"Good morning everyone," Izuku greeted his coworkers as he entered the break room on set. The room was half filled with co workers, both known and unknown. This wasn't his first time on set, but it was his first time getting to act on such a big project. Since he was little he'd been allowed on set as an extra or just able to hang around and watch how everything worked, so he was fairly comfortable here. He walked to one the tables and sat beside his best friend, who slid him a cup of coffee.

"Hey, Izuku. How's it going?" Katsuki asked.

"Whoa," Izuku exclaimed without meaning too. He had noticed that his friend was already in costume, but he was still stunned for a moment seeing the red of his friend's eyes. Now that he was paying attention, the spike hair was a little odd on him as well. "Are those contacts?"

"Yeah, they want me to wear them on the set." Katsuki answered. He smiled sheepishly as he finger a stiff lock of his hair. "I look awful, don't I?"

"N-no!" Izuku protested right away. "Not... terrible." He hastily brought the cup of coffee to lips, extremely grateful when it didn't burn his tongue.

Katsuki noticed the obvious avoidance and sighed. "You don't have to lie."

"I was just surprised," Izuku said. "You look, um, kinda... scary." He knew that his friend could be kinda sensitive sometimes and he didn't want to be too harsh.

"He's supposed to look scary." Katsuki's older cousin, Yuu Takeyama, said as she dropped into a seat next to him. "He is playing a villain after all."

"He's not a villain," Izuku protested. "Just an... anti hero, maybe..."

Katsuki sighed again. He wrapped his hand around his own cup of coffee and started forlornly into the dark liquid. "Maybe I shouldn't have taken this role."

"Too late to back out now," She told him. "Besides, you're a good actor. You got this."

Izuku placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "You'll do great."

Katsuki smiled at him. "Thanks man."

"This is so stupid," The leading lady, Ochako Uraraka, groaned as she stormed across the room. "I'm the most important girl in the cast! Why do I only get, like, ten seconds in this opening sequence?"

"This is a large cast," One of the others explained, Izuku wasn't sure who since he hadn't had the chance to meet the entire cast yet. "We have to split the time evenly."

"I'm the leading lady! I should have just as much time as he does," She pointed to Izuku. She had one hand on her hip, pouting as she looked around at them all. Ochako was a bit of a diva, he had learned, but it was mostly harmless.

"Calm down all!" A loud booming voice said as the door was thrown open. "Because I AM HERE!" Posing in the door way was "All Might", already dressed in his hero costume and looking larger than life. Behind him, his smaller twin brother Toshinori pushed past him to enter the room.

"Would you give it a rest," Toshinori said. He looked mildly annoyed by his twins actions, but the larger man didn't seem affected in the slightest.

"But this is so much fun!" He replied. Izuku wasn't sure what his name was, since he insisted that everyone just call him All Might. Izuku was okay with that. It was easier than having to remember even more names.

"That guy's gonna be a joy to work with," Takeyama said with a smirk. "I'm kinda glad that I'll be on set for it."

"Huh? Did you get a bigger part?" Izuku asked.

"No, I'll just looking out for my little cousin," She replied, playfully poking Katsuki's cheek with a smile.

He returned the smile as he pushed her hand away. "Hey, cut it out. I'm trying to get in character."

"We're just shooting the opening, you'll be fine." She replied.

"Hey, anyone else feel like their costume is kinda... weird?" The guy that spoke was already in costume. He had spiked red hair and Izuku was pretty sure the name was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't place it.

"What's wrong with it?" One of the girls asked. She was wearing a red leotard and had her hair pulled into a spiky ponytail. "Does it not fit? Is something broken?"

"That's not what I meant."

"What did you mean?"

The guy sighed. "Nothing, forget I mentioned it."

There was a knock on the door before his dad stuck his head in the room. Their eyes met and Hisashi smiled at him. His dad was the director of this project and Izuku was happy that he was finally getting the chance to be in one of his father's productions. "Is everyone present?"

"They wouldn't be able to say if they weren't," Toshinori answered.

"Forgive me for thinking some of you may have answered on behalf of your coworkers," Hisashi said.

"I think we're all here, dad." Izuku answered.

Takeyama pinch his side lightly. "Be professional," She scolded him with a smile.

"Right," Izuku replied with an eye roll. "We're all here, Director."

"Thank you, Izuku." His dad smiled.

"I have some concerns about my character," Ochako spoke up. "Namely, I don't think she's getting the attention that she deserves."

"All Might, Izuku, I need you two on set first," Hisashi said. He spared the leading lady a glance as he added, "I'll listen to your concerns while they get ready."

Ochako smiled. Izuku wasn't sure if the expression was cute or smug. He rose from the table, bumping Katsuki as he did so. "Wish me luck."

"You don't need it," Katsuki replied. "But good luck anyway."

Izuku smiled brightly as he went off toward the set.

A/N: I got the idea for Bakugo and Mount Lady being cousins from a tumblr found found here: post/158773333838/a-concept-bakugou-and-mt-lady-being-shitty