Giselle was helping Daniel with his tricks and overall performance in Studio A. A Troupe rehearsals weren't starting for another half an hour and they had been working through all the moves of Daniels solo until he had nailed them all. He had included a B Twist and a Corkscrew and he couldn't wait to see the boy's reactions when they saw it.

Giselle left soon after to practice her own solo.

The audition for male solo was soon and although Daniel had improved his tricks and the power in his movements he wasn't sure he could beat Eldon.

He knew Giselle would be able to boost his confidence so he set out to find her. He found her in the juice bar and sat down next to her after buying a drink.

"Hi, how are you", he started the conversation. "I'm good. I'm taking a break from practicing for the solo audition", she replied.

"That's actually what I came down for. I'm not sure I'm ready for this audition. I mean you look so confident and I don't know if I can say I feel the same".

To his surprise she looked at him and laughed. "Daniel my motto is fake it till you make it. You're never going to be 100% sure that you're going to win but you do need to do one thing for me".

"What's that", he asked. "Be 100% happy with your performance. If Eldon wins then he's the soloist for Nationals but you just have to make sure you work hard to be the soloist for Internationals".

He smirked at her, "Who said we're going to Internationals". "Me because now that we have you back we have the best possible team for Nationals".

She had as usual made him feel better. "Thank you for this but we should get to rehearsal". "Yeah sure". They walked into Studio A holding hands and were met by 10 very shocked faces. "What", said Daniel. They all stood there with their mouths open until Emily stepped up and spoke. "When did this happen", she asked.

Giselle realised then that no one knew about her and Daniel yet. "Yesterday".

James stepped forward and put out his hand to Daniel. "Congratulations", he said, "But Eldon is going to beat you".

"Bring it on". The two boys then joined the other boys and started talking about the football.

Giselle watched them go and then turned to the other girls. "What", they were all staring at her. 'Since when do you like Daniel". It was Thalia who spoke. Giselle knew this question would come and she was prepared for it. "Since I was 12".

Their conversation was put on hold when Miss Kate walked out of her office followed by Phoebe. "Are you ready to audition for solos". "Yes", came the reply of A troupe.

"Eldon, you're up first", Miss Kate said. Eldon stepped out onto the floor and 'Oxygen' boomed through the speakers. He was dancing phenomenally and Daniel couldn't help but feel a little intimidated.

He felt a hand brush against his and he turned to see Giselle. She met his eye and he knew he would be okay. No matter what happened he would be okay because he had her.

He was snapped out of his daze by a voice. "Daniel you're up next". This was it. He took a second to compose himself and he took to the floor. He had chosen 'Empire' as his solo song as it reflected The Next Step's journey. They had started of as a small studio going to Regionals not thinking about winning at all and now they were going to Nationals.

He knew he was dancing well. He felt strong and in control. His corkscrew was coming up soon and he couldn't wait.

As soon as he did he move he knew he had killed it. He had heard James' signature 'Woo' when he hit it.

The song finished and he felt confident. "Okay, thank you boys. Girls you're up. Who wants to go first".

Giselle put up her hand. "I will". "Good luck", said Daniel as he kissed her on the cheek. "Aww", came the coo's of all the girls.

Her solo was amazing as usual. She was a sensational dancer and if she didn't get the solo he would be shocked.

Michelle was next and she too was amazing. The calibre of The Next Step had increased ten fold since Regionals. They were going to go to Nationals and they were going to win.

"Okay thank you everyone. You were amazing. We have a difficult decision to make". Kate and Phoebe went into the office to discuss the soloists.

"Eldon was as usual phenomenal. But I feel like Daniel has improved so much". They continued talking for what felt like ages until they walked out with satisfyed smiles on their faces. "Okay dancers thank you all for auditioning but our soloists are going to be ... Eldon and ... Michelle. Daniel, Giselle you will be their understudies".

They all congratulated each other. "Well done Eldon. You'll do great", said Daniel, "But just so you know I'm going to be the soloist for Internationals", he added with a light hearted smile.

"We should go for the duet", said Giselle. "What", he looked at her with a blank face. "Well neither of us got the solo so we should go for a duet". He was excited already. "Yeah let's do it".

"Those were some pretty sick moves", came a voice from behind him. He spun around to see James and West. "Thanks man".

"We could give you a hand with some more if you want", said West. "Yeah and you have to help me with the B Twist". Daniel was surprised that James couldn't do a B Twist.

"Yeah...". He was cut off by Miss Kate. "Now that we have our soloists we need to get our duet and our small group. We also need to start thinking about a dance captain so we can start choreographing for the semi's and the final".

A Troupe had completely forgotten about needing a dance captain. Stephanie had an idea for how they should pick the dance captain.

"Anyone who wants it should have to tell everyone why they want to be dance captain. They should also have to create a dance and show it to the team".

"Okay. Thanks Stephanie. That's a great idea", said Miss Kate, "Who would like to be dance captain".

Emily and Michelle raised their hands. Daniel turned to Giselle. "You should go for it". " I can't. I don't know how to be dance captain".

"You can learn. It's been your dream since we were little kids to be dance captain and now you have a chance to follow your dream and you won't take it".

"Okay fine", she said and then turned her attention to Miss Kate, "I want to be dance captain Miss Kate". "Good. It'll be nice to see what a new dance captain can do. Now go and get started. We will do dance captain auditions first and then we can focus on the duet and small group".

Giselle was having problems with her routine. She could not come up with a storyline which would add something to the dance.

Daniel walked in and Giselle was grateful for it. She needed a distraction from dance. "Hey. Why so gloomy". "I don't know to be honest. I need to come up with a storyline but I just cannot think of a good one".

"Well why don't you do our journey. We started off at Regionals without even dreaming of winning and now we are going to Nationals".

She contemplated the idea before saying, "Thank you. You're the best", and kissed him soundly.

"You're welcome", he said releasing her so she could come up with a dance. "I can't wait to see what you come up with".

With that he left and let her work on her dance. He was going to take a lesson with the boys.

They were in Studio B and the boys were showing him some basic moves. "So you and Giselle huh", said Eldon with a cheeky grin, "I'll tell you who saw that coming. Everyone".

"What about Michelle. Or Riley. And don't pretend I didn't see you eyeing Chloe". "Wow Daniel just got defensive".

"Guys come on. It's time to see the dance captain routines", Emily had somehow managed to sneak up on them.

Michelle went first. Her dance was based on Alice in Wonderland. It was so raw and emotional. If she didn't win then the dance that did would be amazing.

Emily was next. Her dance was as usual flawless but a bit boring. It didn't have a storyline which took away from the quality of the dance.

Finally it was Giselle's turn. Her dance was phenomenal. It could win Nationals right now. She never ceased to amaze him and he loved her for it.

The dance was the story of The Next Step. It started with a team who had no hope of winning. They were just happy to be there. It then turned it something more. The tempo raised and the dance was full of hope and power. It was incredible.

Amanda couldn't believe how incredible Giselle was. Maybe her mission would be more difficult then she thought.