Her eyes were on him as he climbed out of the limo, holding his hand out for his pregnant wife. Fitz was nothing if not chivalrous. She, along with everyone else waiting at the security checkpoint, kept her gaze on him as he walked away from the car and further into the party.

As she stood by Edison's side, her thoughts drifted to her current relationship status. Sure, she and Edison had been on a few dates after she'd called it quits with Fitz, but they weren't anything serious. She knew it from the beginning, and she was pretty certain Edison knew now too, but it was good for optics and comfortable enough for them both. She had tried at the beginning to really make it work with her former fiancé, but from the moment he'd kissed her on her doorstep after their second second date, she felt as though she was cheating on Fitz, as screwed up as it all was.

As the cameras began to flash brighter and closer to her ears on the other side of the checkpoint tape, her mind returned to the present. Fitz was hand-in-hand with Mellie, pregnant with America's baby, walking closer to the entrance of the gala thrown totally for him. She couldn't help but feel envious of the woman in blue, the one who was allowed to hold his hand in public, who would never be criticized for having his child, who could stare at him in front of however many people for as long as she wanted without a care in the world. The one who could share his last name and bed and life. The one who had everything Olivia had ever desired and took every last second of it for granted.

Olivia had never told him, never allowed herself to speak the words out loud, but she so desperately wanted to be the one to give him his next child. She'd never really considered herself as the "mom type" until she'd seen him interacting with Jerry and Karen on the campaign trail, behind the scenes when there were no cameras for photo ops. He listened to every detail of conversation his kids wanted to have that day, and they looked at him like he'd hung the moon. She wanted to be blessed enough to share that with him and a child with her hair and his eyes, the one that she'd seen in her dreams for years now.

She was brought back to her surroundings as a crack filled the air. Before she could understand what she'd heard, she saw Fitz stagger back, his hand wrenching from Mellie's. Her mind registered what was happening in horror as she heard another shot and saw Fitz stumble again. She was pushed to the ground by Edison and his Secret Service agent as she heard the final shot. Until then, she'd been horrified but hopeful, seeing as the bullets had only pierced his arm. But now, though she could barely make him out through the flurry of movement and legs of various Secret Service agents surrounding him and the First Lady, she saw a pool of red pouring from the curly hair she loved to card her fingers through. As she lost sight of him through the chaos, she vomited.