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Dragon Ball Z
Field Trip to the Future

Chapter 20
In the End
Trogetan stood before the Namek elder. Dende stood off to the side, waiting. The elder
stroked his chin thoughtfully. Finally, he spoke, "So you wish to use the Dragon Balls to separate
yourself?" Trogetan nodded. "What do you wish to do with the other two wishes?"

The fusion thought for a moment. "There were a lot of innocent people killed on earth. If
we bring Piccolo back to life then we may be able to wish them all back to life." Trogetan then
scowled. "No, wait. The Earth's Dragon Balls cannot revive anyone who has been dead for over a
year. Blast it."

The elder smiled. "Well then, why not just have Parunga bring them all back?"

Trogetan looked up in surprise. "I didn't think Parunga could revive more than one person
per wish."

The elder's grin widened. "After the incident with Freeza, we upgraded the Dragon Balls.
Now, about the only thing you can NOT wish for is immortality."

The fusion blinked then chuckled. "You removed the ability to grant immortality? That's a
pretty good idea!"

The elder nodded. "Very well. We will gather the Dragon Balls."

* * * * * * *

Within a half hour, the Dragon Balls had been gathered. The elder, Dende, Trogetan, and
the six Nameks who looked after the other Dragon Balls gather around. The elder summoned
Parunga. The massive dragon filled the sky as darkness descended all around.


Trogetan nodded to the elder. "Wish that all the people on Earth killed by Cell, the androids
and Brolly be brought back to life." The elder nodded and repeated that to Parunga in the
Namekian language.

Parunga blinked. "YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT?" Everyone shook their heads. Parunga
DONE." With that, his eyes blazed with a red light. "NOW STATE YOUR NEXT WISH."

Trogetan turned to the elder. "Wish that Goku Son be brought back to life." The elder
nodded and did so.

Dende looked at Trogetan. "Goku is dead?"

The fusion nodded. "Almost everyone died in this timeline."


Dende was interrupted by Parunga. "IT SHALL BE DONE." His eyes glowed for a

Trogetan turned back to the elder. "Wish that I would diffuse into the four people that make
me up." The elder nodded and translated for Parunga.

The dragon turned to look at Trogetan for a moment. "THAT IS ODD. WELL,

Trogetan began to glow. Everyone had to shield their eyes from the bright flash of light.
When the light faded, they turned to see four people where Trogetan had once been.

Dende gasped. "Goku? Gohan? Vegeta?!"

Goku chuckled. "Yeah, it's us. Well, sort of."


Gohan shook his head and spoke before his father could confuse the poor Namek. "We are
from a parallel universe. We were brought here on accident."

Dende scratched his head. "Um . . . okay."

Goku chuckled. "Hey, we have to get going. We'll tell the us from this universe to come by
and visit." Dende nodded.

"Are we going to Earth now, Dad?" Gohan asked.

"Not yet. We have to make another stop first." Everyone placed a hand on Goku, who
raised two fingers to his head. With that, they disappeared.

Dende blinked. "Hey, wait a second. Who was they guy with purple hair?"

* * * * * * *

On King Kai's planet everyone had celebrated after the battle. They weren't sure what was
going on, but it was pretty obvious that Brolly was the bad guy there. After Trogetan had
disappeared from Earth, things quieted down.. King Kai was trying to figure out what happened,
and everyone else returned to training as usual.

That is, until a while later, when everyone but Goku's halo disappeared. Everyone had
crowded around King Kai again, who was just as confused. The strange situation had escalated
when Goku's halo had disappeared shortly after.

That is how it was when four figures suddenly appeared on the planet.

Everyone turned to the new arrivals and silence reigned. Finally, Goku spoke. "Hi guys!"

King Kai blinked, but finally spoke. "What the heck is going on here?!"

Goku flinched. "No need to shout, King Kai. We are versions of these guys from an
alternate universe.

"I'm not!" Everyone turned to Trunks, who had spoken.

Vegeta humph-ed. "Right. The brat is from this timeline. The rest of us aren't."

Mirai Vegeta and Mirai Gohan stared at the lavender haired teen. "TRUNKS?!" they cried
in unison.

The teen grinned sheepishly. "Hello, father. Hi, Gohan."

Vegeta was quick to interrupt, before his Mirai self could embarrass him. "Anyway! We
brought you all back to life using the Dragon Balls on Namek." He turned to Goku. "Isn't it time
to get going, Kakarott?"

Goku grinned. "Yeah, I guess so. Everyone grab on to me or Mirai me. We can use Instant
Transmission back to Earth."

"Or me." Goku turned to Gohan, who grinned. "Yeah, I figured out IT while you were

"Oh, that's cool! Anyway, everyone grab on to one of us and let's get going!"

* * * * * * *

Capsule Corp was in disarray. The three Saiyan children had returned and told the women
about the battle. Everyone was on edge, as the kids dictated the battle to them by sensing ki levels.

Everyone had celebrated when they announced that Brolly was gone. The celebration,
however was cut short when Trogetan disappeared. Now everyone was confused and worried.

"Are you sure you can't feel them anywhere?" Bulma questioned.

Little Trunks squinted his eyes in concentration. "No. I can't find them."

Goten shook his head. "Me neither."

Pan's head suddenly shot up. "Wait! There they are!" Everyone turned to her. "They're
outside!" she squealed and ran for the door. A second later, everyone else was behind her.

When they got outside, they found Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks, just like they had
expected. What they hadn't expected was to find a second Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, along with
Piccolo, Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, and Choutzu. Everyone froze in their tracks.

Both Gokus grinned and scratched the back of their heads. "We're back!"

Gohan sighed. "We made a stop by New Namek to use the Dragon Balls." He grinned. "I
hope you don't mind having our Mirai counterparts back."

There was silence for a moment, followed by a loud squeal of joy as everyone rushed in to
hug their various friends, husbands, children, parents, and (in Videl's case) boyfriend you haven't
admitted that you like yet.

Both Vegeta's found themself themselves in bone crushing hugs from their respective mates.
Mirai Trunks smirked at his father. Mirai Vegeta caught his son's look and smirked back. The
other Vegeta looked down to see his Trunks smiling up at him. Trunks, however, knew not to try to
hug his father. Displays of emotion were for the weak. Vegeta looked down at Trunks. He
smirked, bent down, and hugged his son. Little Trunks nearly went into cardiac arrest.

Pan jumped into her real father's arms and Mirai Videl embraced both of them. The
younger Gohan and Videl noticed this and blushed. Then Gohan smirked and, much to Videl's
surprise, pulled her close and kissed her. Of course, she didn't fight against it. The kiss, however,
was cut short by a flash of light and the click of a shutter. The now red teens turned to find Bulma
grinning at them, camera in hand.

Eventually, everyone went inside for dinner. With eleven Saiyans, this was quite a sight.
Two tables and dozens of dishes were lost in the scramble for food. At one point, everyone thought
that Goten had accidentally been consumed, that is, until he returned from the restroom.

After dinner, everyone turned in for the night (though the people who had just gotten their
dead husbands back probably did not sleep much). The next day, Gohan and Goku set out with two
Dragon Radars, to find the newly revived Dragon Balls of Earth. That only took an hour. Once the
Dragon Ball were gathered they summoned Shenron, though not before the two Bulmas went crazy
with their cameras. Shenron was used to return everyone to their correct timeline.

* * * * * * *

Piccolo rubbed his temples. Chichi had awaken and, somehow, found him at Capsule Corp.
She had proceeded to babble on and on, while he tried to figure out where everyone had gone.
Chichi had taken to hitting Piccolo on the back, not like it hurt, though.

"Bring my babies back!" she screamed at him. Piccolo was getting sick of it.

Just then, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, and Bulma appeared out of thin air.

Everything was silent for a surprised moment. Then Chichi screamed.

* * * * * * *

Later that evening, everyone was situated in the living room at Capsule Corp. Most people
were hanging around Goku, who had come back from the dead. Vegeta sat in the corner. Gohan
was talking with Videl. Goten and Trunks were playing (one of their less violent games). Bulma
was showing Chichi the photos she had quickly gotten developed.

Gohan cringed when he heard Bulma announce, a little louder than necessary, "And this is
one of Gohan and his girlfriend kissing . . ."

Gohan covered his ears when his mother squealed, "Grandchildren!"

Bulma smirked. "Actually, this next one is of your granddaughter. Her name is Pan."

Chichi squealed even louder, making everyone in the room cover their ears. Gohan began to
pray to Kami (Dende), who happened to be at the refreshment table on the other side of the room.

Gohan turned around when he felt a tug on his pant leg. It was Goten. "What's up, Squirt?"

Goten sucked on one of his fingers. "Uh, Big Brother, what happened to all the other people
that went with us?"

Blink, blink. "OH CRAP!!! The class!!! We forgot them!!"