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John looked up from where he was sitting at his son's bedside when he heard the door open. "He hasn't regained consciousness yet, but he has two broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone, a concussion, multiple bruises covering his entire body, he was shot in his side but luckily the bullet missed anything vital and went clean through, and he has six stitches in his neck from a knife wound."

Pursing his lips, Peter approached the omega's bed and gently pushed Derek away. Taking his seat, he took his nephew's place draining any pain the omega may be feeling. His nephew had probably been taking Stiles' pain since he arrived at the hospital, he looked almost as bad as the omega. "Has Deaton seen him?"

"He just left. He said that he is magically exhausted and that his wounds will have to heal naturally. Is it true about Scott?" John had talked to Allison when she showed up an hour ago, but he was having a hard time believing that Scott would lead Stiles into trap...even if he had only been expecting Jackson to be there.

"If you mean by Scott knowingly leading Stiles to where he thought Jackson was waiting to jump him, then yes, its true. He didn't know about the hunters though, and he did have a change of heart before Jackson made himself known. That fact alone will probably save him from Talia banning him from the pack."

John's mouth hardened but he didn't say anything. He had always treated Scott like a son, even before Stiles came into his life. Scott had always been a good boy, yes him and Stiles had gotten into trouble together, his son was usually the ring leader, but they were good kids who had always been there for each other. How could Scott change so much in such little time? He wanted to beat the shit out of the boy for endangering his son, arrest him even, but he loved Scott as his own, how could he beat him or arrest him? He knew that Scott was a good kid, he just didn't understand what was going on with him.

Peter shook his head when he saw that Derek had passed out. "Was he draining his pain the entire time?"

"I tried to get him to stop, but he's bullheaded. Is there anything that I need to do, or do you and Chris have everything under control?"

"You just worry about Stiles. By the end of the night everything the hunters owned will be ashes."

John hoped that this was the end. He had been terrified yesterday when Chris showed up claiming to be Stiles' biological uncle, but in the end it had been a relief. For eight years he had lived with the fear that Stiles' biological parents would show up announcing to the world that he was an omega. For the first time he slept good last night knowing that Kate Argent and her husband were dead and the only other people that knew about his son were Chris and Allison and they were on his side. Now, he just didn't know. Did anyone else know about Stiles? Were there any more journals floating around out there? He was terrified for his son.

Peter winced slightly as he watched the black lines travel up his arm, Stiles was in a lot of pain. "He's going to have to start training with Deaton. Stiles' magic had been so thick when we got there that I could taste it. He's very powerful, he needs to learn how to control it before he hurts himself."

"I know. Deaton and I talked about it. After his next heat he will be training with him three times a week, but Deaton is only a Druid so there is only so much he can teach him."

"And we can't risk bringing any outsiders in." Peter sighed. "It's a good thing Stiles is a damn smart kid, I believe once Deaton gets him going he'll be able to take over his own training."

"I thought that I was going to lose him today." John said softly, his voice cracking. "When I saw that knife in his neck..."

"I know." Peter murmured. "I thought the same thing. When I heard the call from Scott, I just knew that it was going to be about Stiles."

John rubbed at his tired eyes. "Please tell me that it's over. Tell me that no one else knows about my son."

Peter wished that he could reassure his friend, but he didn't know if there was anyone else out there that knew. "It's going to take a few days, but Chris is retracing the hunters steps. It would be easier if he had someone good with computers who could hack the hunters phones."


Both John and Peter jumped, neither had realized that Stiles had woken. "Kiddo, how are you?" John asked as he reached out for his son's hand.

"Hurts!" Stiles whispered. His neck hurt too bad to talk loud, even with Peter draining his pain.

"What was that about Danny?" Peter asked.

Stiles licked his dry lips as he tried to organize his thoughts. He had only been awake for a few minutes but he could already feel himself slipping back under again. He was so tired, it almost felt as though he had been drugged. He also hurt all over. "Danny Māhealani from school, he can hack anything."

Peter had heard the pack pups mention Danny before, he was supposedly some kind of computer genius. "Stiles, we can't trusts him. He may overhear them talking about you being an omega. It's too risky."

"I trust him." Stiles forced out. "Danny's a good guy." He managed to get about before slipping back under.

Frowning, John looked to Peter. "What do you think?"

"I think this Danny character is best friends with Jackson Whittmore."

"I have heard Stiles mention Danny's name over the years, he always been kind to Stiles. Stiles was never friends with Danny, but he always said that Danny was a good guy despite being friends with Jackson. I'm not thrilled with someone else knowing Stiles' secret, but none of us can do what he can. We need to know if those hunters told anyone else about my boy."

Peter reluctantly nodded his head. "I'll talk to Chris and Talia about bringing Danny into the know. He's only sixteen, I'm confident that I can scare him into keeping his trap shut."

"I have no doubt." John sighed. "So, what's going to happen with Jackson?

"Unfortunately nothing gruesome." Peter growled. "My sister and her damn bleeding heart. She believes that she can turn that shit into a proper werewolf."

"She wants Jackson to be pack?" John spat angrily. "After all that boy has put my son through she's just going to welcome him into the pack with open arms? My son has three places that he feels truly safe, my home, Mel's home, and the pack house. Jackson will ruin that safety for him at the pack house."

"I agree, I was all for killing the boy. He's a kanima and they're extremely dangerous. Stiles comes first, if he can't handle Jackson being there..."

"I will kill him." Derek said gruffly, his eyes still closed. "Stiles is my mate and I won't allow Jackson to bully him in my home, I will tear his throat out in front of my mother and present her his head if I have to. I will leave the pack and take Stiles with me if she tries to stop me."

"No one in the pack is going to allow Jackson to bully Stiles, but I don't see Jackson fitting in with the pack. I do look forward to some training sessions with him though." Peter smirked evilly. Whittmore thought that he was tough, that he was untouchable, he was looking forward to showing him just how untouchable he was. There was a reason why everyone, including Talia, dreaded training with him. The only person he held back on, and it wasn't only because he was a human omega, was Stiles. When Stiles was twelve he accidentally dislocated his shoulder while trying to teach him how to get out of different holds, seeing the omega's eyes fill with tears had hurt him worse than the dislocated shoulder had hurt Stiles. Just the thought of hurting Stiles made him feel sick to his stomach.

"What has been done about Whittmore knowing the truth about my son?"

Peter chuckled as he thought back to Chris threatening his sister. The hunter hadn't been joking, he would have killed the kanima if Talia had refused to take his memories. Maybe the hunter wasn't so bad after all. "Talia removed all his memories from after he was bitten. She is now giving him the abbreviated version of the past few months. He knows that he was bitten by a werewolf and that the bite didn't take properly, he also knows that he's a kanima, but he has no memories of the hunters, of Stiles not being your biological son, or him being an omega."

John didn't like Jackson being brought into the pack, he didn't trust the boy where his son was concerned and he never would. The boy was a selfish bully who only cared for himself and got off on hurting others. It's no surprise that the werewolf bite turned him into something as vile as a kanima.

"I still don't like this. Talia may have taken his memories now, but if he becomes pack, he will learn the truth. There is too much bad blood between the boys, Whittmore can't be trusted. I don't want the boy dead, but can't he be sent to another pack? Peter, you know that I love the pack, you're family to us, but I have to think of my son's health and happiness first. My son and I will be taking a break from the pack until Talia decides what she's going to do with Whittmore."

Peter closed his eyes as if he those words had physically pained him. He had feared that this would happen, but if he was in John's shoes, he would do the same thing. Whittmore had been lying earlier when he had said that he wouldn't tell anyone the truth about Stiles, the boy couldn't be trusted.

"No!" Derek spat. "I won't let that boy chase my mate off." Lunging to his feet, he stormed out of the hospital room.

"This could divide the pack." Peter frowned as he watched his enraged nephew leave. "I understand where my sister is coming from in wanting to help the boy, he was a victim of an alpha attack on our territory that we didn't know about so she feel responsible for him, but the fact that he turned into a kanima should be proof enough that he can't be trusted. If Derek breaks away from the pack because of this, I can see some pups following him. The twins adore Stiles, I can see them becoming Derek's enforcers. Hell, I myself would choose Stiles over my sister."

John cursed, this wasn't what he wanted. He didn't want the pack to fight, he just wanted to keep his son safe. Whittmore hated his son, he couldn't be trusted with such a dangerous secret. "I'm not saying that we're leaving the pack for good, Stiles will be devastated if we do, you all have been his family for eight years, I'm just saying that until this mess with Whittmore is settled, we're going to be taking a break. I know the pack knows not to talk about Stiles' past and omega status outside of the pack, but please ask them to not talk about it when Whittmore is around. Trusting Whittmore is too great of a risk, I'm not putting the safety of my son in his hands."

"I respect your decision, John. It hurts, you know how much I love that boy, but your his father and you have to do what you feel is right. I don't trust Whittmore anymore than you do. Hopefully it doesn't take my sister too long to see that the boy is a hopeless case."


Scott was anxiously pacing back and forth in his alpha's study awaiting to find out what is punishment was going to be. Alpha Talia had yet to return from taking to Jackson's parents and Peter was still at the hospital checking up on Stiles.

"Stiles!" Scott whimpered pitifully as tears fell from his eyes. Stiles was his best friend in the whole world, why did he turn his back on him like that? Turning his back on Stiles was bad enough, but he had knowingly led him into a trap. He didn't know that there were hunters waiting to kidnap Stiles, but he knew that Jackson was going to be there waiting to jump his brother.

"Would you have really stepped back and allowed Jackson to beat the shit out of Stiles?"

With red and swollen eyes, Scott turned to see Ethan standing in the doorway. Dropping his eyes to the floor, he shrugged his shoulders. "I would like to think that I wouldn't have, but I honestly don't know. The old Scott wouldn't have, but I don't know what this new Scott would have done."

"Was your five minutes of fame worth losing someone as special, and as loyal as Stiles?"

"No." Scott answered honestly.

John entered behind Ethan looking ready to drop from exhaustion. He hadn't wanted to leave his son, but Peter urged him to talk with Scott before Talia punished him. Peter didn't think Talia would kick Scott out of the pack, but Talia was furious with the boy so anything was possible. Talia was purposely staying away from the pack house until she had a chance to calm down. It took a lot to get Talia this mad, Scott had really fucked up.

John held his hand up when Scott moved forward to greet him. It tore at his heart when the boy started whimpering like an injured pup. He loved Scott, he loved him like a son, but he didn't recognize the boy standing in front of him. "Did you know that Stiles knew that you would dump him for Jackson after you were bit?"

Scott made a loud keening noise at hearing that. It hurt that his brother knew him so well that he knew that he would abandon him after becoming a werewolf.

"He said that it would hurt, but as long as your were healthy and happy that he would be happy for you. I told him that there was no way his brother would abandon him just to be popular...I see now that I was wrong."

"Please..." Scott whined.

Eyes hardening, John shook his head no. "My son cried all weekend after your first lacrosse game, after you snubbed him in front of everyone. Despite your actions, he continued to defend you to everyone...even Peter. You hurt him, you broke him, but he never stopped loving you."

Scott was openly weeping now. "I-I was stupid. I-I..."

"I don't want to hear it!" John roared. "If the roles were reversed, do you think Stiles would have dumped you just to be one of the cool kids?"

Scott shook his head no. He didn't even have to think about it, there was no way Stiles would have done what he did. Stiles never cared about being popular, he was just happy to have him as his best friend.

John tilted his head back, blinking away the tears that were threatening to fall. God this was hard. He loved Scott and it was killing him seeing him so upset. "You knowingly led my omega son away from the school, away from safety, to be jumped by Jackson Whittmore. You..." John had to stop talking, his voice was cracking and he could no longer hold his tears back .

At seeing the sheriff crying, a man who had always been a father to him, Scott fell to his knees sobbing.

John had to stop talking for a few minutes in order to collect himself. "I understand that you hand a change of heart and warned Stiles to run, but that doesn't change the fact that you had been okay with an alpha beating up on an omega, and not just any omega, but an omega that has stood by your side for eight years as your brother."

"Stiles is still unconscious in the hospital with two broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone, stitches in his neck from a knife wound, a concussion, and multiple bruises covering his entire body. He was also shot in his side but luckily the bullet missed anything vital and went clean through."

Scott tilted his head back and let out a loud mournful howl. "H-He was shot protecting me. He knocked me out of the way of the bullet."

"My son saved your life, Scott. That bullet was laced with a very high concentration of wolfsbane. You would have died before help arrived if you had been hit."

"Can I please see him?" Scott begged.

"No." John said shortly. "I no longer trust you with my son."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Scott pleaded. "Please, I'm sorry. I'll never hurt Stiles again, I promise."

John sternly shook his head no. "If Stiles decides that he wants to see you after he is healed, I won't try to stop him, but until he contacts you, you stay the hell away from him."

Talia walked into the room, her aura screaming pissed off alpha. Whimpering, Scott curled in on himself. "Scott won't have a problem staying away from Stiles seeing he will be spending the rest of the school year with his father in San Francisco. Starting today, he is no longer one of my betas...he is no longer part of the Hale pack. Come June when he returns to Beacon Hills, I'll accept him back into my pack, but he will be on probation."

"No, please!" Scott wailed. "Please, I need the pack. Please don't cut me off."

Talia ignored the boy's pleading. "Alpha Deucalion will be in San Francisco until August and he has offered to train you and see you through the full moons. I'll warn you now, Alpha Deucalion is a hard man and he won't put up with your shit. You will do what he says without question."

"I don't give second chances McCall. I'm only giving you a second chance because your mother is my friend, and despite everything you have put him through, I know Stiles wouldn't want you banished permanently from the pack."

"I also know that you are a good kid with great potential, you just lost your way. You allowed your new gift to go to your head and it turned you into an ugly person. Take these next few months to think about what you did and how you can make it up to Stiles."

"When you leave here, do not attempt to talk to anyone. You are no longer pack, you are an omega wolf on Hale territory."

John was having a hard time not comforting the boy, but this had to be done. Talia was actually going easy on the boy. Even if the hunters hadn't been there today, Scott was still guilty of setting up a pack mate to be hurt, possibly even killed seeing as Jackson was a kanima. Hardening his heart, he turned his back on the crying boy.

Scott cried out, clawing at his chest when he felt the pack bond snap. It hurt so bad, more so than when Alpha Talia bit him. Not only did it hurt, but it left him with an empty and hallow feeling in his chest. He had never felt so alone before. Was this how Stiles felt with he abandoned him?

"Leave!" Talia commanded, before she turned her back on the boy. "Do not return and do not attempt to contact any of my pack until after you return."

Sniffling, Scott quickly brushed past his ex-alpha and the sheriff. On his way out of the house, he didn't miss how the pack also had their backs turned to him.

Sighing heavily, Talia placed her hand on her friend's shoulder when she smelt his tears. "Scott will be okay, Deucalion and his pack will look after him. He made a mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life, but he is still a good kid. He loves both you and Stiles, don't let this ruin eight years of being a family. Don't let this come between you and Mel either."

"Melissa is devastated and heartbroken, but she knows that this is what's best for him. Scott knew what he was doing when he turned his back on Stiles. I just pray that it's the old Scott that returns to Beacon Hills

"You and me both." Talia sighed.

"I have to get back to the hospital." John said somewhat coldly as he stepped away from his friend. He was still mad at Talia for wanting to make Jackson pack knowing all the hell that he has put Stiles through over the years. Stiles would never feel safe or welcome here at the pack house as long as Jackson was here.

"John." Talia called, sensing her friend's anger. "I talked with the Whittmore's, they have decided to send Jackson to London per my suggestion. There's a pack over there that have experience with kanimas, they will know how to help Jackson. I was wrong in wanting to bring Jackson into the pack. That would have been unfair and cruel to Stiles. I was surprised to feel remorse from him in his part of Stiles being hurt by the hunters even though he was being controlled, but we never would have been able to trust him with your son's secret. Please forgive me John and come back to the pack."

John sighed in relief, Stiles would have been devastated if he woke to find that they were no longer pack. As it is he's going to be devastated when he learns of Scott's banishment. Scott may have hurt his son, but Stiles would always love Scott and defend him, even if their friendship would never be the same again.

"Thank you, Talia. I never wanted to leave the pack, but Jackson being here would have been too dangerous for my son. A pack is family, and you should be able to trust family, but there's no way I would have ever trusted Jackson with Stiles' life. There was also too much history between the boys, too much bad history."

"I agree. I'm glad you're rejoining my pack, John. Not only would I have lost you and Stiles had I brought Jackson into the pack, but Derek threatened to leave along with all the pups. Stiles may have thought there for a while that the pack no longer cared for him, but Derek, Cora, Issac, Boyd, Erica, Ethan and Aiden all stood up to me and threatened to leave if you and Stiles left the pack. I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but I'm pretty sure Peter would have left me too. Stiles is very special and we all love him."

John was surprised to hear that all the pups had threatened to leave. He knew that Derek would have left, Stiles was his mate and he would follow his mate anywhere, but it warmed his heart that the rest of the teens would have chosen Stiles too. "Yes, my son is very special. Thank you again, Talia, but I really must get back to the hospital."


Stiles rolled his eyes when Derek winced for the tenth time in ten minutes. "You know, I can handle a little pain, you don't have to take it all for me."

"Yes, I do." Derek said between clenched teeth. "Besides, you're not in a little bit of pain, you're in a hell of a lot of pain, you just don't know it because I'm taking it from you."

"Well, I can handle a lot of pain then." Stiles shock back stubbornly.

Derek shook his head when he heard Stiles' heart skip. "Once again, how many times do I have to tell you that werewolves can detect lies?"

"Werewolves can detect lies, why am I just hearing about this?" Stiles smirked, his eyes shining with mischief."

Groaning, Derek dropped his head onto the bed. "You are so going to be the death of me."

If you insist on taking all my pain I will be. So, do plan on staying glued to me until I'm all healed?"

Derek gave his little mate a wink. "I plan on staying glued to you for the rest of your life."

"Cheesy, Derek, very cheesy." Stiles said, his cheeks flushing a bright red.

"Just stating the truth." Derek said unashamedly.

John entered his son's hospital room with Chris and Allison. "Alright, enough with the mushy shit. The two of you are going to make me vomit." He said playfully.

"I think it's cute." Allison gushed. "Hopefully I can find myself an alpha or beta as loving as Derek."

"You're only sixteen and a strong independent girl, you don't need an alpha or beta." Chris growled.

"Hey!" Stiles cried. "Are you trying to say that I'm not strong or independent?"

Chris smiled at his nephew. "There's not a single person who has met you that would say that you're not strong. Jesus, Stiles, you lived a year in the woods on your own when you were only eight years old. I couldn't do that now as an adult."

"Thanks." Stiles said softly. "And thanks for showing up yesterday to help me. You too, Ally, but don't you ever sacrifice yourself for me. If those men would have hurt you I would have..."

"I'm not hurt." Allison said cutting her cousin off. "And I'm big girl enough to make my own decisions. I wouldn't have allowed you to go with those hunters alone. I knew what I was doing when I dropped my weapon, and I knew what they would have done to me, but at least we would have been together."

Derek started growling at the reminder of what could have happened to his mate. "Down, sourwolf, I'm fine. Well, obviously I'm not fine seeing as I'm laid up in a hospital bed, but I will be."

"I don't want to hang around and tire you out." Chris said when he noticed the bags under his nephew's eyes. "I just wanted to let you know that everything has been taken care of. Thanks to your friend Danny, we were able to access the hunters phones and online history. After finding out about you, your other uncle." Chris spat, "only told his most trusted men about you. In exchange for not telling anyone, your uncle had offered you to them to use. Seeing as they are all now dead and all their belongings burnt, you are safe."

Stiles gave his uncle a blinding smile. "Thank you so much, Uncle Chris."

Chris chest puffed out and he grinned happily at being called, Uncle Chris. "I know you don't know or trust me yet, Stiles, but I'm here for you if you need me. Even if you just need someone to talk to that isn't your dad or Derek, I will be there for you."

Stiles was so happy to have even more family. He still wasn't comfortable around Chris, but he knew that that would change with time. His instincts were telling him that he could trust Chris and Ally. "Danny, does he know about me now?"

"Yes, but he has sworn not to tell anyone and I trust him." Chris explained. "That boy is incredible, I have never seen a hacker as talented as him. He has offered me his services and I believe he plans on talking with Alpha Talia, he will be an asset to have around."

"And I have offered not to arrest him for his not so legal computer activities." John smirked. "I did shut down his fake ID business though."

"You're no fun." Stiles grinned. Looking down at his hands, he started picking at his sheet. " it alright if I ask about Scott?" He asked in a small voice. This was his first day being able to stay conscious for longer than thirty minutes, and even though he was still incredibly upset with him, he was curious about Scott. Call him stupid, but he still loved him. He didn't know if ever wanted to talk to him again, but he still cared about him."

"I think Allison and I are going to go." Chris quickly said, not wanting to be part of this conversation. As far as he was concerned, Scott deserved a wolfsbane bullet.

Frowning, Stiles watched his uncle and cousin leave. "Is it that bad?"

"It's not good." John sighed heavily, "but it's not all that bad. You know that Scott had to be punished by Talia, right?"

Biting his lip, Stiles nodded his head. Not only had Scott broken a pack law about not hurting a pack mate, but he had led him into a trap after Talia and Peter had given him a warning. He still couldn't believe that Scott, his brother, had done that to him. As far as Scott knew only Jackson had been waiting to jump him, but that was still bad. Scott, one of the people he cared about and trusted most in the world, had set him up to get beat up by Jackson. He didn't think he would ever be able to get over Scott's betrayal.

"When Talia and Peter talked with Scott the night we met the twins, she had threatened him with banishment if he continued on the path he was on." John held up his hand when his son opened his mouth to talk. He knew without a doubt that his son was going to defend Scott. "Stiles, what Scott could have been killed. I know that you're tough, but your not tough enough to take on Jackson, especially seeing as he's a kanima. Talia isn't punishing him over the hunters, he had no knowledge of them, but she is punishing him for knowingly leading you into a trap where you could have gotten seriously injured, or possibly even killed."

"He was upset, he thought I stole Allison from him."

John raised a single eyebrow. "Son, think about what you just said. Scott has known since you were eight years old that, not only are you an omega and gay, but that you're head over heals in love with Derek. He also knows that as an omega, you will have to mate with an alpha. Stiles, Allison is a beta."

"Scott's never been the brightest." Stiles didn't know why he was still defending Scott, he must sound fucking pathetic to his dad and Derek.

"Stiles, Scott had to be punished and Talia would have punished him the same if he would have done this to a different pack member. Pack comes first."

"So he's been banished? Scott is gone?" Stiles could feel his eyes burning but he refused to let any tears fall. He knew that Scott deserved to be punished, but banishing him was too harsh as far as he was concerned. Was Melissa gone as well?

"Just until summer. Scott was sent to San Francisco to live with his father and train with Alpha Deucalion for the rest of the school year. Talia wants him to experience life as an omega werewolf. She wants him to experience the pain and loneliness that comes with being packless. When he returns in June he can rejoin the pack, but he will be on probation."

Stiles took a deep breath then slowly released it. He could tell by Derek's hand tightening on his arm that he could hear his heart racing. He didn't know how he felt about this. He didn't know how he felt about anything anymore where it concerned Scoot. One minute he hated him, then the next he loved him. One minute he never wanted to see Scott, but then the next he was panicking because he wasn't going to see him now for months.

"Deep breaths." Derek murmured in his mate's ear when he sensed that Stiles was close to a panic attack. "I know it doesn't seem it now, but everything is going to be okay. You have had Scott for eight years to lean on, to be your family and your closest friend, but you have me and the rest of the pack. We have always loved you, Stiles, let us help you, let us be the one you go to to lean on. Scott is going to be alright, he needs to do this. He needs to learn to stand on his own, to learn that he doesn't have to be the best and the most popular. He needs to realize that everything that he dreamed of as a little boy, was right there in front of him the entire time."

Stiles clung desperately to Derek. He knew that had he lost Scott weeks ago, but it felt like he was losing him all over again. He didn't know if he could be just Stiles, he hadn't been just Stiles for eight years. Since the first time he saw him and proclaimed them best friends, he had been Scott and Stiles.

John took his son's hand, he had tears in his own eyes. "It's going to be okay, kiddo. This will give you a few months to work through your feelings for Scott. It will be your decision if you want to still be friends with Scott when he returns."

Sniffling, Stiles nodded his head. He didn't know if he still wanted to be friend's with Scott, but he couldn't see himself being mad at him forever. He was going to take his dad's advise and think about his friendship with Scott, but he was also going to work on his friendship with the rest of the pack. He loved them, but he had never been as close to them as he was with Scott. For eight years Scott was all he needed.

Scott may have gotten the bite, but he too was going through some life altering changes. They hadn't discussed it yet, but he knew that he would be mating with Derek before his next heat. He was also going to learn more about his spark and start his training. He was going to change a lot while Scott was gone, but he wasn't going to change who he was deep down on inside, not like how Scott had. He was still going to be Stiles, but he was hopefully going to be bad ass spark Stiles that was mated to the most gorgeous alpha on the planet.

He wouldn't have Scott at his side to help him through his changes, but he was going to have his dad, Derek, Peter, Chris, Allison, Melissa, and the rest of the pack. He was scared, but he was going to be alright.


To be continued...