Shenron: Goku, I'm taking you to where you will be so controversial for this story.

Goku: The internet?

Shenron: No.

Goku: Another anime?

Shenron: Nope.

Goku: ...Superman's world?

Shenron: Superman's world.


The Teen Titans stare at Goku.

Goku: Who are you guys?

Robin: I'm the leader!

Starfire: I am an alien!

Raven: I'm a half demon!

Beast Boy and Cyborg: And we are hilarious and you will quote everything we say.

Goku: …

Titans: …

Darkseid: I'm here!

DC Universe: Darkseid's here!

Goku: Ka-me-ha-me-HADOUKEN!

Goku then fires a huge energy laser blast at Darkseid as soon as he he turned into a Super Sandwich (Yes I know what I said.)

Darkseid was enveloped by the attack, but took minor damage.

Goku: ...That should have killed you… how are you even alive!?

Darkseid: Um… plot?

Goku: Oh, that makes sense….

Everyone: ….

Goku then suddenly turned into a Super Saiyan 4.

Darkseid slaps Goku to the side followed by SSG Goku before SSB Goku kicks him in the nuts.

Darksied: Crap, I need something to beat hi- oh right I have this….

Darksied starts beating Goku up with a sign that said "ANTI LIFE EQUATION: 2+2=4".

Goku began to faint

Goku: Oh man, I can't beat him, he's too strong.

King Kai: Goku's down!

Vegeta: Does anyone really care?

King Kai: He died to a DC Character.

Vegeta: ...I'll rectify this mistake immediately!

Gohan: I'm also here.

Vegeta: Nobody cares nerd!

Beerus: I'm only here to show that Super still happened even if this the GT timeline.

Whis: I'm here because Beerus-San is here and I have to go with him.

Piccolo throws Bardock into a mountain in HFIL.

Piccolo: DODGE!

Bardock: Alright this should be easy enou-

Bardock a has a vision before crashing into said mountain.

Darksied: Now perish mortal.

Suddenly a portal opens up, grabbing everyone's attention, revealing The Winged Merchant in his shower completely naked.

Winged then screams like a girl and chucks a bar of soap at Darkseid's while the portal changes to show the Z-Fighters.

Krillin: ...Hi!

Darkseid fires an Omega and is about to hit him while he screams in fear.

Goku: Who are you?

Kakarot: I'm you but smarter.

Goku: Will any of this matter?

Kakarot: Probably not.

Bardock: KAKA-

Bardock throws a rock at his head and he immediately wakes up from it.

Bardock: -ROT!

Goku then gets up and started to scream as the 7 Dragon Balls floated around him as his hair starts flashing gold and his eyes turn green. Sparkles are floating around his body. It was Super Goku.

Goku: …

Darkseid: …

Everyone: …

Goku: Wait. Wrong form.

Goku then turns into the Super Saiyan New God form.

Goku then one shots Darkseid with a punch before a new Darkseid appeared.

Darkseid: You defeated me, now you must fight my true form to prove yourself.


Goku rushed into the portal while he screamed happily.

Darkseid (True Form) fires Omega Beams while Goku fired a KA ME HA ME HA!


Goku fell out the portal and said, "I won!"

Goku then starts to fade away.

Shenron: Goku, you must now move on to the next universe to help.

Goku: Can I take my friends?

Shenron: Sure, why the heck not. It's not like this is canon anyway.

Galactus stared at SSB Goku and Vegeta.

Deadpool meanwhile held up a flag that said "Yang Xiao Long is best girl fight me!"

Winged Merchant soon joined him with a similar sign promoting the blonde waifu while everyone just stared at them with raised eyebrows and multiple questions flowing through their brains.

Suddenly everything explodes in a CGI explosion.


It then zooms out to show Mega Man X, Zero, and Axl all sitting in a theater with popcorn and drinks.

Mega Man X: He dumped my fic in the trash for this crap?

Zero: Come on X, you were one of his earliest fics and he got trapped by the cliches and accidentally made you OP. I'm sure one day he'll finally go back.

?: Hey speak for yourselves!

They turn and see Bass sitting in the row behind them, who then points at Zero as he continues.

Bass: At least you got multiple chapters I was only in a one shot What-If where I was in your game series instead of you!

Axl: Hey, I wonder if I could get a fic.

Winged: Maybe one day. Now if you don't mind me, I've got a remake or two in the work and, who knows I may actually do remakes and a full version of your fics respectively, but no promises.

The Scout: Of course you do, Mr. "I Regret making Saitama vs Chara."

Winged: Can you not!

Welp, it's the end of 2019. I plan on changing accounts and starting anew with a few remakes of fics that I plan to improve. So you can probably consider this a dead account now for the most part. I also do have some new Death Battles planned that aren't going to be pieces of shit.