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Behind Closed Doors


"Oh… God… Our bed!" Riku exclaimed dramatically and then promptly threw himself down on it, burying his face in a pillow and letting his eyes close, heavy as they were. He breathed in the heady scent of Sora, and it rushed through him, warming his body and lulling him with a soft lullaby to sleep. He gladly let unconsciousness take him away, riding on silver-lined clouds and Sora's soft smile.

Sora's smile grew faint as he watched Riku's body completely relax, and moments later soft snoring reached his ears. He eyed the silver-haired teen a moment longer, then looked down at the Keyblade thrumming with warmth and light in his hand.

"…Thank you," he whispered. "You've done so much for me. Helped me lock words… Defeat Heartless… Saved my life countless times… And now my heart…"

Letting his eyes flutter closed, he brought the tip of his Keyblade to his forehead, hugging it gingerly to his chest, then murmured a soft prayer and let it fade away in glittering sparkles of light.

"Riku, we're back in Traverse Town," he whispered, sitting down on the side of the bed and reaching out, running his fingers lightly through Riku's soft, silky hair. "After that long…long journey through your heart… I'm so glad we made it out…"

His smile was tender and fragile as he leaned over and brushed his lips along Riku's brow. Riku hummed softly in his sleep, mouth curving into a warm smile.


"Ri-ku…" Continuing to stroke Riku's hair, Sora idly looked around the room, body tired, mind slowly growing numb from lack of sleep, but his heart was pulsing, pounding in his chest, warm with his Light.

…He finally had Riku back…

Feeling his eyes burn, Sora blinked the tears away, then frowned a little, brows furrowing thoughtfully as his eyes caught sight of his desk. He hesitated, wondering, then looked back to Riku. He was sleeping soundly, expression peaceful, and Sora placed a light kiss on his forehead before carefully getting up so he wouldn't disturb Riku's slumber.

Attention returning to his desk, Sora crept over to it, switching on his lamp and looking for paper and a pen. Once the items were found, he grinned, sitting down to write.

We're going home at last, Riku, he thought.


No one could quite say what had happened. One moment Sora had been in his room, depression eating away at his heart, killing his soul, and then suddenly he was gone. Traverse Town had been searched up and down, every nook and cranny inspected, but in the end he was nowhere to be found. It was as if he had just…disappeared.

Only one person knew the truth.

After the room Sora had occupied for the past three years had been thoroughly inspected and finally left alone, he had crept into it silently, fingertips sliding along the doorframe, the dresser, the wall, eyes flicking over the little trinkets here and there. The rumpled bed. The closet. The bathroom door ajar. The sheets lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. The pillows tossed in several different directions, only a lone one resting peacefully on the bed. The open window, a cool breeze rustling the draperies, sighing softly.

The letter on the desk.

Had it been that easy to miss? Or had it been there, waiting only for him? Had no one else been able to see it? Whatever the case may be, it did not matter, for the contents of the letter were for his eyes only.

Brows furrowing curiously, he had sat down gingerly on the bed, thumb moving beneath the wax seal to break it, and slowly unfolded the letter. Eyeing it hesitantly, he began to read.



And he had come back to his lover's house, walking into his room and eyeing him sadly. His lover tilted his head to the side, blue eyes bright with concern, mouth opening, lips forming the words to the question of what was wrong.

He hadn't been able to answer.

-…Wow, it's really been a long journey, huh? Three years… Three years with you by my side—in a way. I always admired you, Leon. And I don't care what people say, because I know that you were always there for me. You just showed it in your own way. And that's okay. Because I understood. I always understood. No explanation was needed.-

He could only hear laughter, loud and melodious or soft and gentle. He could only see bright, sapphire blue eyes glittering with happiness as they looked at him fondly. He could only feel the touch of tanned, slender hands cupping his cheeks as eyes gazed into his imploringly, and after a moment, a hesitant smile touched petal pink lips.

-It's amazing… How far we've come… I've done some stupid things, said some stupid things, was stupid in general, but… you know what? Heh… Even though I acted like a complete idiot, and you gave me your usual "Whatever", I was still happy to see that brief smile cross your lips, and it made me so happy.-

Leon smiled faintly. "I guess that's what I am, isn't it?" He glanced at Sora, then moved over to him, giving his hair a rustle. "Well, let me be the jackass is what I'm trying to say. I don't like it when you are…" He sighed. "You're supposed to be happy and carefree. A little runt who somehow wound up wielding the Keyblade."

Sora pouted a little. "It's not my fault…"

"I know." Leon waved a hand. "I know… Look at me. I'm getting sappy."

-I know… that when Riku came back… I… forgot about you… I pushed you away when you were just beginning to open up to me, and that wasn't fair, was it? But it happened, and I can't take it back, because I can't change time. Funny, isn't it? I can save worlds and be people's hope and their Light, but in the end, I can't even fix my own problems. Well, I'm fixing them now. And I'm going to start with an apology.

-I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for everything.-

Sora smiled to himself, lowering his book a little, swallowed the piece of apple in his mouth before saying cheerfully, "Well…The snow is like you—cold, callous, uncaring, killing everything in its path. What seems gentle is only a deception—the snow is being gentle with its surroundings, caressing, but is slowly killing everything in a very subtle way. And the stars—well, you're just so distant and far away…You shine…Squall…But just when I think you're within my grasp, you're not."

-I know that I caused you a lot of pain. But…! Hmm…

-When I first wound up in this town three years ago, you scared the crap out of me. But you were so sexy—even if I was in denial about my sexuality back then. Heehee. And yeah—your welcoming wasn't grand. In fact, I wouldn't even call it a welcome… But… Anyway.

-This next time when I came back… After Kingdom Hearts was sealed, and Riku was locked away within it… And I was so depressed… Remember that I would have nightmares, waking up screaming? But you—you were always there, holding me and telling me that it was just a stupid dream, that it wasn't real.

-I think that's when I fell in love with you. When you told me that everything was okay. And Leon… It was… It really was…-

Leon was dressed only in his leather pants this morning, pretty much leaving his finely chiseled chest and dark, shaggy hair in full view. He was barefoot, and his stormy gray eyes were a bit glazed, as if he was still tired from waking up at the crack of what would be considered dawn in Traverse Town.

He crossed his arms over his chest, eyes focusing on Sora. They grew more alert at the sight of the half-asleep boy, looking lost and puzzled. He sighed, leaning against the doorframe. "Are you okay?" he asked in his usual, deep monotone voice. "What's going on? I think it's hardly necessary to be up at this time of the morning… Haven't we gone through this before?"

-Yeah, yeah, and you're probably being skeptical right now. What? That little runt with the Keyblade, love me? Ha!

-You're smiling right now, aren't you? You better be! And if you're not… Do so. Do it for me.

-Well… I'm starting to ramble… Argh… Typical, right? You used to always tell me that my babbling could make Hades rethink his evil wanna-be-reign just to get me to shut up. And I'd pout and get huffy, but… I secretly enjoyed your teasing. You teased me a lot. In your own way. And I loved it. That makes me a masochist, doesn't it? Sigh.-

"Yo," he said playfully. "You're looking a bit down, Leon, you all right?"

Leon glared for a few moments more, then took some water, splashing Sora back.

"Hey!" Sora cried, raising his arm to defend most of it, but the big slosh soaked his hair. "Unfair!"

Leon merely grunted. "Wash. Don't play. This isn't supposed to be playtime."

Sora stuck his tongue out. But this only caused Leon to raise an eyebrow, eyes intense, and cock his head a little to the side again with a suggestive, knowing look. Sora blushed and quickly did as Leon had told him. Leon watched him a few moments more, then smiled faintly, going back to drying.

-I'm so sorry…that I loved Riku more than I loved you. It wasn't fair, I know. But if I've learnt anything it's that life isn't fair and there's nothing that you can do about it. So I'm just gonna be happy with the moments that we had. That's okay, right? Cherishing memories?-

Leon stood, placing a hand over Sora's and wrapping an arm snugly around his waist. He yanked the boy up into his arms, setting him on the counter to where he didn't have to hurt his back—as Sora was shorter than him—and began nibbling on Sora's neck instead. "So it did." He glanced up momentarily. "Any objections?"

Sora shook his head. "N-No…"

"You know…" Leon trailed his nose up to Sora's jaw. "You never did answer me."

-I'm glad that you found happiness with Cloud. It warms my heart to know that someone can you love more than I can and make you feel better when you're down, even if you don't want the affection—or at least you pretend that you don't. Knowing you, you secretly love affection. I wouldn't be surprised. …Okay, so maybe I would, but that's not the point!-


"Yes, what?"

"Yes… I will love you…"

Cloud crushed Leon into a tight embrace, into a bruising, passionate kiss.

And it felt so good.

-The point is that I should get to the point of this letter. Now that I'm done apologizing—I hope that you can forgive me—I just want to let you know not to fret—like you'd be obvious about that, right? Heehee—because Riku and I are at "home" now. That's right. "Home". So don't worry, Leon. We're safe and sound.-

Leon watched him for a few moments, then shook his head, rolling his eyes. "That was more information than I needed, Sora… Anyway, it's not giving you any trouble, is it?"

Sora thought about that for a few moments, then shook his head, unruly hair swishing back and forth before settling again. His grin turned wolfish. "Why…Squall? You scared?"

"No. I'm not really scared of anything."

-And thank you…

-…Thank you for everything…-

Leon couldn't remember the last time he had cried. It had been so long, and so the sting of tears at the back of his eyes was entirely unfamiliar. And as Cloud drew Leon into his arms, whispering that it was okay, whatever was wrong, Leon clutched at him and choked on a small sob, vision blurring. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears, but two trailed down his cheeks, anyway.



Seagulls calling out to one another…

…The smell of salt on the air…

Soft sand…

…Bright blue sky…

Burning sun…

…Palm trees standing tall…

Whispers of the wind…

…Soft rush of water…

… … Crashing onto the shore … …

… … … And laughter filling the air … … …

"Riku! Ri-ku! We're home! We're home, Ri-ku!"

"Yeah… We're home…"

Smiling faintly, Riku slowly got to his feet, never minding the sand clinging to his skin, nor the sun shining brightly in his eyes. Instead he grinned and turned to Sora, holding out his hand.

"I'll race you."

Sora smiled and took Riku's hand, squeezing it tightly, reassuringly. "You're on."

Laughing, the two started off, feet sending sand flying up around them. Their laughter filled the calm air, echoed, and moments later as they rounded the corner to the dock, four teenagers looked up in surprise.

And began to cry with a mixture of shock and pure happiness.

Riku and Sora rushed over to them, panting, gasping for air, but their grins never wavered.

They were home.

Home at last.

-The End-