My friends Kerrie and Fiona take credit for this as well. We were in science and bored. We were supposed to be doing revision but came up with this instead. We will regret this in a few weeks when we're sitting in our science GCSE and all we can think of this. Picture it as a camera crew watching the x-men, like a reality TV type program.


And here we are, in the X mansion, on this fine evening. Professor Xavier has gone out to buy a new hover chair after an unfortunate accident involving a set of claws. The x-men we all know and love are sitting in the lounge room relaxing.

All of a sudden the lights go out. No one really bothers to do any thing about it as Gambit throws a brightly lit card onto the table. This illuminates the room for a while. Until it fizzes out. Then the only light is that from the moon.

We hear the front door open and close and the familiar hover noise of the hover chair.

Professor Xavier hovers into the room. His chair isn't yellow, it isn't a slick new colour, no, it's a very surprising colour. It's bright Barbie pink. Yes people, pink. As it moves around it sparkles from the various bits of glitter attached to it.

It is still dark, the only things providing any form of light is the chair (which appears to be glowing), the moonlight reflecting off of Xavier's baldhead and Remy's eyes.

Everyone hears the sound of gears getting to work as an old disco ball slowly comes out of the hood of Xavier's hover chair. Once out it spins for about 3 seconds before there is an explosion of light and sound as 'Night Fever' bursts out of the speakers around the room. There are disco lights attached to the pink chair, which is making its way around the room. Xavier is sitting there doing the all too famous 'Night Fever' dance and wiling everyone to join in.

Gradually everyone stands up and wonders around the room with looks of confusion and concentration on each individual face.

Suddenly, when they all end up in lines, they all burst into dance. They all dance in perfect harmony while the lights roam the room. Xavier hovers through the dancers, stopping in the middle to spin around in time to the tune.

At the end of the song the dancers reach the climax and are standing still with one hand pointing in the air and one on the hip as fireworks explode into life around them.

And now we wish we weren't here. So, the camera and crew slowly back out of the room, hoping to escape with out a white tuxedo. As we turn around the sound of 'YMCA' burst through the speakers. Now we burst into a run.


Yes we are insane.