Here's a little announcement about the follow up story to this.

Check my profile if you want to start reading it, to see what happens next in the lives of Harry, Pansy, Luna, Dobby, Sirius, Parvati, etc. It's called Happily Ever After, Mostly

And a few final thoughts:

There were some changes here and there as this story went along. A few side stories that disappeared, got added or changed. Characters that developed in ways I hadn't originally planned. Luna was probably the biggest catalyst for change, and her presence made the story better, I think.

For example, I had always planned to have the final scene be Harry & Pansy striding down the Great Hall, announcing they were leaving & then portkeying off to their honeymoon. (In fact, if you want to go back and reread the story, Harry has a dream of several scenes that occur later on in chapter 26, after the Dementors had attacked the quidditch stadium, including the final scene of them leaving Hogwarts.) But, my original, more 'edgelordy' idea was that Harry would have burned every single bridge by then, and when they left they wouldn't have had any friends or people that still mattered to leave behind.

Luna changed all of that. Once I knew that she was here to stay, other characters also started to get their hooks in, so Harry & Pansy will still want to stay in touch with people like Sirius, Parvati, the Delacours, etc.

Another thing I always planned was for the magical world to end up much better off compared to canon- the Death Eaters don't kill nearly as many people, muggleborns aren't rounded up & murdered, tons of fan favorite characters like Sirius, Tonks, Fred, etc. all survive, but the cost to Harry is in a lot of ways much harsher. He's already damaged at the beginning of the story, and by the end of the war, he's only a few steps removed from being a full blown sociopath. Reflecting that is why he lost his friendships with Ron, then Hagrid, and finally Hermione along the way.

Thankfully, he has Pansy (and to a lesser extent Luna) as a morality chain, and his only real ambition is to live a quiet life, have some kids & stuff, because otherwise this Harry could easily have become a Dark Lord in his own right.

Now, he just has to hope this whole 'avatar' of Death thing doesn't turn out to be too much of a burden.