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The camp remained somber through the coming days as the others waited impatiently. No one spoke. No one left. They were simply there, left waiting for their master to awaken or to wait for the inevitable, though no one dared to speak of these concerns. While waiting, there was little that could be done. Yoon would tend the fire, Jae Ha would make sure they had plenty of meat, Zeno would then assume the primary role of eating said meat, Kija would constantly pace, silently, but that made it more annoying as his worrying was all but audible. Hak on the other hand, never moved once the Princess was placed in the recovery tent. Day and night he would watch over her as she recovered, leaving only to take care of his basic needs and even then he would return within the minute.

Since their discovery not much progress had been made in the way of healing for Yona and this did not settle well with Hak. Though silent and brooding most of his watch, his agony was etched deeper than bone. Shortly after having her stitched up, the princess spiked a fever that she has been battling. With the fever intact, all they can do is wait. Shin-ah healed quickly because of the dragon blood, but remained unconscious all the same. That being said, the other dragons worried less about his waking, knowing full well that through their link that he would be fine, though it was unsettling that he had yet to awaken.

Shin-ah had refused to let go of Yona as their time in the void had become their normal. At first, it was awkward for him as he refused to become close with anyone as was his predisposition on life until he met the fiery redhead who day by day had broken down his barriers. Neither moved from their spots and without the passing of sunlight or weather, neither knew how long they had been there, and they still didn't know how to escape.

With a deep sigh, Yona once again broke the growing silence. "Shin-ah, do you think we will ever get to see the others?" The other's cheerful faces were replaced with agony, and sadness as she waited for his response.

Never meeting her eyes, Shin-ah looked out into the distance, weighing his words before answering. "I will do everything in my power to return you to the others Yona." He finally glanced down to meet her face with his once powerful golden eyes now dulled by the gray hues of the void. Yona wore a peaceful expression, though it held no happiness. She wasn't sad, but the best Shin-ah could describe it was content and it saddened him. He did not want to think of her content with their current situation or content with the fact that he had failed to protect her. In reality, he was dying inside for what he had done to her, and he would spend the rest of his days making it right to her..If only he were given the chance…

These thoughts weighed heavily upon the young Seiryuu's mind as the time drug on. How exactly was he to help his master out of this situation that he himself had put her in. The one person he had vowed his loyalty to and to protect, and he was the one threatening his life now.

He had thought that he was doing what was best for Yona. He thought that his cursed power would be what saved her life that day, but he should have known better. How can a curse do anything but cause harm? How can he cause anything but pain when he is still too weak that he must depend upon that curse. Perhaps if he had just thought it through a little more he could have saved her. He could have protected her. He could have stopped the blood…

Shin-ah felt a painful pulse resonate through him as he felt his own blood run cold and his body froze. For the first time in what felt like days Shin-ah saw color. Well one color. Red. No not just red, he saw blood. Yona's blood. His once frozen body began to unfreeze and with that came a tremble that he couldn't control. Slowing he forced his face to the girls unconscious features as the horrors sunk deeper into his heart. He had left Yona bleeding out on the forest floor. What if the others hadn't found them yet? What if they were to late? Was she dying right now? Was she already dead? Oh how he wished he had the strength to get out of this void. The strength to save his beloved master… To save Yona.

Gulping audibly Shin-ah knew in that moment that he must save her. Looking into her features he grew more distressed as he saw how ashen she had become. He could tell, even in their gray environment, that her once bright locks had lost their shine and were dull. How much time had they been there and how much more did Yona have left. These questions burned into him as he glanced around once more for any possible exit he may have missed. Though he knew it was futile. He knew that something as simple as an exit would never go missed by his eyes. Not the cursed eyes of the Seiryuu. The cursed eyes that landed them in this predicament.

Caught up in his predicament he hadn't noticed that the frail girl in her arms had begun to rouse. It wasn't until he felt a cold hand being placed on his cheek. Looking down he saw Yona was awake and staring up at him with curious eyes. "Shin-ah…" Had her voice always been so sweet? "Shin-ah.. Please don't blame yourself. You only did it to save me." Her voice was steady as she finished her sentence. Smiling, she sat up from his lap and he missed the warmth he felt from her.

Shin-ah attempted to smile to ease her concerned expression, but he was too deep into his self-loathing to accomplish such a task. He was once again amazed that she had known exactly what he was feeling. She truly was an amazing and intuitive master. The care and compassion that she showed him only made his feeling of dread linger and grow. Looking up from her once more he sighed attempting to see if there was anything he might be able to do for her. Still nothing.

'Please allow my master to survive.. Please allow me to atone for this grievance that I have placed upon her..' Shin-ah prayed silently to his blue dragon within. As he finished his prayer he was unable to bring himself to look upon her. He didn't deserve her. He never did and he knew it.

"Shin-ah!" It wasn't until he heard the shock and fear in his young master's voice that caused him to look back to her. With a start his head whipped to face her and the dread in her eyes made him fear the worst.

As he was opening his mouth to question her fears he suddenly felt a rush of heat in his chest followed by a searing pain similar to when he first laid eyes on the red haired girl. The pain was only the first bit of his predicament as he again attempted to ask her, "Yo...na.." Was all he was able to mutter before a wave of dizziness and nausea invaded his senses. 'What the hell is happening to me?!' He questioned silently as he was doubled over by the pain and nausea.

The voice of his master was slowly fading as he heard her speaking out to him. All he knew was that she was terrified, though she didn't know why. She had her hand on his shoulder trying to calm him as she yelled his name "Shin-ah! Shin-ah! Please…" Her voice trailed off sharply as she gasped. "Please don't leave me!" He could hear the tears in her voice as he squinted against a blinding white light that filled the gray space. What was happening.

As Yona watched her blue dragon, as she watched Shin-ah there was nothing she could do, but attempt to comfort her. It was then that she began to fear for his life, but she prayed he would be alright 'Please don't take him away from me!' "Shin-ah…" she felt the tears run down her cheeks and briefly wondered when she had begun crying. Before her very eyes she could see that Shin-ah was in pain, and there was nothing in her power that she could do to help him. And this was only the beginning.

As she looked on in dread waiting for him to come to his senses her eyes grew wide once again in shock as the man that was once bent over in front of her was now growing to be transparent. She knew what this meant, but she hated to accept it as she went to rub his shoulder again, however this time the same hand she had just been caressing him with now passed through his solid form.. "Shin-ah…" she whispered. To which there was no response or reaction and she had realized that he was no longer moving. "Shin-ah..!" The tears had begun anew as her voice trailed off. 'No.. Please don't leave me..' She began to shake as the reality of the situation set deep within her bones. 'I need you..' She began to breathe faster and with the action grew dizzy herself. "Shin-ah... " she mumbled as she too slumped to the ground as black dots filled her eyes.. The last thing she saw was his form disappearing completely from sight with a soft flutter light as she fading into unconsciousness. The tears staining her cheeks as she lay there alone.