Lescatie have not only have increased the amount of tax they take, but also in increasing frequency.

The thing is Lescatie really does not own these villages, they do not govern them nor do they protect them. Lescatie has been forcing them to pay tribute or "Taxes" for the "protection" they provide.

Lescatie offers them no protection, and they have also imposed restrictions on the villages.

They may not own an army.

They have no freedom of religion.

They pay taxes to a foreign nation that does not provide anything for them.

The neighboring villages have not been able to do anything about it though, Lescatie is to powerful but to some relief they had been surprisingly lenient on the amount of tax they take.

Not anymore.

I hope the villages who have been plagued by the Order and Lescatie will rise up against them with me, although i find it unlikely. Lescatie has a large army, and many heroes, they might respond to this attack quicker than i realized.

But that army is not here, those heroes are not here.

This is why i intend to cause as much damage to Lescatie before they are recalled, before they can react.

We have burned Ares orn port, we destroyed their fleet.

We are conducting raids on the villages closest to Lescatie who are loyal to the Order, taking their wheat and poisoning their wells before we leave.

After that we destroyed every bridge that was close and lead to Lescatie itself, we have torn up their roads as well, an easy feat with Gnome.

I am guessing you have already figured it out, but Shion and her Kunoichi had failed.

I was to powerful, i had received training to be of use when conducting combat and warfare, to fight and to lead.

She had received training to conduct assassinations, kidnapping and sabotage.

In a fight against me she was at a disadvantage when she did not have the element of surprise.

I was not either as outnumbered as they though i was, they though i was alone when in reality i have had 6 monster with me all the time.

Ignis, Undine, Sylph, Gnome, Glacies and Shawla.

Only the city of Lescatie itself has been untouched by our raids so far, however every village, garrison, mine or outpost that are loyal to Lescatie has been attacked, some even destroyed.

It pains me to cause so much destruction, however we are at war.

On one side there are those of Lescatie and the Order who support the campaign against monsters even when it is hurting ourselves.

On the other there are those who do not want to be involved in a pointless war no more, who have been forced to participate and pay for a war they never wanted.

Some will say this is the day the Lescatie civil war started, however those who rose against Lescatie were never part of it to begin with, in actuality it is a war declared by hundreds of villages banding together to fight a larger threat, one that has been oppressing them for countless decades.


With the help of my bandits we have been recruiting manpower for this cause, we have taken back much of the supplies stolen by Lescatie.

However to fight a war i needed to give the men joining me for this cause some proper training, although at first i thought i had to set Eral to this task, i was given unexpected aid from another source.

Shion after her defeat has pledged herself to me, she offered to recruit Salamanders from across the sea to train this army.

All we needed was ships to get them here, ships Captain hook could provide.


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