"Standing in the Light"

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Prologue: Don't Leave

"Viva Forever, I'll be waiting, Everlasting. Like the sun. Live forever, For the Moment, Ever Searching, For the sun."

~Spice Girls, "Viva Forever" (from when they were good...)

Swallowing hard, Harry turned around and faced the three most important people in his life. He was shivering, though it was reasonably warm out. He swallowed again, just wishing it was easier, wishing he had found another spell, anything.

"I have to do this. You guys, better than anyone, know I have to do this." His wife of a few months, Ginny, shook her head, crying, and his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, looked shocked.

"It's too sudden, Harry, you can't leave!" Hermione said. He eyes were shining oddly.

"Mate, you can't leave us like this," Ron intoned, incredibly pale, "especially when the only bloody spell you have means you'll die!"

Harry glanced around at their faces. They didn't understand what he was going through at all! He was only eighteen years old, and he had feared death every day since his fifth year. He'd found true love, and a family. But, Voldemort didn't care. Voldemort had killed Hagrid, Albus, Charlie, Minerva, Arabella, and countless others, all because of him. He sighed, knowing that he couldn't make them understand.

He laughed harshly, suddenly, at the irony of it. He was dying when he had what he wanted, when he had lived in jealousy. "You don't understand. You've known this was coming for months!" He stopped himself. Now wasn't the time to rant, to rave, to break down the barriers that blocked him for years. Now was the time for good-byes.

It wasn't fair.

Swallowing again, he walked up to Hermione. "Mione, you are my sister. I love you and thank you for everything you've done for me..." he trailed off, knowing it wasn't enough. She sobbed and threw her arms around his neck, fully crying now. He returned the embrace shakily, still not completely used to hugs. Hermione kissed his cheek before letting him go, sobbing. He couldn't face her again. He'd never see her face again...

He turned to the best friend he'd ever had. "Ron...." There weren't any words. For once, and only once, Ron abandoned his dignity and pulled his best mate into a hug. Harry was now fighting back tears, but refused to cry. Pulling away, he whacked Ron in a brotherly way on the back, and turned to the last person in the room. Turned his back to his best friend....

Closing the short distance between them, Ginny ran and collapsed against him, sobbing uncontrollably. Harry was sure that he was crying now, and found that he didn't care. Smiling slightly, he softly sang some of the words to their song. "I don't wanna close my eyes....." She laughed softly. He smiled. "You know I have to go."

"I know. But..." She sobbed. He wished she would stop crying....he laid a hand on her stomach. "Make him happy."

He kissed her one more time, and pulled away, knowing that if he didn't leave now, he never would be able to. He glanced at her one more time, glad their good-bye, at least, had already been said.

Pulling two letters out of his pocket, he handed them to her, fighting back more tears. One letter was addressed to Sirius, and the other was addressed to "James". He looked into Ginny's eyes, one more time, and said, "Give that to Sirius, and the other one to James when he is of age. Tell them..." he voice cracked. He tried again. "Tell them I'm sorry."

Hermione gasped slightly as the full implication of Harry's words hit. But, it was too late. Harry had already turned, pulled his wand out, and was walking out the door.

Ginny let the tears fall, watching the one man she'd always trusted walk away, not bothering to close the door behind him. She walked to the doorway. "Harry, don't leave me now," she whispered, though he couldn't hear her, "you can have a family. Forget Voldemort," she kept on speaking, still crying softly, "you can stay with me, and our child."

He disappeared into the foggy night.


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