"Bella? Bells, sweetheart-" Charlie's voice cut out as he reached his daughter. His daughter Bella sat in the waiting room of Banner University Medical Center. She looked up at the sound of her name being called, the skin of her face blotchy and her eyes swollen red and dripping tears.

Bella jumped up, being careful not to jostle the infant seat sitting at her feet lest her seven month old half-brother wake up. "Dad" Bella answered.

Charlie pulled Bella into a hug so tight that her feet were lifted off of the floor slightly. After letting go Charlie led Bella back to her seat, taking the one next to her for himself and holding her left hand in both of his. Charlie briefly regarded the infant in the seat, the son of his ex-wife and her current husband.

"How is it looking?" Charlie asked his daughter. She had been sitting in the same spot for practically fourteen hours straight. Bella looked into her father's eyes briefly before she had to look away, instead staring out the window at the opposite end of the hallway. Bella shook her head, struggling to get the words out. "Not good dad, not good at all-" Bella started sobbing at this point.

Unsure of how to comfort his daughter in such a situation, Charlie let go of her hand and wrapped her in his arms. Startled by the new noise and then influenced by his sisters emotions the young baby started to cry as well. Bella quickly attempted to compose herself, wiping the tears from her face with her thumbs. Bending at the middle Bella leaned down and unstrapped the infant from his seat before sitting up with the baby in her arms. She rocked and bounced the child gently, trying her best to calm the little one quickly.

Charlie regarded the two with unsure eyes. It had been so long since he had been around a baby, and the fact that this was his ex-wife's baby made him even more uncertain.

Bella looked at Charlie, the smallest of smiles shown briefly on her face. "Dad, this is Ryan". Bella gently held the baby's arm and made him wave at her father.

Charlie offered one of his fingers for the baby to hold on to. "Hello Ryan, I'm Charlie," he told the infant more for the sake of his daughter than anything.

While this interaction was taking place a doctor walked into the waiting room. "Isabella? Isabella Swan?" the man called into the room. Bella looked up from the infant in her lap and looked at the man, calling him over to her and her father. The doctor made his way over, standing in front of the pair. "I'm doctor Anderson, Bella. I've come to let you know that your mother is out of surgery"

Bella's eyes lit up and she jumped up, so fast that she startled the infant in her arms. She calmed him as she asked; "Can I see her?"

Her face fell when the doctor told her that that was not an option at the moment. "I'm very sorry Isabella, but that is not possible right now. Your mother may be out of surgery but she is still in critical condition in the ICU"

Bella sat back down, asking; "She's going to be alright though, right?" as she did so.

The doctor was quiet for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to word his answer to the seventeen-year-old girl. "It's not looking very good right now Isabella. Again, I'm very sorry". The doctor pat her on the shoulder before giving her one last sad smile and walking away. Bella began to sob again, Charlie enveloping both Bella and Ryan into his embrace.

It was roughly three hours later when doctor Anderson made his way back over to the pair. Bella was asleep, curled up in her chair. Charlie looked at the doctor, his heart sinking just from the look on the mans face. He gently shook his daughter awake and motioned to the doctor standing before them.

"I'm very sorry Isabella, but your mother did not make it". If Charlie thought that Bella had been sobbing the first two times he had no idea what to call the crying that she was doing now.