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It's truly astonishing the situations people tend to get themselves into sometimes without realizing it. They can range from unusual and sticky – been there - wonderful and life-changing – done that - scary and possibly life ending – and here we are -. I seemed to have found myself in one of the life ending and scary situations. How can I be so calm I hear you ask? My mind might be, but my 20 year old exterior is terrified of the huge beast leering down on top of me as I whimper for my life, hoping the rest of my team gets back soon. How did this happen? It wasn't an accident, no; the beast had his orders and is enjoying them immensely. This is my punishment. Though I'm getting ahead of myself, you need to know how I got here before I was cowering under Creed, and who I am. My name is Andromeda Sorin and I'm a mutant. A telepath to be exact, hence why my mind is so calm or maybe it's because I'm British; gallows humor, had to be done.

I was 17 when I first met Major Stryker and Victor Creed. I was in a library doing something I loved, pretending to read while listening to everyone around me. I saw the Major and Creed walking toward me. It was hard to ignore Creed; he was at least 6'10 with enormous hands and feet. He smiled at me and four shiny and sharp canines met my eyes as he licked his lips. The Major was almost forgettable, but what was odd and caught my attention, I couldn't hear their thoughts and I was trying to.

There was nothing, just emptiness, a black void when I tried to read them and it was if they knew I was trying. As they advanced forward their grins, especially the Major's, got bigger. This had never happened before! I'm a very strong and gifted telepath. I say that not to brag, well maybe just a little, but to illustrate my frustration. On a good day I can hear the thoughts of everyone for miles around. Granted it gets a tad buzzy, however if I concentrate I can pick out a single person or transfer all the thoughts I hear to someone. So not being able to hear these two bothered me. The beast was clearly a mutant; all you had to do was look at him. The other was just a man; he was military from the look of him. Side note, I didn't know he was a Major before we met; he was just in military garb, to be honest I thought he was trying to be fashionable and failed to be blunt about it.

Stryker stopped just short of me and extended his hand while Creed stayed behind him just eyeing every inch of me. I looked past the man and took a look at the beast sizing me up like a hors d'oeuvre realizing he must do that to all the females he comes into contact with and I shivered a bit. I averted my eyes back to the man still holding out his hand.

"Major William Stryker," he said, almost as if I was supposed to know him.

I took his hand hesitantly shaking it rather carefully, "I'm…"

"Andromeda Sorin, yes I know. We've been watching you for quite some time," he said beaming like a proud father taking a seat beside me. As he did there was a direct line of sight between myself and the beast. "Don't worry about him, he won't hurt you, he's just here as insurance. Aren't you Victor?"

It had a name and it was a classic name too, Victor, not Butch or Killer or Spot, like I was expecting. He smirked at me as I turned to him for a brief moment and nodded. I turned back to Stryker, "I'm sorry, you've been watching me?"

He smiled at me, it was kind but there was something alarming behind his eyes and I really should have listened to my instincts back then. Damn it all Andromeda! That's jumping ahead a bit though.

"Yes," he said, still had that tone of 'you should know all this' but he explained. "The group I represent monitors mutant activity and we offer a place in our organization for the strongest, most powerful and those that show the most potential. The other leaders and I feel you have tremendous strength and potential and an opportunity to use that for a bigger purpose if you choose to join us."

I looked at the Major quizzically and then cast my eyes to Victor, "What kind of opportunity?"

Then the beast spoke for the first time, "She's a waste of our time, can't even break through the block. Pathetic frail," his voice was gruff, like steel on gravel. He glared almost spitting the last word at me.

Frail, interesting and a block, of course; I tuned out everything else but Victor and William. Didn't take a lot of effort once I had all other distractions tuned out and I dropped the mutant and man to their knees. Of course the entire population of the library went scurrying out after I started my assault on the two of them. Couldn't be helped, had to be done.

"Pathetic? Frail? How so Mr. Creed? I'm not the one howling in pain because I'm getting my mind's insides played with am I? Now, now let's not call more attention to ourselves shall we? That's quite a racket you are making Victor." I stopped my assault on both of them sat back in the comfy chair crossed my legs and grinned as wide as I could. I sat grinning just waiting for them to get sorted and the ringing in their ears to stop. Creed was growling at me once he had his senses back but I just smiled at him and calmly stated, "You were saying?" I turned to the Major, "About this team, mercenaries, I'm intrigued. Tell me Major, how would a telepath and more importantly a teenage girl fit in with your team? And can you assure my safety? It looks as though Victor is chomping at the bit to rip me apart from the inside."

He smiled like I was already on the team, "You would be like a keystone, going in after we have infiltrated our targets to pull out the truth if they are being less than cooperative. As for your safety, once you are part of Weapon X no one on the team will harm you in any way. If they try they will be punished, severely." He turned to Creed looking him dead in the eye, "Isn't that right Victor?" Creed stopped his growling and dropped his eyes from me to the floor and nodded. The Major turned back to me, "Now Miss Sorin, what is your answer?"