red in anger, but Plagg stole his tail away just in time, before Adrien squeezed it off. He smiled deviously at Tikki.

"Oh, and sorry bugaboo, but if my memory serves my correct, I believe that I'm Marinettes favorite kwami now. Sorry not sorry!"

Tikki glared at him,"Plagg… Remember, we are Immortal, and I will use that to my advantage by torturing you forever. And when I say forever, I mean FOREVER."

Before Tikki and Adrien could finish, Plagg zipped towards Marinette, who was coming down the stairs.


Adrien stiffened, and Tikki heard him mumble something about murdering all Camembert. Plagg looked Marinettes outfit up and down, and gave a thumbs up.

"Wow, you dress more like Chat Noir then the cat himself! Wanna be my chosen instead?"

Tikki and Adrien glared towards the ball of destruction, and they yelled in unison.

"Very funny Plagg!"

Plagg snickered and floated himself onto Marinettes shoulder,"Can you really blame me? She gets me more, she doesn't smell like a guy, and she gives me all the cheesy sweets I like! Heaven~"

Adrien rolled his eyes,"Plagg, of course I'm gonna smell like a guy, I am a guy. You've had male chosens only, forever. And I give you Camembert all the time! You stole the fridge in my room, and filled it to the brink."

Plagg shrugged,"Yeah, I love Camembert, and that'll never change. But I still appreciate a good cheese danish, and cheese cake every now and then."

Adrien rolls his eyes, but they stop once they land on Marinettes outfit. It was a Chat Noir themed pajama dress. The shirt was black and a bit long with long sleeves, and had green lacy frills on all the rims. On the shirt, there were green paw prints all over it, and green stitching that spelled out "Purr-fect~". She also had green shorts that stopped way too high up, with black stitched outlines of cat faces(emoji kinds). She came over to the couch, and plopped down on Adriens side, resting her head onto his shoulder. She hums lightly and closes her eyes, as Tikki grabs Plagg, throws him to the floor, and curls up into Marinettes hands. Marinette pet her Kwami happily, as Adrien nuzzles himself into Mari's hair. Suddenly, both Adrien and Tikki remember a very important detail.

"Marinette?" Adrien asked.


"Who's your favorite cat. Me, or Plagg?"

Marinette smiled deviously,"Neither."

Adrien looked taken aback by this, but marinette continued,"Sorry, but my favorites Chat Noir. You yourself are not a cat, Adrien."

Plagg floated over and hummed,"Yes, but you have to remember, that even though Adrien is in control and does the work, I'm still the cat part of Chat Noir. I give him his powers, his outfit, and all of his cat like tendencies, so basically… If you say you like Chat Noir more, than you like me more."

Marinettes head came up and she smiled at Plagg,"huh, the I guess I like Plagg more."

Adrien's head dropped sadly,"Dammit…"

Tikki rubbed herself into Marinettes hands,"I'm still your favorite kwami though, right?"

Marinette looked surprised before she gave Plagg a stern look,"Plagg."

He shrugged and laughed lightly,"What? Couldn't help myself."

Marinette shook her head before kissing Tikki's top spot,"Yes Tikki, no matter how cute I find Plagg, he can never compare to your adorableness, and sweetness."

Tikki smiled and nodded,"As I had thought."

Marinette laid her head back onto Adrien's shoulder,"And Adrien, you may not be my favorite cat, but you will always be my favorite human, and my one true love~"

At this, she planted a quick kiss to his cheek, and Adrien thought he had died. He looked down to her, and she smiled innocently.

"Adrien, do you love me?"

Tikki's jaw dropped. She knew what this was. She had seen it before, 1,362 years ago. Her chosen at the time, Rosaline, had done this very thing, towards her own Black Cat, Erik. Plagg absolutely loved his chosens reaction at the end, and he had obviously told Marinette what to do. Well, too late now. Tikki sighed and shook her head, no stopping it now. Adrien turned beat red and looked anywhere but at Marinette.

"O-o-of c-course I do! C'mon m'lady, you know you hold my heart…"

Marinette hummed lightly and started to play with a spike of his hair. "How would you describe your love to me?"

(Okay! I got the idea of this from 2 animation videos of what Chat and Ladybug thought of the other gender!)

Adrien thought for a moment,"Well, my love for you is hard to describe. It's like an artichoke almost. It has a soft, yet hard and defensive shell, and takes a lot of time to get to a girl's heart."

Marinette smirked and played the sign of innocence,"Do you want to know how I view you?"

Adrine smiled dreamily and nodded,"Uh-huh~"

Marinette crawled onto his lab, and laid her back against his chest.

"To me, you're like a fine and expensive wine. You start off as a grape..."

He purred happily,"Aww, Princ-"

"I have to smash you up into a puddle of goo, and put you into a blender-"

Adrien went slightly pale as he stared at her happy go-lucky-face.

"-put you into a tight fitting space, and leave you in the dark for a very long time, until I find you fit enough to have dinner with~"

Adrien stared at her with his jaw dropped, and Plagg had his paws over his mouth, in the attempt to hold in his laughter. Tikki sighed.

"It's Rosaline and Erik all over again…"

Marinette kissed Adrien's cheek and giggled,"Thankfully though, your wine tastes too sweet to be aged…"

Tikki smiled proudly, and Plagg looked surprised. Adrien smiled at Marinette sadly.

"Umm, about today…"

Marinette sighed and shook her head,"Sorry, that was all on me and Plagg."

She looked down to the kwami, who looked away and whistled in fake innocence. She smiled at him.

"Sorry Plagg, but I can't hide it anymore. I love Adrien too much to be messing with him. How about next week, we can prank Chloe."

Plagg smiled excitedly,"Really?!"

Marinette giggled,"I wonder how loud Chloe will scream when she wakes up to find holes in all of her clothes, and Camembert crumbs in her shoes?"

"Princess, if you ever get tired of Adrien, gimme a call!"

"Plagg!" Adrien and Tikki yelled in annoyance.