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"Leia get your little butt in bed young lady!" Padme exclaimed exasperated as she chased her two year old daughter.

"But Mama—"Leia pouted stamping her feet when she had been caught.

"No Buts."


Padme pointed a finger and Leia snapped her mouth closed once more.


"—but Mama, Daddy's home!" Leia rushed out quickly before she could be stopped again.

"I didn't here him come in," Padme said eyeing her daughter warily. It could be a trick—or she could be telling the truth—or it could be a trick…

"Get in bed," she began again but stopped when she heard Anakin call out from the living room. The smile on her face couldn't be hidden, even as she looked at the face on her smug little girl; especially when her husband wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Hello love," he whispered huskily and nipped at her ear emitting a laugh. She turned in his arms and planted a passionate kiss on his eager lips ignoring the sounds of disgust her daughter made a few feet away.

"Oh hush you," Padme said laughing when they broke away and Leia giggled and lifted her arms to her father.

"Up," she ordered chin held high and he could do nothing but comply giving her a hug.

"Why aren't you in bed young lady, weren't you good for Mommy?" He asked trying not to smile when she looked apologetic.

"I wanted to see you Dadda," She said with ewok eyes and Anakin looked over to Padme with brows high catching her rolling her eyes. It was no secret that Leia had her father wrapped around her pinky finger—and she knew it.

"Where's your brother?" Anakin asked shifting her to one side and holding out his other arm for Padme to snuggle close as they walked towards the master bedroom.

"In your bed waitin for da stowry," She said with no hesitation. Anakin lowered her to the ground slowly not paying attention to her protest in the slightest. Then he gave her a play swat and motioned her to keep on going.

"You go on in—your Mommy and I will be right in," he told her with a smile and she scampered off. Anakin took the opportunity to pull her into another kiss. She pulled away smiling after a few moments.

"I thought you'd be gone almost a week," she said happy that he hadn't been.

"I couldn't stay away."

She raised her brow and hit him lightly on the chest before giving him a mock frown.

"Yeah, I'm sure!"

"It's true!"

She obviously didn't believe him but knew she could get more out of him later. So instead she leaned slightly to look into their bedroom and pointed to Leia jumping on their bed around Luke.

"You spoil her you know," she chided gently.

"I know."

"That's all you have to say for yourself?"

He thought about it and then nodded and she released a sigh with a smile grasping his hand and leading him once again towards the bedroom.

"How's Mrs. Jade?" Anakin demurred with a knowingly smirk and Padme smiled brightly in response.

"Oh, you know. Mood swings, crying at the unusual thing, weird eating habits—just about everything that goes along with being eight months pregnant."

"Don't I know it," Anakin muttered earning a swat from his wife.

"Anyway, Coden seems to be taking it all very well—

"He is a Jedi…"

"Yes well, he's avoiding her temper at all costs."

Anakin winced and silently agreed that, that would be the best course of action in the circumstances. He thought Mara knew how to glare blaster bolts…her mother had her beat hands down. Luckily Coden softened her up before their first encounter with her, or so he claims…

"She's a softie and you know it!" Padme exclaimed laughingly reading her husband's expression correctly. He gave a sheepish smile because for the most part, she was right. Of course…

"The mission went well?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you about it tomorrow."

"You mean you'll tell me about it after the twins are asleep," she retorted not letting him dismiss it. He gave her a leer followed by a sly smirk before leaning in and giving her another deep kiss before opening the door and heading in.

"No, I have other plans for tonight," he threw over his shoulder causing his wife to blush but still she followed him with no argument, only a big smile.

"Dadeen!" Luke exclaimed bouncing on the bed with Leia.

"Luke!" Anakin returned with a smile and caught his son in his arms as soon as he jumped.

"We fly?" Luke asked with a happy smile, and then giggled as Anakin flew him around the room avoiding his mother just barely. After a few moments he plopped him back on the bed causing even more giggles.


"No buddy, Daddy's too tired."

"Stowry?" He asked still smiling and Padme nodded and climbed on the bed motioning him to come into her arms. Anakin gave her a knowing smirk then pushed them both over playfully and rested against the headboard next to them.

"Dadda!" Leia yelled happily still bouncing around them before finally launching into his arms unexpectedly causing a painful grunt. Padme and Luke giggled together and when Anakin was finally situated he couldn't help but stare at awe at his family.


The only word that can ever describe them and it still didn't seem to be enough.

"Tell us da stowry!" Leia commanded bouncing in his arms and stirring him from his slight musings. Luke repeated her just as eagerly. Sure, they were a little rambunctious but he wouldn't have them any other way. Padme sent him a loving smile over their small heads and reached out to gently clasp his hand with hers. He rubbed his thumb over hers as he began the well known tale…

"A long time ago—"

"Oh honestly Ani, it was only five and a half years ago!" Padme interrupted like always earning squealing laughter from the twins.

"Fine. A SHORT time ago—'more laughter "in a galaxy far far—

"Right here."

He paused as she interrupted once again and sent her a mock glare. She responded by lifting a knowing brow and he heaved a giant sigh.

"Ok, so…A short time ago, in a galaxy not so far away…"

And so it went, like every story night before and all the nights to come. They told the story. A tale about advantage, friendship, loyalty and a love that will last through time…A future filled with hope.

It's only the beginning.

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