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Chapter 1 - Surprise Surprise

Alec sat at the bar at Crash drinking a whiskey while admiring the women around him wondering which one he should choose tonight for a little bit of fun. The red head beside him was looking very promising and he gave her a wink that she returned flirtingly. Oh yes, the red head would do nicely. In the corner of Crash, he saw Max and Logan playing pool against each other, their eyes rarely leaving each other's faces. Even from where he sat Alec could feel the tension and the undisguised wanting that they were both feeling. Lame very lame, Alec thought decidedly shaking his head. That virus was still making it hard for them to be together and Alec kinda felt sorry for them. He was glad that he and Max looked like normal people or they wouldn't have been able to go out tonight and just relax for once forgetting all about White and him trying to kill the both of them. Still things weren't good for transgenic in Seattle. Those who were obviously transgenic were confined to Terminal City and though some X5's and X6's had joined the ranks in Terminal City for a while most of them had decided to leave Seattle and head for somewhere less inconspicuous. Mainly Australia, the one free land where the transgenic population couldn't be targeted as Australia had offered them protection. Not for the first time Alec wondered why he hadn't gone with them but looking over at Max and Logan he understood, he was fighting for friendships and freedom. Never thought I'd become some sort of mercenary instead of a soldier, Alec thought to himself scratching his forehead. He turned his gaze to the toilets and spied a pretty young woman, who looked to be about eighteen years of age, walking towards the toilets. Forgetting the red head he followed the girl staring at her in awe. She had blonde hair that reached her waist and bright blue eyes that sparkled with mischief and halfway to the toilets she looked over at him and smiled cheekily winking. Alec leant against the nearest wall and crossed his arms across his chest smiling back at her charmingly. The woman then shrugged her slim shoulders and went into the toilets. Wow, Alec whistled to himself then he returned to the bar and the pretty red head who gestured for him to sit beside her and Alec obliged her willingly.

"Max, he's over there," Logan whispered to Max gesturing to the thin Italian businessman standing at the bar. Even from where Max stood she could tell he was sleazy. The way that he looked at the women, his small cruel black eyes slowly undressing them, he practically drooled when he looked at a woman and Max couldn't help but shiver in disgust. Max primped her outfit and Logan gave her the thumbs up. She had on a tight red dress where the skirt barely reached her mid thigh and her luscious brown hair was curled to perfection. Logan couldn't help but admit she looked more like she did when they had first met and he found her very attractive, just like he had before. But then there was that virus.

"So I go with him, get the disc, then I get my ass out of there?" Max asked for confirmation and Logan nodded looking over at the target again.

"Yeah that's the plan, think you can handle it?" Logan teased her affectionately and Max gave him one of her haughty looks and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Was I genetically created?" she asked him and Logan only smiled not wanting to dignify her taunt with an answer. Max turned around and strutted over to the Italian making sure to get eye contact with him and she rolled her shoulders at him suggestively. He spotted her coming from across the room and he smiled in anticipation as she came closer to him. He licked his lips when she stood near him and Max tried not to look repulsed as she gave him a flirtatious wink that he returned.

"Hey there," Max said and the Italian looked her up and down openly before replying.

"Hello baby, you're looking very fine tonight," he told her licking his lips again and Max fluttered her eyelashes pretending to be flattered.

"You busy tonight honey?" Max asked sweetly and the Italian looked around him quickly as though remembering why he was at Crash in the first place.

"Actually I'm waiting for someone," he said and Max placed a hand on his leg as she smiled and the Italian's attentions went back to her.

"Yeah, and who's that?" Max asked innocently but before the Italian could reply they were interrupted by the blonde haired blue eyed girl that had taken Alec's attention moments before.

"Me actually," the girl said giving a giggle as she leant over to nuzzle the Italian's neck and he looked somewhat guiltily at Max before he turned to his girl to explain what he was doing with another woman.

"There you are baby, I was wondering where you were," he said and the girl laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Sure you were," she said taking her coat from his lap and putting it on while the Italian looked from one girl to the other greedily.

"Can I get you a drink?" Max asked the Italian who looked thrilled by the idea while his girl looked up quickly at Max, her blue eyes staring into Max's brown ones. Max sensed something strange about the girl but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. The girl raised her eyebrows questioningly at Max but Max merely smiled widely.

"Sure darl, I'd love one," the Italian said and his girl tapped his shoulder and pouted as he turned to face her while her eyes kept flicking triumphantly to Max.

"But Nicky we have to go and meet Franco," she blubbered looking like she was about to cry and Nicky took her hand and patted it pleadingly.

"Aww.come on baby, just one drink," he begged while Max watched them and the girl shook her head.

"No," the girl said in a strong voice glaring at Max again and Max glared back at her.

"Sorry toots, the lady has spoken," Nicky said turning back to Max who put on a remorseful smile.

"Maybe we could meet up again when you're not so busy," Max said running her fingers down Nicky's shirt buttons and his girl pulled Nicky away from Max and shoved him towards the door. She then walked back to Max and smiled secretly.

"Nicky won't be available for a very long time," she said darkly then she winked at Max before turning around to join Nicky who was waiting for her by the door as she said, "Let's go."

"What happened?" Logan asked walking over but Max was still staring at the back of the blonde as she exited the building. Logan followed her gave then looked at Max questioningly.

"I was outdone by her," Max said nodding her head in the direction the blonde went and Logan had an amused smile on his face as the blonde turned and waved goodbye to Max fluttering her fingers smugly.

"You couldn't pick up that guy?" Logan asked with incredulity and Max raised an eyebrow at him in exasperation. She couldn't believe Logan actually looked like he found that information funny.

"Don't sound so amused by it," Max scolded him and Logan started laughing.

"I'm not, it's the fact that a gorgeous girl like that actually wanted him, seems a little suspicious to me," Logan said absently after a few moments and Max narrowed her eyes at Logan.

"Well we better follow them," she said walking towards the door and Logan followed her.

"Right," he agreed and Max stopped in the doorway turning back to face Logan again causing Logan to nearly bump into her.

"And when you say gorgeous you mean?" Max asked innocently smiling as though the question were a joke but her eyes showed her jealousy and Logan looked a little uncomfortable as he shrugged.

"Ugly compared to you," he amended and Max smiled a full smile at him.

"I thought so," she murmured and Logan grinned at her.

"You need me tonight guys?" Alec asked popping up from nowhere and Max looked at him scathingly then thought about the girl. There was something really strange about her, maybe they would need Alec's help.

"Actually yeah I think we might, can you spare us an hour of your precious time?" Max asked sarcastically and Alec rolled his eyes, used to her dry sense of humour.

"Wow, I feel so wanted, but I think I can fit you into my busy schedule," he said looking back at the red head who pouted over at him and he turned away from her dismissively.

"Don't let it go to your head," Max said snidely and Alec couldn't help but smile.

"With you around Maxie? Couldn't possibly," he said shaking his head as he started to pat Max on the head only to be given an elbow in the ribs for his trouble.