"Olivia. This isn't funny. I divorced Mellie years ago. You are my wife. You are the First Lady. And soon, you will be the mother of my child. Not her." His eyes shone with desperation, trying to get her to understand his reality. Olivia couldn't stop her tears from falling.

As badly as Olivia wanted to stay with him, she had to leave. It was nearing sunrise and she knew Mellie would be back soon. Always one for keeping up appearances, Mellie had come to the hospital every day to sit by his bedside, but making no contact at all with her husband.

Olivia pulled her hand from his, wiping the tears rolling down her cheeks. She left without a word, not once looking back as he called her name.

Fitz watched her ignore his words as she walked away, leaving him with even more questions. A knock at the door caught his attention. It was Cyrus, peeking his head in the door in a manner that was so typically Cyrus. "Mr. President, it's good to see you awake. Mind if I come in?" Maybe talking to Cy would help clarify things. What the hell? Fitz waved his oldest friend into the room.

"How are you feeling, sir?" There it was - the first of many ridiculous questions that were sure to come.

"I got shot, Cyrus. How do you think I feel? And Olivia seems to think that I'm insane, and I think she might be right. Is she right, Cy? Am I still married to Mellie?" The tone of his voice threw Cyrus for a loop. He hadn't heard such disgust color the president's voice in a long time.

"Unless you filed for divorce without telling me, then Mellie is definitely still your wife. Why would you think otherwise?" The doctors had warned Cyrus and Mellie of possible effects of the brain damage, but something told him that whatever explanation was about to come from Fitz's mouth was not on that list.

"I don't understand. It was so realistic. I divorced Mellie while right after the election. She took the kids and went back to California. Liv and I - we've been married for almost two years. We got married in the Oval with you and Abby as our witnesses. Verna married us right there on the seal." His voice broke as he recalled his life with Olivia. "Liv told me that she was pregnant two days ago. I came into the residence after work and there was a onesie on the bed that said 'Baby Grant, 2013' with a sonogram underneath. She said it was my early birthday present."

Olivia went straight to OPA and opened a bottle of wine. It didn't really matter that it was just after dawn, right? She decided to forgo the glass, instead grabbing the bottle and headed for the stairs. She climbed until she reached the roof, unlocking the door with the least used key on her ring. She rarely came up to the roof, never really one for the copious amounts of bird feces that covered seemingly every surface. She set the bottle on a relatively clean portion of the ledge and then opened the lawn chair that permanently resided in the quiet space. The last time she'd come up here was right after her introduction to Amanda Tanner, desperately needing to sit in the sunlight and contemplate the idea of a universe outside of DC.

She sat down in the lonely chair and grabbed the neck of the bottle, taking a long swig. She relished moments like this, ones where the city was still waking and she could appreciate its beauty without the distractions. Before long, Abby would arrive at the office and notice the corkscrew that lay on her desk with the cork still attached and come looking for her. She would question Liv's consumption of an entire bottle of wine before breakfast, which would then lead to questions about Fitz and about his mental faculties and a host of things that Liv wasn't ready to talk about. But for now, it was just Olivia, her wine, and the gentle sunshine.