Feral Scream

Chapter 1

It was one more day for Midoriya Izuku. Ever since he and the 1-A class moved to the U.A, they made a new routine and sharing sharing responsibilities to take care of the dorms. Since that day was sunday, Izuku had offered himself to buy donuts for his friends.

Since that day was sunday, the donuts shop was full and the payment line was large. But lucky the employers were doing the clients requests pretty fast. After 15 minutes of waiting, Izuku was finally able to get the donuts and leave the shot.

"Smell goods" Izuku smiles, sniffing the aroma of the flesh made donuts.

He was so distracted, he did not released a person before him. He yelped when he bumped into the person.

"Ah, my apologies!" Izuku cried, bowing to the person. "I did not see you!"

The person turned around. Izuku could see it was man in his late 20's. He had a very pale skin, a long dark blonde hair tied in a small ponytail and a pair of emerald green eyes. He was wearing a light brown coat and a black suit. Izuku blushed; that man, even a bit feminine, he was beautiful.

"C'est bon, mon garçon. Aucun mal n'est fait." the man smiles to him.

Izuku paused. What that guy just said? Was he an foreign? He could not understand anything what he just said.

"S-Sorry! I can not understand you!" Izuku cries.

The blonde man chuckles " I know, I just messing with you." Izuku was relieved to see the foreign man could talk his language. " Actually, can you help me? I am a little lost and I don't know the way to the subway."

Izuku nodes. He explains to the foreign man the way to the subway. The foreign man nods, understanding Izuku.

"Thank you for the directions, mon garçon. You were helpful." the blond smiles.

" You're welco…"

Izuku did not finish his sentence. His eyes widen in shock when the foreign man took his chin and kissed him in the lips. Then the foreign man winked, smiling to him, "merci beaucoup." then, he leaves.

Izuku just stood there, shocked. He could feel his face burning when he released something very important: his first kiss were stolen by a foreign man.

"Hiiieee!" he cries out in realization.


Weekend was over and the 1-A class returned to their classes activities, but Izuku did not mention to anybody about the incident of that foreign man kissing him. Nobody had noticed Izuku acting weird, except for one person in the class.

"Midoriya…" Todoroki whispers

Todoroki Shouto has noticed Izuku was acting a little odd since he went to the donuts store. Then, Aizawa enters to the classroom and they are all already sitting.

"Be quiet, everyone. Today we have an especial activity." he said.

The Class 1-A students took in a deep breath and held it, eyes glued to Aizawa, standing at the front of the room.

"...You will learn how to profile villains," Aizawa finished.

Izuku did a double-take, then blinked, Class 1-A students were also confused. Profile, what did he mean with that? Aizawa explains because of the recent increased activities of villains, Principal Nezu though it was the best for the students to learn how to profile villains, to analyze their behavior and learning how to deal with them in the future. Izuku knew this activity is not in the hero curriculum, but because of the past incidents, U.A wanted to prepare the students better when they face the villains.

"For this we will have an special guest for this week." Aizawa said.

Then, the door of the class opens and the students are all eying the guest entering in the room; It was a woman. She had a short dark blue hair and a pair of red eyes. Her skin was pale. She was wearing a black leather jacket, red shirt, short black leather skirt, black pantyhose and a pair of high black books.

"Her name is Ayame Kotori. She works as a profiler for Hero Agency B.A.U in Tokyo." Aizawa said to his students.

"B.A.U?" Sero asks, raising his hand,

"Its means Behavior Analysis Unit." Kotori said, in could voice. " Our job is study and analysis behavior of criminals and villains. Analysing them, we can use their mental behavior against themselves."

Izuku though analysing behavior of villains made sense to their hero course. They were lucky they had survived until now from villain's attack until now.

"Heh, why the heck do we need to learn how to analyze their behavior?" Bakugou aks, annoyed " We just need beat them up and defeating them!"

The room were filled in silent when Kotori glared at him coldly before she smirking evilly to him. Izuku and the other 1-A students paled; evil smirs never were a good sign.

"Bakugou Katsuki Age-15, Quirk- explosives. Just like your quirk, you have a very tempered personality, always angry. You also shows aggressive to others. Very overconfidence. But from what I could see your little explosive show, I can tell you use your aggressivity to hide something?" Bakugou's eyes widen in shock. Kotori continued "I see, you have superior complex and a very big pride. It is a big issue if you want to be a pro-hero. After all, pride is the most deadly of the seven sins, right?"

Izuku and the others were shocked when Ayame Kotori's analysis made Bakugou shut his mouth up for just profiling him. Kotori cleaned her throat to get the class' attention.

"I only have one weak to teach you the basics to profile villains. I will make sure you will know how to difference punny criminals to serial killers. So embrace yourselves, brats." Kotori said, smirking evilly.

The Class 1-A students gulped from the cold of the woman's eyes. They know their week will be a torture to their poor minds.


Somewhere else, in an unknown place, a young girl with snake head was trashing in the chair, trying to get rid of her bindings. She could not cry for help because her mouth was tied.

Then, she stops when she sees the the door of her captivity opens. She shivers in pure fear when she sees the man who got her standing there. The man was the same foreign man who kissed Izuku.

"Mes excuses, jeune fille. I got lost in this city and my japanese is kinda rusty. But I bought the vine." the man said, smiling, leaving his groceries on the table. "Hey jeune fille, I heard snake meat is a delicacy."

The snake girl's eyes widen in pure fear and shivering when she sees the man's face changing. His green eyes turns yellow cat eyes and his teeth turns sharper. He gives her a feral smile.

"Lets see if snake meat is really a delicacy."

Then, the foreign man bites her shoulder.

End of the chapter.

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Translation French to English

"C'est bon, mon garçon. Aucun mal n'est fait."= " Its ok, my bot. No harm is done.

""Mes excuses, jeune fille." = "my apologizes, young lady."