At the mention of Limit Break Evolution everyone felt as if their blood was boiling over from the excitement. Many have never heard about Limit Break Evolution and those that have heard about it didn't now much. Professor Yucca merely smiled and continued with the lecture.

"Limit Break Evolution is a way for pokemon to reach new heights and power beyond your imagination. Many of you probably think that level 100 is the maximum potential a pokemon can reach. I shall tell you now that that notion is absolutely false. I will now present to you what is known as the limit evolution lineage. They are the Beginner stage, Intermediate stage, Advanced stage, Prime stage, Level X stage, Level EX stage, Level GX stage, Holo Legend stage, and finally, the theorized Origins stage."

At this moment everyone was in a daze. Who knew that there were this many power levels that pokemon could achieve? Professor Yucca then continued to explain without stopping noticing that everyone was truly focused and listening intently. Afterall, who wouldn't? This was all extremely intriguing and interesting to them. They who always thought that level 100 was the end just had their entire world broken down and re-written in front of them.

"Let me break it down for you all. Essentially pokemon are categorized into three different realms. The Earthen realm, the Heavenly realm, and the Divine realm. The Earthen realm are pokemon that are at the Beginner, Intermediate, or the Advanced stage. The Heavenly realm are pokemon that have entered the Prime, Level X, Level EX, or Level GX stage. And finally, pokemon that have entered the Holo Legend or Origins stage are known as stepping into the Divine realm.

Let us break down the Earthen realm further. In the Earthen realm are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced stage pokemon. Pokemon that are at the Beginner stage are pokemon whose levels range from 1-40. Those at the Intermediate stage are level 41-70. And those at the Advanced stage are pokemon whose levels range from 71-100.

So the question is how then does a pokemon break free from its shackles and enter the Heavenly realm and become a Prime stage pokemon? First, there are certain conditions that need to be met. In order for a pokemon to become a Prime pokemon they must first be level 100. They must also have at least 1 perfect IV stat. And finally, you must have a prime evolution stone."

At this point many students had their hearts beating wildly in their chest from all the knowledge being given to them. The lectures here at Atlas went beyond their expectations. Every student knew that it would be beneficial to them but no one ever expected that their minds would be completely blown away and that they would have their eyes open to a whole new world! In fact, this was still only their first day! What would the rest of their classes be like if the first day already was so eye opening and amazing? Professor Yucca then continued on like it was normal. Afterall it wasn't his first time teaching first year students and seeing this type of reaction.

"Before I continue further on I will talk about pokemon fates. This is a way to categorize pokemon with different IV stats. Pokemon with no perfect IV's are known as pokemon with Earthen fates. Just as it suggests, pokemon with Earthen fates can only reach the limit of the Earthen realm, which is level 100. They will not be able to break free of their shackles and enter the Heavenly realm becoming a Prime pokemon.

Pokemon that have 1 perfect IV are known as having a First Heavenly fate. Those with 2 perfect IV's are known as Second Heavenly fate. Those with 3 are known as Third Heavenly fate and 4 are Fourth Heavenly Fate. Those with 5 perfect IV's are known as having a Fifth Divine Fate, and 6 perfect IV's are pokemon known as Sixth Divine Fate. There are 6 fates due to the 6 stats in which IV's are associated with. They are Health Points, Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, and Speed. Having a perfect IV in any one of these stats will mean that your pokemon has the potential to step into the Heavenly realm and become a Prime pokemon. Two perfect stats means the potential to become a Lv. X pokemon, three perfect IV's means the pokemon has the potential to become a LV. EX pokemon and so on and so forth.

Now moving on. How does a pokemon move from a Prime stage pokemon into a Level X stage pokemon? This time you do not need a stone. The reason is because once you use a prime evolution stone the innate quality of your pokemon's energy will undergo a massive change and become more pure and dense. It is a rebirth of your pokemon into the best quality of energy your pokemon contains hence the name Prime. Once a pokemon performs a limit evolution break into a Prime pokemon they will start back as a level 1 Prime pokemon.

Once a Prime pokemon becomes level 100 they will automatically evolve into a Level X stage pokemon and begin as a level 1 Level X pokemon. The X stands for the next limit. So the condition for a pokemon to move from the Prime stage into the LV. X stage is for the pokemon to be level 100 Prime stage and also have 2 perfect IV's.

To become a Level EX pokemon the Level X pokemon must reach level 150 and have 3 perfect IV's. At that time the Level X pokemon will evolve into a Level EX pokemon starting out at level 1 again. EX stands for extra limit and it is at this time that your pokemon will no longer be limited to 4 pokemon attacks but instead gain an extra attack slot gaining a total of 5 attacks that are possible.

To become a Level GX pokemon the Level EX pokemon must reach level 200 with 4 perfect IV's and then it will evolve to become a level 1 GX pokemon. GX stands for generational limit. To become a Holo Legend stage pokemon is much more difficult. We will discuss that on Wednesday and we will also dive into more details on the intricacies of each limit break and what makes Prime different from the Earthen realm, and what makes LV. X different from LV. EX, etc. For now, you may all take your leave and contemplate all that we talked about today."

Professor Yucca simply walked out of the classroom after that signaling the official end of the class. Everyone in the class simply remained silent for a few moments before the class immediately turned into an uproar of excitement! Even Zayne, Killua, and Karma couldn't contain their excitement.