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My eyes tightened and I groaned trying to make my limbs move. I realized quickly I was once again hooked to several machines in a hospital bed. My first thought was that I was still at Weapon X. I willed my eyes open seeing a bright, white, and sterile room. This was not the bunker. I was in an actual hospital or medical facility.

"Bout time you woke up," a voice said.

I turned my head as much as I could seeing the archer from the mission I met Coulson on. I was so confused, the escape worked? I tried to reach up to rub my eyes finding they were chained to my side.

"Andromeda," Coulson's voice hit my ears.

"Agent Coulson," I answered, "could you tell me why I'm handcuffed?"

"That was my doing," a third voice entered the conversation, it was unfamiliar to me. I sat up, as best I could, to see a very intimidating man looking at me. An eyepatch on his left eye, with a stern expression on his face, "We needed to know that our staff would be safe."

"Director Fury," I said wincing, reading anyone in this state was painful, "the only danger they are in is from a headache and I'm afraid that manacles do not stop telepathic attacks."

"You were in a band of mercenaries and I'm certain they trained you in all the tricks of their trade," he retorted.

"Yes, you are correct," I said trying to push myself up further but just causing more pain. "However if you could take a look at my back you would know that I am in no condition to fight anyone. I can barely lift myself up on this bed."

"Yeah, what the hell caused those marks," the archer asked.

"Barton," Fury barked. He looked at me he was also curious.

"A beast of a man by the name of Victor Creed."

Fury nodded to Coulson who unlocked the cuffs holding me to the bed and Barton, as I now knew his name, helped sit me up.

"I will need the names of all participants and leaders of this program and what their abilities are before you will be officially considered for SHIELD."

Fury handed me a clipboard but I turned to Coulson, "Agent Coulson what happened to the others?"

"They turned us down," he said, "put them down as well," his eyes were full of sympathy for me. "Barton watch her."

"Babysitting is my life, Sir," he said but a grin pulled at his face.

Fury and Coulson left along with the handful of medical staff. I then noticed a very pretty but very severe looking woman standing in the door waiting for Coulson. I looked to Barton and he gave a small chuckle.

"Agent May, she was looking for a fight with another tiny, powerful woman," he said leaning closer to me as they disappeared around the corner. "Guess she'll have to find a challenge elsewhere."

I looked at the archer playfully glaring at him which hurt making my face cringe in pain before softening. Agent Barton found that rather amusing as I tried to play it off, "We haven't been formally introduced. Andromeda Sorin."

"Clint Barton," he said leaning back in the chair pushing the purple sunglasses he had covering his eyes onto his head, "Fill out your paperwork Brit."

I let out a slight laugh, "Yeah sure Yank," I told him and detailed all I knew about Major Stryker, Professor Thornton, and the subjects at Weapon X.

My heart was still broken and if I ever did see Wade again I would kill him for knocking me out. I would have gone! I shook my head and stopped writing for a moment, no I wouldn't have. I'm still going to kick his ass! I hoped that James and John were alright, sad and somewhat disappointed that John didn't hop on the SHIELD bandwagon. My pen shook due to my quaking hand.

I looked at the archer, "Tell me what happened." My voice was meek and trembling.

His carefree attitude dropped, "You sure you want to hear this?"

"Please I have to know," I begged him.

"We picked you up and the guy who could teleport, the one that made you a fake hostage, was about to climb in but…" he paused, "gunfire broke out, he was nearly cut in half. The smaller guy was cut down too but I swear as we took off he got up and ran."

Tears rolled down my face, "John Wraith," I said my voice quivering, "that was his name. The other one," I closed my eyes trying to rid myself of all these tears, "James Howlett," I wrote the name down, "he survived," I wrote down regenerative healing factor next to his name.

I finished my paperwork writing the following:

James Howlett – regenerative healing factor, retractable claws made of bone, enhanced senses
Victor Creed – regenerative healing factor, retractable nails, enhanced senses
Christoph Nord – expert marksman, absorption of kinetic energy, corrosive energy blasts
John Wraith – teleportation, deceased
Wade Wilson – expert in all weapons, expert marksman, expert combatant, fluent in several languages, deceased
Major William Stryker – in charge of training and recruitment
Professor Thornton – in charge of biology and mutation
Andromeda Sorin – telepath

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