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Goku being turned into a kid also put him down, but just above Kid Buu like in the anime, but Uub is replaced by Pan for GT. Goku, like the others, will still knows about the transformations of God, God Super Saiyan, and Ultra Instinct, but is he gonna be OP? Well yes and no, Yes in the sense that he surpasses most of them, but he not gonna surpass those like Superman very easily as Death Battle has proven can beat SSJ4, SSG, SSGSS in Goku vs Superman and it's epic Sequel, despite the controversy I understand their reasoning.

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"So Shenron, what do you wanna do first now that we're eternal companions?" Goku said as he smiled at the Dragon he was now bound to.

"Well first things first, I say I do this for you, after everything that's happened. You deserve it." Shenron responds as Goku glowed and grew in size, returning him to his full height (Think Goku in the 100 years later scene, but he still has his tail) and his strength increases to also give him back the God base form he lost when he was turned into a child body.

"Wow. Thanks!" Goku said as Shenron smiled at the Saiyan. "So where are we going?" The Saiyan warrior from Earth asks.

"Well you see Son Goku, I'm taking us to a world far beyond the Universes you fought long ago. I'm taking us to a completely separate dimension with it's own many, many alternate universes." Shenron explains.

Goku then asked "Will there be many fighters stronger than me there?"

"Not many, but a few that will push you far."

Goku cheered with joy "YAY!"

'Oh my me...' Shenron thought as he rolled his eyes and smiled at the warrior's antics.

"We're here. Now then I will reincarnate you in that form and before you wonder about me, I'll be with you inside you're heart with the 4 Star Ball, ready to use my powers if you need me to do something like say grant a wish, before you ask, because of you're pure heart, the same heart that allowed you to ride Nimbus as a child, the negative energy will be destroyed and you're wishes will not have any bad side effects but like the Dragon Balls, once you use up the wishes, you can't use anymore for a year. But here's the kicker, because I nixed wishes that are considered greedy and other stuff I know you know better to wish for, you can now be granted up to 5 wishes a year. So if you wanna talk, I can appear to speak with you or others just by saying 'Shenron Arise!' like normal." the large Dragon explained.

"Cool, alright then, I'm ready!" The Saiyan said with confidence as everything around him turned black.

He awoke in a new room when Goku awoke he was still the same and felt the same.

"Ah, you must be Son Goku. I have heard many tales about you." He heard as the Saiyan turned to the source of the voice.

"I am the Highfather. You have been brought here to become a New God, are you ready Goku?"

"Alright I guess, I mean it's this or spend eternity locked away with only Shenron to talk to, and that'll get boring quickly and drive me insane."

"Good choice Son, now then prepare to become a New God."

Goku flashed for a few seconds before he felt a massive boost in strength, speed, durability, etc.

"So what now?"

The Highfather looked down at Goku "Now Goku, we will send you down to an Earth that, in 5 years, will be attack by a powerful foe that has been at war with us, his name is Darkseid."

"How strong is he?" the New Saiyan God asked.

"He is known throughout the multiverse as the most terrifying and evil person there is!"

Goku looked shocked before smiling "Really?"

"He's conquered hundreds of universes, and slaughtered billions of people!" The Highfather explained.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" The hero squealed with joy. Wanting to fight him right now.

The Highfather then yelled "STOP IT! Stop—getting—excited! Now promise me you will not fight him until he appears!"

"But-" Goku said.

"PROMISE ME!" Highfather shouted with seriousness. As he opened a portal.

"Oh alright." Goku sighed as he stepped into the portal as Goku was then sent to the Earth Darkseid set his sights on next.

"...I hope this plan of yours works, if he is the strong warrior you claim him to be if he fought Lord Beerus and lived to tell the tale." Highfather said before a voice Goku would recognize anywhere spoke.

"Don't worry, If I know Goku, it's that he's one of the strongest warriors I've ever met, not to mention he's one of the truest heroes on his Earth."

"But I fear he will let Darkseid grow too strong just to see his maximum like he did with Frieza and others before. I remember when you told me about this one Goku from a different universe who wanted to fight Superman... twice, and yet he still lost."

"To be fair Goku is far stronger now than that one. He is a very strong warrior, I know he can win with 5 years to train."

"Alright then, thank you King Kai." The Highfather said before King Kai stopped talking to him telepathically.

"Everyone's fate is in you're hand Son Goku, please don't mess it up..." He muttered to himself.

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