The Stable Girl

Characters: Kayla  Newman- 18 years old. Works with her father on there small Ranch. When her father dies with no way to pay the mortgage on the ranch, Mark Callaway who has been trying to buy the ranch for years sees his opportunity to snatch the ranch from her.

Mark Callaway- Retired wrestler. He had tried over the last 10 years to buy the ranch from Rob Newman, without success.  When Rob dies in a riding accident leaving Kayla in a stack of debt, Mark seizes the opportunity to get what he wants.

Summary- Can two people who can't stand each other find love together? Kayla losing her ranch to someone she hates has no choice but to accept his job offer to be a ranch hand on the ranch she once owned.

Disclaimer- I don't own the Undertaker or Mark Callaway. So don't sue me.

Rating- This fic is rated R for language and sexual content.


Kayla was running around the front yard chasing her dog Champ. She was laughing and giggling as he turned and jumped on her knocking her down.

"Hey little one what's your name?"

Kayla looked up and seen a huge man standing in her front yard. He was huge with long hair tied back in a braid. He had on jeans and boots and a sleeveless shirt. He had a few tattoos on his arms.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." Kayla said.

"Well I'll introduce my self. I'm Mark Callaway." Mark said.

"You!" Kayla spat out.

Mark looked at the little girl her attitude had changed fast. She had red hair in braids and green eyes that looked like emeralds and freckles all over her little nose. Her eyes were flashing fire right now.

"You are not getting our ranch. Get off our property!" Kayla yelled

Kayla's father had told her about Mark Callaway wanting there ranch. He had said he loved the piece of land because of its beauty and wanted to make it his home.

"I need to speak to your daddy." Mark said.

Kayla might have been only 8 but she was smart and well spoken for her age. Kayla didn't see her daddy walk up behind her.

"I said leave or I'll sic by dog on you!" Kayla yelled and with that ran up and kicked him as hard as she could in the knee.

"Kayla Elizabeth Newman, what's gotten into you?" Rob yelled at his daughter.

Rob walked over and stood in front of his daughter.

"Mr. Callaway is a guest, you know better." Rob said.

Kayla looked up into her daddy's gentle green eyes. She could see he was disappointed in her.

"But daddy he wants our home." Kayla said.

"Kayla there's no law that says a man can't ask for what he wants don't mean I have to say yes." Rob said looking at Mark.

Mark wanted this ranch bad and he figured if kept offering Rob more money eventually he would take his offer.

Rob bent down to face his daughter.

"I can't allow you to act like that no matter what the provocation, you understand?" Rob asked.

"Yes daddy." Kayla said.

She followed her daddy to the old tree stump where he sat down and put Kayla across his lap. Rob gave her a good spanking and then let her up.

Kayla looked at her daddy and hugged him.

"I'm sorry." Kayla said.

Rob hugged her and kissed her head.

"Go apologize to Mr. Callaway." Rob said.

Kayla walked over to him.

"I'm sorry I kicked you." Kayla said.

Mark seen the look of hate in her eyes and sighed. He hadn't meant to get her in trouble.

"It's okay." Mark said.

Kayla turned and ran into the house. She looked out the window and watched as Mark talked to her father.

"You'll never get my home Mark Callaway." Kayla said in an angry voice.

"Never." She said and headed to her room.