(Timeskip 3 weeks)

In a cave far away from civilisation a figure growled as it lay on the dark floor. The figure had a blusish white body, two large black wings, a purple tail and a horn on a large snout. This was a dragon or rather the draconic form of one Issei Hyoudou after he lost the last percentages of his humanity.

Currently he was being watched by both Vitra and Ddraig. "One of us should go and in form the alliance about his condition. The search parties are getting more and more desperate."

"[I will tell them as soon as partner wakes up. You and I both know that they will insist upon moving him somewhere else the moment they know that he is technically in coma.]" Ddraig answered effectively closing in all of the debate.

"[Though it will be hilarious when he finally goes back , I can imagine him getting a beating at the hands of his mates.]" Ddraig continued with a snigger.

"Oh there is no about that, I can already imagine it. Though I will go and inform all of his mates. You know its cruel to keep them worrying." Vitra said finishing seriously.

Ddraig sighed as he nodded before he took of into the air flying towards the alliance headquarters, the area he knew where currently tiamat sat in order to represent the newly formed dragon faction.

Ddraig then landed taking the form of a tall middle aged man with striking green eyes and red hair. Sensing his arrival tiamat turned around and said "What are you doing here ddraig?" Her tone was slightly bitter.

Ddraig however did not mind he knew that she had forgiven him for her treasure that he had accidentally destroyed. What she was angry about was him not telling her and the others the place Issei was currently resting in.

"I came here to tell you about how partner is fairing. However I will tell you and the rest of his mates together. So if you can summon them alone it will be appreciated." Ddraig lightly replied as he leaned against the wall of tiamats office.

Tiamats blue eyes widened a fraction before they returned to their normal level. She gave him a curt nod before she created a messenger circle and sent the message to Gabriel, Le Fay and Jeanne requesting their immediate presence in her office.

The three blondes soon appeared in the office with Gabriel appearing via a golden cross while le fay and jeanne arrived via a transportation circle. Tiamat then turned to Ddraig and quirked her eyebrow upwards before saying "All of us are here ddraig what did you want to tell us about Issei?"

At Isseis mention all 4 girls looked at Ddraig with a ferocious intensity that made even the great Welsh dragon sweat a bit. He then cleared his throat and said "Partner is unconscious and will remain so for a not so fixed time. The out put of draconic energy during the battle with trihexa was way to much for his body to handle and it gave away the last of its human vestiges to become a pure dragon. Because of that he has developed his own aura which is rebuilding his body and soul. We don't know how much time it will take but Vitra says that he should begin to at least stir around in the coming weeks."

"I-I-i see, will it be possible for us to see him?" Gabriel asked softly.

"Im afraid not, his aura is currently volatile and even after he wakes up it will take him a couple of years to get it under control, until then you will have to contend with letters and messages." Ddraig said with a shake of his head.

"Oh, then will you inform us if anything happens ddraig sama?" Le Fay politely asked though her tone was sullen.

"I will and believe me I know how it feels to lose a mate and I promise you that I will tell you everything. However I request that you do not inform any one else about what I have told you." Ddraig said finishing in a serious tone.

"We agree, we wont tell what you share with us with anyone. Afterall non of us would want a breach in Isseis security." Tiamat quickly replied cutting of the possible arguments that were about to be made by Gabriel.

With a nod Ddraig stood up before ge jumped into the air and transformed into his celestial red dragon form and flying away.

(Several months later)

It had been a number of months since Ddraigs meeting with tiamat and the others. Over the course of that time Tiamat, Vali and tanin had worked hard to stablize the dragon faction and move to their own territory. All of which had moved along smoothly. The alliance on a whole was much more rigid and had no cracks snd was quickly bringing in more pantheons.

True to Vitras predictions Issei had been stirring for a few months and according to him he would wake up any day now. Currently we find Ddraig and vitra looking at the slightly moving form of Issei. his aura was stablised and he would be waking up any moment now.

A few seconds later Issei opened his now mismatched yellow and green eyes before letting out a deafening roar. After a bit of a stretch he looked around only to find ddraig and vitra looking at him. Feeling their power along with his own his instincts roared at him to fight both of them. However his mind was still the same and quickly quashed that thought before he asked "How long have I been here?"

"Almost half a hear being honest I expected it to be a bit longer, but your stubborness seemed to have carried on to your aura." Vitra replied amusedly.

"I see, what happens now when can I get back to the others and what has been happening during the time Ive been unconscious?" Issei asked as he idly tested his new draconic form by standing on all 4 feet and lightly flapping his wings.

"The dragon faction is up and running in the lost ruins of atlantis, we have our own food supply and caves. Tiamat is the acting head while tanin is dealing with the diplomatic occurrences, midgardsomr is sleeping once again, Yu Long is acting as our liaison with the alliance. Me and Vitra having been taking care of you while Crom Crauch has been training some of the dragons who have expressed an interest in challenging him for his title as the third heavenly dragon in the future. As for going back you can't at least not yet. You basically need to re learn everything about yourself." Ddraig said as he finished sternly.

"Re learn how?" Issei asked pushing his irritation at not being able to see mates back.

"You are currently a mixture made up from the power of 7 of 10 strongest dragons ever to exist. You are bound to have a few unaccounted abilities. In the coming three years we will not only rebuild your normal skills due to the power increase, but will also help you mastering any new abilities along with bringing up your control over your aura. After that you will be able to go and take over the dragon faction and finally mate with your mates." Ddraig said finishing with a amused stare that made the much younger dragon give a draconic equivalent of a blush.

"Alright then lets get started, I know you already warned me of this, so I won't complain." Issei said determined to get through this training as quickly as possible so that he could finally go back to his mates.

(Timeskip 3 years)

Standing on a hill we find 3 figures staring of into the distance. The first figure looked to be of Indian descent having a tall sleekly muscular body with purple hair and scarlet eyes. The second one had crimson red hair emerald green eyes and a tall, wide muscular form. The last figure had jet black hair with streaks of red, white, blue and purple running through them. He had a lean and muscular build along with the hetrochromatic yellow and green eyes.

The three were Issei, Ddraig and Vitra. The past 3 years had been very fruitful for Issei. For one he had learnt that he had retained his affinity for ice and Fire and had awakened a third in air. Along with that he had learnt that his draconic aura was based on gravity and he had developed a number of moves and techniques based on gravity.

"We have come a long way havent we?" Issei asked without turning his head.

"That we have partner, know what do we do?" Ddraig.

"Now we set down a surprise." Issei said with a grin stretching on his lips. Once he said that the trio of dragons all disappeared in their respective elemental flashes.

(Scene break)

At the headquarters of the dragon faction we find Tiamat working along with Le Fay and Jeanne all sorting through paperwork and what not. The addition of the vali team and the core fighters of the hero faction had been a boon. Even Gabriel visited the place daily to spend more time with her harem sisters.

Currently all 4 girls were enjoying a nice cup of coffee and making small talk only to be interrupted by the arrival of ddraig and vitra. Looking at them Tiamat asked " Ddraig, Vitra what Can I help you with?"

"They are here to see me off Tia chan, I really hope I havent been forgotten?" The warm voice of Issei cut through the room causing all four of the females to stiffen slightly.

Gabriel, Jeanne and le fay all slowly turned around to find the smiling visage of Issei. In a flash all 3 of the girls were upon him hugging the lights out of him. Issei chuckled merrily before he released his black wings and wrapped them around the three of them pulling them closer to him.

Once the three girls let him go they one by one proceeded to kiss the soul out of him before tearily making him promise never to try something as reckless as he did vs trihexa and to make sure that he would come back much sooner than the current time he took to return.

Once he was done with greeting his blond mates he moved towards tiamat who was standing with her hands crossed under her prominent bust. "So you finally decided to come back hmm?" Tiamat asked sarcastically and Issei could only sheepishly chuckle at her tone.

"I am really sorry, I tried my hardest to get my training done as soon as possible. Unfortunately this was the least possible time possible." Issei said apologetically.

"Hmph and what does that mean to me? I still didnt get the date you promised me and more to that it was you who were supposed to be the one in charge of this new faction yet here I am the one who is stuck here with the bloody paper work. Do you mmph." Tiamat ranted until she was cut of when Issei planted his lips on hers with one of his hands snaking around her waist while the other one went around to stroke her long blue hair lightly gripping it as he did so.

"Im sorry, And I promise I will make it all up to you. We will go on as many dates as you want and I'll take over the faction the moment you want me to." Issei softly said after the kiss, his forehead pressed against her softly brushing it.

"See that you do." Tiamat said with a flushed face causing Issei to give out a warm chuckle. Looking around him spotting his partners and mates he knew that this was a sight that he would never get tired of. Things were finally starting to look up for him and he really could not wait to see how things played about now that there was no immediate threat of world destruction in the air.

(Timeskip 10 years)

Soft writing sounds permeated in a well furnished office with a male figure sitting on a table as his pen moved non stop. This was Issei and he was currently doing paperwork. The past decade had improved the situation of the world supernatural pantheons.

The dragon pantheon was now regarded as the strongest having several members who easily made it to the top 10 of the world. Not only that but due to Isseis old actions he had quiet a few alliances from around the world. He had also married all of his mates and so far had 6 kids.

Vali himself had moved in with kuroka and was a proud father of 3. Ddraig and the other dragons were once again happy to terrorize the skies and were quiet the formidable guards. Issei was bought out of his reverie when the door to his office was burst open and 6 blurs rushed in.

2 of them were blonds, while 3 of them were brunette with the final ones being a bluenette. These were his kids. Issei smiled as his children chittered away about how their days went, about the progress in their training and other small inconsequential things. He had a set of blond twins with Gabriel. A boy and girl being aptly named as Mike and Urie. He ha two single brunette boys children with le fay and Jeanne each.

They had been named as Itsuki and Mei, and finally a pair of twins with Tiamat, one of them being a brunette while the girl being the bluenette. They were named with draconic names Bahamut and Draconica.

He was bought out of his monologue when Urie said "Dad you promised that you would play with us today."

"I did promise that didnt I? Well it seems that your mothers will have to complete this paperwork for me. Let me send them a message and then we will be off." Issei said as he created a communication circle and sent of a voice message to his mates.

After he was done he once again turned to look at eager faces of his children and asked "Alrighty then what do you guys want to do?"

"Can you take us flying?" Itsuki asked hopefully with the other 5 all nodding along with puppy dog eyes out with full force.

Chuckling to himself he nodded before he followed his children outside. Once in open air he transformed into his dragon form and lifted his children on to his back before taking off. As he flew he said "Alright guys hold on tight we are going to see your uncle Ddraig."

As they cheered Issei once again thanked any higher power involved that gave him a chance to enjoy the time with his family. It wasnt something that he would exchange for anything in existence.