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011. Coma

How do you move on after the world stops turning?

It was a question that spun around in Noel's head for months on end. How did the world around him keep on turning, when he'd been frozen solid? How did everyone else get out of bed every day and go about their business so cheerfully when the worst thing in the world had happened?

It seemed like he sat in the chair in the living room of the flat they'd rented together for months on end. Frozen solid to his seat, nothing outside of his vacuum of thoughts mattering at all.

People might talk to him, but he didn't hear it. He might do things, but he never felt it. It was like he was encased in a thick layer of rubber. Nothing ever actually touched him; the entire world seemed to bounce off that strange, protective shield.

He felt suffocated.

He may as well have been unconscious, kicked into a coma.

Then, one day, he felt something.

He swore, and yanked his hand away from the searing hot oven top. He looked at his finger, red and shiny and painfully torched, and stared. Stared at the flesh which he could actually feel. And he felt his hands twisted in their odd position, his spine aching from leaning down, his hair tickling his shoulder blades and stubble itchy on his face.

Like a fire spell cast on icicles, he felt himself slowly thawing out.

It was like the very spring that he and Yeul had had so much fun in.

He couldn't help but remember how she'd made a daisy chain so long that even wrapping it around her head three times there were some flowers left over. And how they'd witnessed a group of chicks hatching all together, smiling tenderly down at the fluffy little things.

He felt his face slowly stretch into a half-hearted grin. Then a smile. Then, he laughed. It made his face ache uncomfortably and his throat gave a screech of protest but he did it anyway. It was like his heart had been given an electric shock and the blood had started being pumped through his veins for the first time in months.

He felt alive. Like waking up after months of empty dreaming.

The pain in his finger throbbed. Swearing some more he ran to the tap and ran it under cold water. He caught sight of himself in the reflection of the metal tap.

This wasn't the Noel Yeul loved. This wasn't even Noel. And Yeul would've wanted the real Noel to stay living in this world. To experience all that she couldn't, to live a full life that she never got.

Feeling a chill down to the very bone of his finger, Noel promised himself something in that moment:

Every day would be a day lived to the fullest. He wasn't going to let Yeul down, not on this one. Not if he could ever help it.

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