Hello peoples of the internet! Now, just so you're aware, this is my first story. I have made small background stories for my characters in D&D, but that's about all the story writing I have done. So please bare with me because I might not get everything down pat on my first story. Now that that's out of the way, ENJOY!


Chapter One: Prologue Judy & Nick


Judy Hopps was an average carrot farming bunny from the town of Bunny Burrow, that is if you don't count how brave she is compared to the rest of the bunnies. She would always jump at the chance to do the hard and dangerous jobs on the farm. She also helped the local law enforcement with finding a psycho tiger that fled from the city of Zootopia, the capital of the country Zeegram. Of course they only let her help after she forced her way into the local sheriffs office, and proceeded to look over all the intel. Although after they found the tiger, the officers from the sheriffs office and Zootopia thanked her adamantly for her help.

There was exactly ZERO times that Judy didn't accept a challenge brought before her. Now though, now she was starting to get worried. A military recruiter, along with a few other mammals from the military, from Zootopia has shown up in Bunny Burrow. They were talking about a coming war, and how they needed recruits. Now, of course, they gave every small mammal the option to join, instead of wartime conscription, mainly because of how small they were. It was the general idea that small mammals would not join, but they still had to give them the option for the sake of equality. As the recruiter stood before the crowd, he noticed no one coming up, as expected. Right when he was about to announce his departure, he noticed one rabbit make their way to him. The recruiter, being a wolf, had to crouch slightly to be at a more comfortable position for the bunny to look at him.

He asked the bunny, "What's your name rabbit?"

"Judy Hopps," she replied.

"Well, if I'm being honest, I am surprised you walked up here." It was then that he noticed that every mammal in the general area also had a surprised look on all of their faces.

"Are you sure you want to do this Judy Hopps?"

"Sir, I don't care if I'm the only rabbit in the entire country that decides to join, because I want to protect the country that I have lived in my entire life," Judy said with determination

The older wolf was now very surprised, this this cute little rabbit is going against all the social norms just to protect this country. He then replied with, "Well, Hopps, if you truly want to, then take this duffle bag," he then grabbed said duffle bag from the back of the closest Zeep, and handed it too her, "and fill it with some clothes, but be back here in ten minutes, or we are leaving without you."

Judy then did exactly that, but on her way there she had to question herself as to why they had duffle bags that were her size if small mammals never joined, but then it hit her, "They come here specifically for the small mammals." After that little thought, she started to worry again, but quickly overcame that worry because she knew that she needed to do this.

She got home, packed some clothes and was about to leave when her parents came rushing at her with questions asking why, and how she shouldn't risk it. To which Judy replied with, "Look, I know you're worried, but I need to do this, I WANT to do this, to protect this country. So please don't cry, and don't be afraid, because if I do die, I will have died protecting what I love, and that's you guys."

They hugged and bid their quick farewells. Judy made it back to the recruiter with one minute to spare. At that moment, all military personnel loaded into the vehicles, with Judy being in the Zeep with the recruiter. Judy saw her family in one of the rear-view mirrors, and almost waved, but decided against it, as it would only make leaving even harder.


Nick Wilde, very sly, even for foxes, conning mammals out of there money since he was no more than fourteen years old. He grew up in one of the slums of Zootopia. It is called Happy Town, although, its far from a happy place. In fact, most mammals that live there, only live there because of how poor they are, but not Nicks family, they live there because they couldn't find a landowner that would let them rent an apartment because they are foxes. But for as long as Nick can remember, his mom had been a hopeless drunk, so maybe that had something to do with it.

His mother would always come home drunk out of her mind, and tell Nick he was just a failure, for no good reason, then she would compliment his brother on how he did so much more work than Nick, when in fact, it was the opposite. Nick was the younger brother, so he got the short end of the stick, so both his mother and brother would treat him almost like a slave.

His father wasn't any better. Nicks father worked at a tailor shop, but that's all he ever did. He would never talk to his sons, he would never play with them, he didn't even show them how to tailor even though he would always talk to customers and tell them it was a family business. So Nick eventually decided he needed to get some money of his own, and possibly buy his own apartment someday. He couldn't start his own business because, well, he was young and didn't know how to, and he wasn't able to get a job elsewhere because nobody trusted a fox. So he just started to hustle people out of there money.

That's when his family basically disowned him. He half expected his mother and brother to say something like that, but his father, the first time Nicks father actually spoke to him, was to tell him to get out of his house, because he would not have anyone that got money dishonestly.

That that was ten years ago, and ever since then he was living under a bridge, barely making ends meet. But then a military recruiter came. Nick didn't care what all the other small mammals did, he just wanted to get out of Happy Town. So he got a duffle bag from the recruiter, and packed what little clothing he had, then met up with the recruiter near the Zeep. They waited for a few more minutes for anyone else that wanted to come, but no one else did. And so, they left. All Nick could think, "Thank the gods, I finally got out of that place." He would soon learn, that war was much, much worse…


I know, I know, "die protecting what I love" its cliché. But I hope you enjoyed the prologue, and if I just get a few views, or even one favorite, I will continue this story for those people, so, here's hoping!