A/N: I'm only going to say this once: I don't own Inuyasha.  I'm still wondering what the point of that is, maybe a nice reviewer can clue me in?  Anyway, I just have one thing to say before I let you go.  This may seem like your average, garden variety, mary sue self-insert, but it only starts that way.  It will then take a drastic turn eventually, becoming almost an original story instead of a fan-fiction.  Also, this is only the first of about four stories, so expect sequels.  That said, it's time for you to read on, and enter my world!  And review of course…

Chapter 1:Transfiguration

          Life stinks.  That's right, I said 'life stinks.' And guess what?  I've got a right to say that, much more right than anyone else in this dump called high school.  All around me is chaos and noise.  All around me are clumps of students standing around talking about nothing.  They think they're talking about something, but it's all worthless shit.  Whoops, gotta hug the wall because a fight's broken out right in the middle of the hallway.  Why?  "This asshole was talkin' shit about me!" A prime example of human intelligence if I ever saw it.

          By the way, my name's Eric, and right now is my favorite time of day.  Why?  I get to go home!  The only problem with that is that once I get home, I face a new pile of crap.  That's right people, parents.  Or rather, my father and stepmother, getting on my case about one thing or another, then calling me a fucking idiot when I don't do something right or don't do it at all, whether I did it right or not.  So that's my life in a nutshell, from dawn to dusk: get up, go to school, get bitched out by teachers and students, go home, get bitched out by family, go to bed, repeat.  For seventeen years. And people wonder why I have a complex.

          Today is different though.  I probably should mention that I have a job, an annoying waste of time that doesn't pay shit, and that through some fluke I actually made fifty bucks this week.  So instead of going home, I'm off to the mall to visit my favorite place in the world, FYE.  With fifty bucks I plan to buy a couple of anime DVDs, but I can't decide what to get.  Maybe DBZ, maybe Inuyasha, maybe Outlaw Star.  Who knows?  I'll have all the time in the world to decide, since there won't be anyone with me.  I was planning on taking my girlfriend up until about two days ago when she dumped me.  Her reason? "I don't love you."  Blah, blah, blah.  At least I still have my left hand.

We're here!  Eastview Mall.  I've always loved malls.  You can be around hundreds of people and none of them will bother you, unless they go to the same high school.  (Author's note-Eastview Mall is a real place, so I'm not going to describe it.  If you've been there, good.  If not, sorry!)  So through the crowds I stroll along until I come to the great electronic Paradise-FYE.  Row upon row of books, DVDS, videos, and magazines stretch on forever( well, not forever, but a long ways).  Let's take a look at the DVDs first.  Last I checked, there weren't any Inuyasha DVDs out yet, but there are two of them sitting on the rack.  Episodes 1-3 and 4-6.  Awesome!  I'll definitely come back for them after I'm done checking out the newest manga from DBZ and Gundam Wing.  I walk over to the rack, only to find that there is more Inuyasha manga for me to look through. This is great!  Maybe this day isn't so bad after all.  Let's have a look.  I open the book and glimpse that fascinating world, straight from the mind of Rumiko Takahashi.  What a place!  Humans and demons, heroes and villains, priestesses and sacred magic.  All exist there like television and microwaves do here.  What a world that must be.  A place where honor, friendship, and truth still mean something, a place where you can feel alive.  Yeah right!   Nothing like that exists in this world.  Here, you are born, you work yourself to death, you chase crazy dreams, and then you die.  If you're lucky.  If not, you're abused, humiliated, oppressed, raped, or murdered in the process.  Some world.  Here, you're friends with people only for what you can get out of them.  Here, you love someone when you feel like it.  Here, you obey the law and pay lip service to justice until you have the opportunity to break it.  This is the world we live in.  This is the world we are born to accept.

I walk back over to the DVD rack.  I've made my choice.  If anything is worth fifty bucks, it's anything from this series, from this world.  The world of Inuyasha.

My reverie is rudely interrupted as two beefy hands seize my shoulders and turn me roughly around.  Standing before are the three worst wastes of DNA that have ever walked the Earth, The Davis Brothers: Troy, Dave, and Bill.

          "Hey, fag."  Troy, the oldest says.  His breath, redolent of rotten vegetables, blows in my face.  His yellow, crooked teeth show forth in a sickening sneer.  "Hear you're girlfriend dumped you.  What'd you do, come out of the closet?"  His two idiot brothers laugh stupidly.

          I would laugh too, since this guy wouldn't think of calling me a fag if he knew how much of the female high school population I had been with.  This included his first and only girlfriend, which is why we are in our current situation.

          I try so hard, I really do, but a snicker escapes my lips, and his unusually thin patience snaps.  The smile disappears.  As if they share a mind, the two younger brothers grab my arms and pin them behind my back.  I may be smart, but I'm not very strong and these guys are all football players. Varsity.  I don't stand a chance.  Troy slams his beefy fist hard into my abdomen.  My throat burns slightly as stomach acid backflows up my esophagus.  His fist rains down again, this time across my face.  Blood and spit splatter the floor on my left.  The blows continue to rain down on my stomach, chest, and face.  My blood drips to the ground.  Their gruesome work done, the Brothers From Hell drop my shattered body to the ground, and walk toward the front door.  They shout catcalls to the girls at the front desk(Author's note: Only very hot girls seem to work at this place) then leave.

          No one makes any move to help me.  No one cares.  Why should they?  Helping me wouldn't benefit them.  So I pull myself roughly to my feet and wipe the blood from my face.  I look at my sleeve, stained bright red.  And all this happened because I took his girlfriend.  Seven months ago!

          The injustice of this fills me with rage.  I begin to charge out into the hall to find them and make them pay, but then I remember something.  For all my rage, I am still a weakling.  They would pummel me again, just like they had a minute ago.  So I turn back to the rack.  Eventually people stop staring and go back to their business.  In front of me are the Inuyasha DVDs.  I pick up two and bring them toward my face.  Inuyasha and Kagome are emblazoned on the cover.

 I look into their painted eyes.

 They look back.

Then, my world changes forever.


Jennifer watched with horror as the three bullies pounded the kid into the ground.  She was happy when he finally got up.  He looked like he was okay, except for the blood that trickled from his nose and mouth, so she went back to the issue of Cosmopolitan that she had been reading.  She read for two minutes until she felt a slight breeze brush through her blonde hair.  She didn't think much of it, until she realized that there wasn't supposed to be wind inside the mall.  She looked up, thinking that a fan must've been turned on. That's when she saw him, the boy that had been beaten up.  He was standing over the rack of Anime DVDs, staring, transfixed.  He had a couple in his hand and his eyes were fixed right on them.  She went to show this to her supervisor, but as she was turning around the wind picked up.  It rushed through the store, blowing videos and DVDs from the racks, taking hats from the customer's heads, and sending manga and magazines flying everywhere.  Where was it coming from?

"Jennifer, what's going on?"  It was her supervisor, Brenda.

"I don't know!"  Jennifer said over the rising wind.

"Where is it coming from?"  Brenda yelled.  Then she saw.  Him.  The boy, standing in front of the anime rack.  The debris flying around had gathered in a tornado around him.  He just stood there, staring at the DVDs in his hands.                                                                                       

She was staring at his glazed eyes when they flashed brilliant blue, and sparks of power began to fly into the tornado, turning the winds to azure.  Steamers of energy began striking out all over the store, and frightened customers dove to the floor to escape the onslaught.  The sparks and bolts of power formed a crackling ball around their master.  The very fabric of reality tore open, leaving a black gash standing in the air.  The boy raised his hands, and he was sucked into the void.  The gash sealed, and the storm stopped.