Soul Mates



"I have arrived!" Kimi burst through the double doors with tendrils of hair whipping around her dramatically. She strutted down the hall towards a group crowded at a door.

InuYasha lifted his tired eyes from Kikyou's lap to the loud demoness. "Kimi, this is not the time to make a grand entrance. It's four in the morning." He grumbled.

She casually brushed his words off. "Nonsense! I came as soon as I got the phone call." The demoness looked oddly refreshed and dressed to the nines for such an impromptu moment. Her attire drastically contrasted the haphazardly dressed group. Some had rushed on T-shirts and jeans whilst others even still had their pajamas with sneakers.

"How is Kagome doing?" She strutted over to a half-woken Touga. He yawned, exposing his sharp canines before he spoke.

"She's in pain. When we got here, they had her walking up and down the halls to help the pup fall in place to be delivered. The doctors wanted to give her an epidural but she vehemently refused and insisted on a natural birth instead."

"Hm," She hummed thoughtfully. Kimi perked her ears to listen in behind the door and sure enough, she heard Kagome's quiet groans and cries. Served the girl right, Kimi thought. The stubborn human hated needles but couldn't even relent her fears this one time.

"Well, step aside, I have a gift for the child."

"Kimi, I'm sure Kagome doesn't want to see-" It was too late. Kimi entered the birthing room, causing everyone to turn their heads to the sudden guest.

"Ma'am!" A nurse called out to Kimi. "Can you please wait out in the hall?" The demoness snapped her head towards the nurse.

"No," She simply said. Kagome looked up from her position leaning against the edge of the pool in agony. The nurse turned her eyes towards the couple who waved it off. Kimi did what she wanted and Kagome was in too much pain to argue against the old bat.

"Here nurse," Said Kimi, extracting an item wrapped in a silk blue cloth from her purse. "Be sure to wrap the child in this, this is their birthright."

The nurse nearly rolled her eyes. "Ma'am, I can't take that. The baby is going to be wrapped in a hospital issued blanket."

Kimi blinked hard before looking at the woman as if she grew a second head. "Do you hear yourself? Hospital issued blanket?! My first grand pup will be wrapped in the finest boa boa pelt of this clan! Now move out of my way!" Kimi rushed to Kagome's side but was reluctant to kneel like her son was. Kagome had only a black sports bra and was bare from the chest down in the waist deep pool. Her eyes were glossed with unshed tears and cheeks were red hot as she gritted her teeth and did her breathing exercises. Sesshomaru was at her side, gently rubbing her forehead with a cloth.

"You know Kagome," Kimi started whilst taking her hand to soothe Kagome's free one. "Back in my day, we use to give birth standing up. I can't even begin to understand the trends of your modern society. Laying down? Sitting in water? When will the old days return of good ol' fashion standing? If the babe falls out, why would you-"

"Kimi," Kagome ground out, shooting Kimi a glare.


"Please leave me alone if you're not helping."

She scoffed. "Rude. This is what I get for reaching out…" The demoness turned away from the ungrateful miko.

A doctor moved to check Kagome and instructed her to get in position to start pushing. Kagome reached out both her hands and felt Sesshomaru's giant hand envelope one and Kimi's smaller hand take the other then Kagome proceeded to squeeze the life out of both as she began to push.

Kimi began to bark out orders to the nurses for properly caring for the arriving bundle. Absently, she turned to Sesshomaru. "Is it a boy or a girl?!"

"We don't know yet" He replied but his full attention was on his wife, making sure she was doing her correct breathing and keeping beads of sweat from rolling down her face.

"Whoever they are, they got their father's shoulders, ooooh!" She puckered her face up and cried out in immense discomfort.

"Nurse, don't let anything grace that child's skin but this pelt!" Kimi handed the sacred pelt to the confused nurse who looked again for the couple's approval. Kagome and Sesshomaru, once again, waved it off.

"Oh gosh, I'm in so much pain! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...!" She continued to repeat the phrase as she cried out.

"Keep breathing Kagome." Sesshomaru gently coached.

"Kimi, stop harassing people!" She could hear Touga from outside the room.

"One more push Kagome!" The midwife yelled from below.

Kimi looked at the offending hospital-issued blanket in disgust. "Nurse, if anything but that pelt touches that child's skin, I will personally kill you-"

"Mother…" Sesshomaru sighed.

"Ahhhh!" Kagome screamed, causing all the demons around to wince.

"They're out!" The doctor quickly plucked the child from underwater and cradled the newborn to examine it. "Congratulations! It's a boy!"

Happiness erupted from the room as everyone cheered. Kagome threw her head in exhaustion but Sesshomaru did not share everyone's sentiments.

"Wait," he uttered and the room grew quiet as they realized an expectant sound did not come from the small bundle. Sesshomaru stilled as his ears listened to the faint heartbeat coming from the pup. Kagome looked happy but then confused as she watched the concern evident on Sesshomaru's face. Kimi's mouth was agape as she listened as well, her delicate brows furrowing.

The pup was still and quiet in the nurse's arms.

"What's wrong, why isn't he crying?" Kagome's voice grew panicked as she shifted her head around to everyone in the room.

"Give him to me!" Kimi reached for the child but Sesshomaru quickly grabbed the pup and held the bloody bundle against him.

"Pup," he growled. "Pup." Kagome felt a spike of aura in the room as Sesshomaru attempted in feeding the child his youki. Kimi stood back and turned to Kagome's fearful eyes.

Outside Touga and Inuyasha were pressed against the door listening and feeling the immense reserve of power Sesshomaru possessed as his called to his child. Inuyasha and Izayoi shared a look of concern.

"Pup," he called out once again to the silent room. The dim heartbeat steadily declining. Kagome bit her lip as tears welled her eyes. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair! She told herself. After resetting everything, she lost a child not once, but twice! She felt a gentle hand take hers and looked to see kimi with hopeful eyes..

"Look, Kagome."

The nurses and midwife stalled as they watched the newborn's body twitch ever so slightly. It started with his foot, the slow curl of his fingers and soon The room gasped as the child erupted in tears.

Kagome loudly thanked the gods, Kimi sighed with a hand over her heart.

Outside, InuYasha passed the news to their human friends and the corridor cheered as everyone hugged one another and Miroku began a prayer of thanks.

Sesshomaru, so overcome with joy and happiness, cracked the tiniest hint of a smile as he turned to his wife. Kagome had burst into tears like a child and held her hands out for their son. She held him to her heart and cherished his cry, a clear indication of his new life and fresh breath into this world.

Kimi came quickly with the pelt she snatched from the nurse and draped it over Kagome and the pup.

Kagome gently wiped the wisps of silver hair and blood from the child's head and kissed it. She looked to Sesshomaru and beamed like a proud mother. He gently grabbed her head and leaned it towards him as he kissed her forehead in response, not caring of his mother who was still so unuse to his displays of affection for the miko.

"You did good, Kagome." He whispered as he nuzzled her lovingly, feeling a warmth and pleasant sensation of love fluttering through their bond.

Afterwards, the doctors helped Kagome into the bed and cleaned the pup before rewrapping him. Their friends and family all crowded around her bed with sounds of cooing and doting on the welcombed bundle. Kagome was reluctant to release her hold on the pup and Sesshomaru hovered protectively around her.

"You two are incredibly blessed." Said Touga who handed his grandchild his forefinger to grasp. To his delight, the pup's tender claw barely wrapped around his finger. "My heart- it is melting right now."

Kagome wanted to laugh at how true his statement was. "This child was a gift from the Gods," she quietly alluded.

"What did you decide to name him?" Asked Izayoi. For a moment, Kagome's brow knit together and she looked to Sesshomaru for an answer. She could tell from the look in his eyes, that he was shrugging back.

"Geez, we actually didn't think of one…" Kagome sheepishly laughed much to her three mother's chagrin.

"Are you serious, Kagome?" Said her birth mother.

"You're joking right?" Piped in Izayoi.

"Really," Kimi growled. "You had nine months to think of this."

Kagome nervously laughed before trying to save herself from drowning in their disappointment. She inwardly rolled her eyes at how Sesshomaru left her out to hang. Dealing with the three mothers was like dealing with Cerberus."Well...We're more happy to have him and name him later, than not have him and have abundances of names." Smooth, she cringed.

This didn't wholly sit well with them but it was enough to give her eyerolls from each.

"We will reveal the name when we throw his welcoming celebration." Said Sesshomaru, finishing the subject. However, this only caused the three ladies to begin their furious task of shoveling a barrage of names down the couple's throat.

"I will email you a list of names by tomorrow, be sure to read over all 134,278…" Said Kimi as she typed away on her phone.

"Oh, I have just a few adorable names, I'm sure you'll like…" Kagome's mother had already taken out a notepad from her purse and she and Izayoi gushed over possibilities. Kagome turned to Sesshomaru and shook her head with a smile.

Touga sighed. "I feel for you two right now. You're cursed for eternity with three busy-bodies."

Sesshomaru shook his head. "We've been through worst."


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