- This is based on the manga so if you haven't read that yet (you should, it's good!) it might not make so much sense. Not really spoilers but it references some twists, so read at own risk. -

She was like the moon. Everything about her, from her star-kissed silver hair to the pale feathers of her wings, was a reflection of her own inner light. And while he saw it, too, in the gentle touch of her fingers and the soft curve of her face, in no place was it more apparent than her eyes. Bright blue and genuine, he had to remind himself to breathe every time they fell on him.

He loved the way that she smiled at everything in the world, no matter how ugly it was compared to her – he loved the way that she smiled at him, the ugliest of them all. He could not fathom why she chose him, out of all the beings in Britannia, to be her companion, but he was quite certain that it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

He marveled at the way that her goodness brought out his own - a dormant, weak, little thing at first that he hadn't thought existed in him at all. He would never stop being amazed at the way she had opened his eyes to the world and to himself. Since he met her, he had quite literally never been the same. She had shown him a way to interact – to appreciate – the things around him with a complexity and dimension he hadn't known possible. It was so increasingly unbelievable to him that such compassion and joy had always been a part of who he was, and she was the only one who had seen it. She gave his life color in that she gave him himself. It was like he was whole with her – not because she was with him, but because of who she brought out in him.

There was no end to the depth of his respect and admiration for her. She was the strongest creature he'd ever encountered, and he had faced hordes of armies, fought against his brothers, and grown up under the might of his father. But the power of all of his adversaries combined paled in comparison to hers. None of his enemies, not even the rest of the goddesses, had had the strength to heal. To forgive. To love. And it was that grace, that courage, he knew, that surpassed even his own power.

He would never stop being amazed at her. For hours she would sit, saying nothing at all, and listen to him talk. She had a heart that was at once understanding and firm and a mind that comprehended both battle and peace. Her kindness was only matched by her wit and her loyalty, and her passion for everything alive burned always just below the surface.

For a long time, he would not touch her, and then all of a sudden, he could not seem to stop. She was something pure, he knew, something he did not deserve to have. He could not – would not – besmirch her with his bloodstained hands, his cruel hands. But she'd take them to her chest and kiss them all the same, as if they were clean and new – as if he were clean and new, and everything was right.

He would never let anything harm her. He did not care if he had to tear down every nation and every race in Britannia if he had to. He did not care if he must turn his back on everyone and everything, as long as she was by his side. He must protect her, because she had, for the first time in all the years he'd been alive, made him feel he had reason to.

She was his light, his moon, his Elizabeth, and he would do all he could to become the man she believed him to be.

(A/N: Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I think Elizabeth and Meliodas's relationship is one of the most heartbreaking ones I've ever seen. I like how they bring out the good in each other and I am VERY excited (and a little scared haha) to find out what Nakaba has in store for them).