Ok everyone, this is about a wandering hit man who has to do jobs for a mob boss, this story is placed after the game the Getaway

Chapter 1: The Jobs

As Johnny got into his car, he kept asking himself, "What the hell am I doing in this city?" Johnny had moved to London about 5 years ago. Johnny is a wandering mercenary, taking any job off the streets, just for money and satisfaction. It is a surprising fact that the cops have not caught him yet (considering all the jobs he's had). Johnny was driving along the street, when he heard his cell phone ring. He picked it up and said "What is it?" The voice on the other end of the receiver was scratchy and old. It was none other than Charlie Jolson. "Hello there sunshine, Charlie said. "What the fuck do you want Jolson?" Johnny said. "I want you to do some jobs for me, as, how do you say, uh, a payback for all the trouble your father has caused me," Charlie said. Then Johnny angrily replied to this gang leader, "I will never do a job for you Jolson, you bastard!" "Now, now, I wouldn't be treating an old friend like that," said Charlie. Of course Charlie was talking about the rivalry between Charlie and his dad. "See here Johnny-boy, I've got your number, I can turn you into the filth, and you'll be in the fucking slammer in less than a heartbeat!" Johnny then replied, "What the fuck do you want me to do?"