A hero's deck

A History's Strongest disciple Kenichi x Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Chapter 2: Heart and Soul

Shirahama Kenichi woke up the next day, to think he had a connection with a heroic spirit of murder…

Assassin class servant, apparently a great martial artist, according to Ma-sensei and Akisame-sensei the move I had unconsciously emulated should have, at the VERY least, destroyed the use of my arms. That is because the move, when done correctly destroys the internal organs, to do such a thing requires specialized movements and finesse, especially to just bruise the internal organs rather than outright destroy them.

I could hear both Kensei and Ma discussing while a rather tall old man entered.

He was HELLA TALL, like a youkai!

The old man in question was, in fact, Miu's grandfather. He took one look at me and smiled.

It seems those 3 were rather worried about my wellbeing, being able to do such a technique when I never been properly trained, and while unconscious, it was equally interesting as it was disturbing.

They decided that I MUST join them and so I signed up for the dojo, they would train my body so, in case soemthing like this happens, I would not accidentally kill myself.

Obviously, I would start tomorrow, as what had happened left everything quite hectic, I would come back after school.

And so I returned home, thankfully my arms were somewhat back in working order, I did have a bit of a tingling sensation, and a bit of numbness, but I was told that was normal, as my nervous system in that area almost got ripped to shreds due to the move I pulled.

It would be fine by tomorrow.

"I will never look down on oriental medicine ever again" I muttered to myself.

To any ordinary doctor, my arms would been gone.

Assassin laughed, " Don't underestimate 4000 years of knowledge young one, martial arts is more than just how to destroy, if you wish to break something you must first learn how it is build, now then finish your homework and rest, rumors should have spread all over your education facility by then " he said.

I began to do my work when it hit me…

" W-what do you mean?" I asked.

" Is it not obvious? " He asked, not understanding that by today's standards what he said might sound weird, then again maybe is due to me being a pacifist…" you defeated someone who was specifically scouted, and damaged quite badly that he was sent to emergency treatment, he will be eating from a straw for at least a few weeks, now, imagine someone as small and insignificant as an ant managed to defeat a lion, obviously people would be interested. Others, who were behind that boy being in the club and wanted to nurture him for whatever reason… would NOT be amused by such an offset they WILL want payback young one "

I pulled at my hair and shed tears. " Why do things just keep getting worse when all I want is just to have a tranquil life!!! "

" You already entered the realm of martial arts as well as the moonlit world, there is no way you can step back from the line you crossed, all you can do is strengthen yourself and your resolve and keep surviving even if all you can do is barely stay afloat"

I groaned, that's true… besides… I also wanted to be near her.

" Well, is not like that is a good mindset but what the hell, I seen people do it for less than wholesome things " Assassin said.

If you ever thought that sleep would stop things happening, it didn't. Assassin used the connection to teach me the proper forms, as I slept I was doing imagine training as he made me walk in a particular way… bear walk.

Also he was training my dinámic vision, so I could see fast moving objects with ease.

He did so with his fists, each one felt like I was hit by a bowling ball the size of a baseball.

Slowly, my eyes began to adjust themselves. He smirked.

" Let's go faster! "

Nope, I was now back where I was.

After 8 grueling hours in my sleep I woke up, it was early, so I took a shower and made breakfast.

After eating and making a small bento with the leftovers I left for school.

On the way home I saw Miu playing with a cat, knowing her, she will reach school before me but that's fine.

Uh? This is odd, people are looking at me?

They are… murmuring?

I am shocked to find that Niijima had spread the word of my beating Daimonji, and such knees made it to an upperclassman Tsukuba who was looking for a fight.

It seems like Tsukuba is a delinquent, the kind of people Kenichi is the absolute worst at dealing with.

Miu, however, saw this differently, "oh so he is challenging you to a fight? You should accept it"

True, that would be easy, but… I barely have only less than 16 hours of training, and none of it was actually physical in nature.

So, Assassin decided to help me… he used a skill earned with his sweat, blood and tears…

Making me breath slowly, calming myself, making me one with everything, I do not exist, for existence is fleeting.

I got surrounded by an invisible membrane, people couldn't see me, so with that I managed to sneak away and about Tsukuba's incessant hounding of me.

I managed to last nearly one week, the training was hard, it left my body battered and bruised, but Assassin said that those ones were true masters and to trust what they where doing, he took over at night to teach me techniques to use, he took it with patience as he showed me how to do it, and the ways someone could counter it, and ways to counter said counter. All his attacks contained a thinly hidden ferocity.

" Don't think about winning a fight, instead think on survival, you are too kindhearted and naive, your oponentes will abuse of it, you are not a winner, you are a survivor, doesn't matter if you win if you die, your goal should always be survival! " He said as he delivered a combination attack.

His hands moved like snakes, each hit bypassing my meager defences with absolute ease.

Fast, so fast.

I felt 13 hits land in me in less than a second, I was blown away and landed unceremoniously onto the floor.

" You feel like you are ready, those masters in that dojo are very good, they teaching you the foundation, planting the seed as it were, while I add fertilizer to speed the process, you should be ready, you should face that delinquent and take your freedom young one"

The next morning

He stopped hiding himself using the skill from Assassin, to be honest even Niijima was taken back, he was able to find anything and everyone, someone as simple as Kenichi should have been a cakewalk, yet it was as if he had vanished till this day.

Tsukuba was annoyed, he had looked for the bastard who defeated Daimonji, he thought maybe he had been skipping school, but all his records showed him being in school and having perfect attendance.

Then how was he so slippery?

Still they meet in an usual way.

Tsukuba was out scouting for new members for the gang he was a member in, he was sent to test a freshman and make him join, if not, to break him.

Miu went to stop the fight, but it was then when I entered the fray.

Assassin card began to glow in my pocket, none the wiser I asked if he was just doing this to get my attention.

"You think too highly of yourself, you weak legged coward!" He said as he went for the attack.

His movements were rather… linear.

A gentle slap to move his fist out of the way, the same hand went up hitting his chin at full force.

There's a reason that spot is known as the button.

His speed is as slow as a snail compared to Assassin's and the masters at the dojo.

My eyes had gotten used to fast moving objects, albeit not as fast as the attacks from the masters… or Assassin.

He stumbled back, he took one step forward and felt his body about to give, his eyes swimming, everything was working around, he felt he would fall down any second, but it was his anger and disbelief keeping him standing.

"Y… you BASTARD, WHAT DID YA DO?!" He yelled out.

During the time I used Assassin's skill to sneak around, I was encouraged to watch him.

I gleaned into his fighting style.

It was utterly boring, according to Assassin, the boy was someone who used cookie cutter martial arts meant for tournaments and sport, the only reason he was effective was due to his brutality in it.

Waving around his attacks, using a combination of bear steps, as well as lowering my body, I avoided many critical attacks on me. I decided to use THAT.

A judo throwing technique taught to me by Akisame-sensei.

I threw a punch towards his face, it was slow, as it was the bait.

He dodged it as intended.

A serene heart.

If there is no anger in the fist it cannot be read.

The fist opened and pulled into his neck as I pulled myself towards him, I placed my leg in between his and then I threw him.

He landed on the ground, the air expelled from his lungs.

"W-what the hell was… that… it's against the rules" he said as he passed out.

"This isn't a tournament, it's a street fight" I said as my legs finally gave in and I collapsed.

Assassin was right, I should not concentrate on winning, that is a psychological trap, survival is the name of the game.

Miu cheered for me as she helped me up, Niijima recording the win as he went to spread the word of another victory, and thus making my life more hectic.

Assassin just laughed.

Ryozanpaku Dojo

"Oh? The bear step? Has he been using it in combat? I don't believe I taught him that yet" Ma said.

Miu had told them of the fight I was in while they each had their own thoughts.

"He seems to have an inclination to Bajiquan, though he used the throw he has been learning under Akisame-san," Miu said.

Akisame began to toy with his moustache, "he did, did he?"

He felt happy his teachings were blooming.

"He is hesitant, awkward, more like it, when fighting, as he seems to do it on an unconscious level, but he doubts himself," Miu said.

The masters looked pensive "I believe that is due to his innate personality, he is not one who initiates fights, he is kind hearted and hates pain, even if he has no talent in martial arts, his dedication shows in his growth"

"Still, his knowledge of Bajiquan worries me, I know he is a complete novice, he is rather talentless, yet how does he know about those moves?" Ma asked.

The technique used against the Daimonji kid, he had heard about it, but it has been lost to the ages and no one had been able to replicate it, yet Kenichi managed to do a bastardised version of it, while unconscious.

Miu's grandfather spoke "he is a good boy, please do not think ill of him, perhaps is coincidence or just his body reacting in ways to protect itself" he said "he is not one who might fall to the path of the Satsujiken"

It was 3 days later when another incident occurred.

According to Niijima I was now hunted down by the Technique Trio, a group of three who specialize in throwing techniques, punching techniques and kicking techniques, and the one with the kicking technique, Koga, was looking for him.

Assassin had to hand it to the alien looking boy, he is VERY sneaky, he could make a damn good Assassin himself, but he was just one to do covert investigations.

Looking at the notes he managed to get and highlights of them I managed to make a plan just in case.

I went back to the dojo where I was being taught to relax my muscles, in order to make them more flexible.

" Indeed making your muscles springy yet containing a lot of power, that is the correct way, with that you should handle a bit more of my power and techn iques"

I nodded, being able to more reliably use Assassin's techniques in a pinch without destroying myself would be very useful.


"In the end… those techniques are geared to kill… uh?" I muttered to myself.

" Just because something can kill, doesn't mean it HAS to " Assassin said. " It's actually much harder NOT to kill someone than to kill one, so if you manage to make my techniques and make them non lethal, that would surpass my own"

Using a lethal strike in a way to not kill, that required finesse.

While practicing arm movements, I was told to do some weird movements with the arms 10 times around the block. I questioned how this would help, apparently it would help the joints and flexibility needed.

I felt a tad foolish and self conscious of how I looked but thankfully Miu was with me.

As we went to the shopping district and bought groceries we were ambushed by Koga and his flunkies.

A fight ensued.

Miu decided to take care of the flunkies while letting me fight the boss, Koga, the kid, was jealous due to how beautiful Miu was and attacked with more ferocity due to jealousy.

He was good, better than me.

He was someone who had practiced WAY before me, his strength and skill was greater than mine.

His kicks made me stumble, a good one got into my head and pummeled me to the ground, I passed out for a fraction of a second.

I tasted blood.

My body was bruised, it hurt… it hurts so much.

Immediately I rolled to the side, as Koga stomped down hard where my head had been a scant second ago.

"Damn it! You're seriously trying to kill me!?" I yelled.

"Yeah, so I can take your woman, you don't deserve such beauty you weak ass bastard" he said as he laughed as I dodged and blocked his kicks, while jumping back and getting hit on the ribs.

This bastard…

He was treating Miu as if she didn't have her own opinion…

He thinks because someone is weak he is allowed to destroy and take what he wants.



The Assassin card glowed, the golden color became more prominent, Assassin's looks changed, he was now an older man, yet the feel of power had not dwindled in the least.

Assassin Saint Graph updated.

"Assassin class… include" I muttered.

The techniques of Bajiquan mastered to the extreme by Assassin, the ability to completely control my heart…

"NOW DIE LOOSER!!" Koga yelled as he delivered a kick to the face with an all too happy smile.


Smoke erupted, Koga was smiling, that kick had all the speed and power he could muster, he could break bricks, a skull should be no problem.

He felt pressure on his ankle, he tried to jump back but found himself unable. He was stuck in place.

He felt a cold sensation on the pit of his stomach and went up his spine.

The smoke cleared, Kenichi had managed to grab Koga's leg at the absolute last second.

I pushed with power, making him turn around and delivered a powerful elbow blow to the kidneys, making sure to dissipate the power around so as to not destroy the organs.

"Gag!" He was about to retch, the hit was too much, his eyes were watering already.

He tried to kick him away but he wasn't there anymore but rather below Koga. Kenichi raised his leg up, hitting him square on the stomach.

He went up, and as he fell down he caught him and used the movements of the training he had been doing, a single point to attack.

An open palm strike to the face.

Kouga's nose broke, then fell on the floor where he rolled and skidded on the pavement.

With that… Kenichi fell on the ground as the memories of techniques left him, he was quite drained.

While include was a technique that was easier on the body than outright installing, normally either would be done using a medium, in another world it would be done by using magical sticks Ruby and Sapphire, mystic codes made by the Wizard Marshal.

Kenichi did not had such safety net, and thus due to lack of mana his life force was used.

One thing to be said about Kenichi, he was as hard to kill as a roach, and thanks to the masters at the dojo…

Couple hours later

The masters sat down, Ma had concocted a new medicine to help replenish Kenichi's lost energy, while helping recovery by using acupuncture, Akisame had nothing to do as no bones had been fracture or dislocated.

Still the way he stopped that kick.

The elder thought I bore a familiar strike to Seikuken...

According to Miu, at the end of the fight, when he defeated Kouga he felt like back with Daimonji, except this time he was fully conscious.

The feel of a master…

Each strike was meant to kill, yet done in a way that death would NOT occur.

The gentleness of the heart gave birth to a fist that while being intended to kill would not.

The delinquent looking master, 100 Dan fighter Sasaki laughed.

"The boy sure is interesting… maybe I should rescind my policy of no disciples, seems teaching him would be quite a riot" he said with a grin.

"Apapa! Apachai also wants in! I train him so good he will die" Apachai said as he smacked his fists together with a childish carefree smile.

"Then, are we in agreement?" The elder asked.

Unanimously it was decided that Kenichi would now be a live-in disciple.

Elsewhere in the dojo, Kenichi sneezed violently as he felt a wave of coldness travel his back.

Chapter end.