Chapter 2: Triad Money

"I knew you would give in son," Charlie said happily. Johnny gave a sigh. "First I want you to take a little trip down to Chinatown, the Triad leaders are exchanging the money they got from selling the crack they stole from the Yardies (Gang from Jamaica)." Said Charlie. "I want you to steal their money while they're sharing it, and then whack the Triad leaders as well, do you understand me, I don't want you to leave there until you blow their fucking brains out!!" Johnny then said, "You're fucking crazy Charlie!" Charlie then said, "Just do it son, or you're going to be in the slammer." Charlie hung up, and Johnny was alone in his car. Johnny gave a sigh, and then started to drive off to Chinatown. When he got there, he stopped just out of sight of the Triad leaders. He saw them talking for a while, then saw one of them pull out a suitcase full of money. This is when Johnny saw his chance for attack. He quickly stepped on the gas and ran both of them over. He saw the suitcase right outside the door. When he picked up the fallen suitcase, bullets started firing from all directions. He quickly jumped back into his car, and started driving. "Holy shit!" He said. It was still not over, when he started driving, a black car racing next to him. When he looked over, it was an angry Triad, with an AK-47 pointed at him. Johnny quickly ducked into the seat as the triad fired countless shots at him. Johnny picked up his head and looked over at the car, the triad was ready to shoot again, but this time, instead of ducking, he swerved into an alley, losing the black car. Once he got in the alley, he heard screams of pedestrians as the black car blew up from crashing into something. Johnny had completed his task.