Kiera Emily Jones wasn't the original girl you all think she is. Her family past is far more confusing than any political battle that has happened in the world. Ever since her mother defeated the darkness in the final battle, everyone travel back to the enchanted forest to live.

Henry became the crown prince once Emma and Killian took the throne from Snow and David. I became a book nerd like my Aunty Belle who gave me books from the world I never new. Until the fatal day when my wish came true...

(Kiera P.O.V)

Today is my 18 birthday. A day that I'll get recognised as who I want to be. I can either chose to be a princess and have a claim to the throne or become a fighter and fight for what is right. Neither of these were an option for me. I wanted adventure and to see the world that Henry grew up in.

Heading down to the ballroom where everyone is waiting for my decision, I'm thinking about what is would be like to be an ordinary girl. Not someone with a title and a life planned out for me. I want to write my own story.

Entering the room, the most majestic cake was alit in front of me. It was time to make my wish and decision. You see this cake is enchanted. Once you make a wish it comes true right there. I thought hard of who I want to be for the rest of my life. Just as I'm about to blow the candles out the thought of being and ordinary person cropped up. Suddenly I'm being forced into a vortex

"Excuse me miss..."

I looked up to see a young prince in jeans and a hoodie extending an arm out.

"May I help you?" He asked smiling at me

"Please," I reply, "where am I?" I ask once I was on my feet.

"New York." He chuckled thinking I was strange.

"New York?" I questioned.

"Yeah. The name's Caslte. Matt Castle."

"Kiera. Kiera Jones." I reply think about how to get home.