Saw: The New Game

Prolouge- The Decaptiation Hoops.

In the dark room of a stadium, two men laid on the floor, when one of them begin to wake up. He looked around in the dark, pain circling throughout his backside. "What the hell?!" He shouts in fear and confusion, his voice awakening the second person.

"Shay?" He muttered, opening his eyes as he got to his feet. "What the hell is this?!"

"I don't know Bryan. But I think we're in the gym." Shay responded to his friend, when the lights came on confirming Shay's suspicions. They were in their highschool's gym. They noticed a pedastal with two buttons on them.

Not only that, but they could see that they both had chains hooked into their backs and collars around their necks with a wire in the back.

The two men looked around, confused and panicked. "What the shit is this?" Bryan shouted, touching the chain hooked in his back before inhaling from pain.

Shay was about to say something, but was cut off when a voice began to speak on the P.A. system. A rough and deep voice came on.

"Hello Shay and Bryan. I would like to play a game. You both are popular seniors in your school, both excellent students and basketball players. Perhaps this is what caused you both to think that you both are above everyone else, and made you drug and rape one of the cheerleaders in your class. When word got out she was raped, she was made fun of by fellow classmates, and it drove her over the edge. To pay, you must approach the center of the gym and press the button on your side. Keep in mind that the chains in your back will pull the weaker one back. Who's the stronger out of both of you? How about we find out now?"

The two began to panic, before Shay looked at the button. "...Sorry Bryan, but I'm not dying today." He said coldly before rushing to the button. Bryan began to be pulled back.

He however manages to fight and start moving forward. "No!" Bryan growled, getting closer as Shay lost his footing, making it easier for Bryan get to the button. He soon was pulled all the way to the back of the underneath a basketball-styled trap.

"Bryan, wait-" Shay desperatly tried to call out, but Bryan had already slammed his fist on the button, causing the chains to be removed from the two seniors' backs and Bryan's collar to be removed.

Shay was a different case as the wire began to pull up, lifting up Shay who squirmed to get his collar off. It was too late, unfortunately, when Shay's head was in the hoop, where he sees blades closing in on his neck.

Bryan watched in terror as his friend was decapitated by the trap, his body falling to the ground and soon followed by Shay's head, which rolled a bit once it hit the ground. Which made Bryan let out a blood-curdling scream.

[End of Prolouge]